A Successful Future Ahead For Slyce

Marketwired published an article about Slyce’s double contract with a fortune 500 retailer. Slyce is a very well-known visual search company. On November 25 they had finalized a contract with a global retelling company which will make Slyce’s revenue double over the term of the contract. Slyce also mentioned that they were going to launch Slyce-link which is a retail technology solution. Slyce-link will enable retailers to show products that are visually similar to their customers online and enable them to quickly make a purchase. This product will help retailers to an increase their sales.

This image recognition platform uses sophisticated visual search analysis to help websites, mobile sites, and applications to give customers the best alternative to any selection that they make when it comes to products. This is a solution that will help to avoid cart abandonment. Some retailers have a cart abandonment percentage from 75 to 85% and this platform will help retailers to get their clients to actually make the purchase for their transaction.

This also allows their customers to quickly show similar products to their clients. These are products that they may be interested in that could either be paired with their product, or items that could be bough instead of a product. A good example is the following: if an individual were to want a red shoe in size 7 but there were no more available on a site, then the Slyce visual technology would quickly show the consumer a similar size 7 red shoe that they could purchase instead. This will increase the probability that the client will make a purchase on that website. In that way the retailer will get the sale, and they client will walk away happy.

Slyce is a company that is based in Toronto Canada. This is a company that gives very “high-quality and sophisticated visual research technology and they are working currently with many of the major retailers in United States and around the world. Some of these retailers include, but are not excluded to the following: Neiman Marcus, JCPenney’s, and Home Depot. Slyce is able to receive multiple revenues from its many visual search technologies, purchase transactions, and data analysis. Slyce is a company that takes visual searches to the next level. They have been able to achieve much success in the past and with this new contract Slyce is sure to have more success in the future.

Lime Crime Original In An Unoriginal World

Anyone who knows about that make up industry already knows that most often, make up as a whole is boring. Too many of the make up giants are making run of the mill shades that are not exciting or fun. It is for this reason that a make up company called Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere started the make up company Lime Crime when she had an extra hundred dollars and a huge dream. She realized that make up was boring and that girls and women everywhere wanted more from their make up products. One of the biggest things the cosmetic buyer wanted was something money can’t buy, that is the freedom to use make up to express yourself.

As the founder of Lime Crime, and even before, Doe Deere was no stranger to freedom of expression or the fashion world. Doe used her experience and her knowledge of the cosmetic world to create the company Lime Crime and the products that are based on what the cosmetic wearers seemed to be lacking.

Girls wanted freedom of expression that came from bright colors. As a result, Doe Deere used the brightest colors that she could and did what no make up company has ever done, that is to produce a make up with true to life color.

To design the products of Lime Crime, Doe gathered an independent team of cosmetic experts who really understood make up. The Lime Crime team produces cosmetics that offer true to life color. As if that was not enough, these are cruelty-free cosmetics that every woman can be proud of using.

You can get lipsticks in amazing colors, lip gloss that feels great and has tints that make your lips pop along with eyeliners and eye shadow that offers amazing pigments. All of the products are based on the most requested products that the cosmetic industry seemed to be lacking.

If you are looking for some awesome nail polish you can rest assured that Lime Crime has that available for you too. The best part is that all of the products come with that true to life color that allows a girl to express her personality and style. Once you try the products offered by Lime Crime you will be amazed at the beauty you can create.

It does not matter if you need cosmetic products today or in the future, if you are seeking the ability of personal expression mixed with true to life color, Lime Crime is the brand for you. You owe it to yourself to check out the colorful, expressive products that make up the Lime Crime collection. You will be ecstatic that you took the time to check out this brand.

Coaching The Real Estate Maverick Way

Back in 2003/2004, the real estate market was escalating, going up like a rocket. At the time it seemed there was no end in sight to the growth in the market, yet by 2006, the signs of a slowdown began appearing. By 2008 the economy had crashed in a dramatic stock market collapse that was linked to the real estate bubble. After the crash and the recession that followed, it looked for awhile as if real estate would never come back. Seven years later, however, we’re looking at a whole different landscape, as real estate is again a desirable profession.

Today there are many new realtors entering the market and what’s clear is that these new professionals need something more than just training, they need coaching. Coaching is now being shown to have a real impact on the success rate of new realtors, which is why many major firms are now hiring top coaching companies to work with new realtors.

The New Approach to Training

Coaching firms have a new approach to training realtors and it involves getting people together in groups on a regular basis to go over information and to share ideas. The usual recommendation is to put coaching group members into groups of twelve and have them meet at least once a week.

Members will also be paired up with a partner and the pair will communicate and be accountable to each other. Every group member will have a prospecting schedule and they will need to check in with their partner about their progress in going through a regular checklist.

In the course of this, the group members will also have plenty of opportunities for sharing ideas and ultimately bonding. All of this has a big impact on the success rate of the realtors in their business and that success has a lasting effect. It’s been found that those who go through this kind of training do better, and tend to stay in the profession. That’s a win-win result for everyone, obviously.

The Real Estate Mavericks

One of the firms that is making a big difference in the coaching world is the Real Estate Mavericks, at www.RealEstateMavericks.com. This firm has made a name for itself by introducing coaching seminars that work by using dynamic ideas that shake up the old approaches to selling and marketing real estate. The idea behind their system is to shake off some of the old ways of working that aren’t really valid anymore. The great news is that this approach really works.

If your firm is ready to commit to a training plan that really goes about its ideas in a new way, then take a look at what the Real Estate Mavericks have to offer. Call today!

The Success of Darius Fisher

When a president and CEO of a company is placed on a top executive stars list for the year, you have to know that this CEO has a unique quality all their own.

Darius Fisher is one of those unique individuals who has brought their company to the forefront with quality leadership only found in an individual such as Darius Fisher. This company is where it is at today through the efforts, hard work, and leadership skills of the CEO and president. Status Labs is known for their excellent ability to manage reputations, digital marketing and public relations, with two offices, one in New York and one in Sao Paulo.

What Darius Fisher has done for Status Labs’ is to strengthen its infrastructure, give the company’s crisis management team a boost, improve Google search results for Status Labs, and increase its client base of over 1,500 clients across 35 countries. Fisher mentioned that no one can help a company through these obstacles unless that person has been through them before, and mastered the problems. Because of this help given by Fisher, Status Labs continues to grow and thrive.

Lawful Business Ethics Reap Business Success

Part of the reason Fisher has been so success in his business ventures to get his brand out into the public through Google search engines. Bring traffic to your website brings revenue into your company. To do this successfully you must

. Log out before you Google your name
. Quickly identify problems and remove those problems as soon as possible
. Always work on developing new website content, giving a fresh look to your business website at least four times per year
. Watch out for Data Blockers and avoid their services
. Always be proactive

Sometimes some things cannot be controlled in a business, however, many problems can be controlled and this allows for a business owner to take proactive steps to eradicate those problems. You must always be polite. Remember that if you cannot get anywhere you can consult your lawyer on your next step to take legal action. Remember to always operate on the side of caution or rather the side of the law.
Darius Fisher, Biography

Information is spotty at best in regards to Darius Fisher the man. Other then Fisher’s prominent career of entrepreneurship and business consulting, now CEO of Status Labs, little biography information is found. Information says that Mr. Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and honors.

After graduation, Fisher became known as a political consultant and copywriter. He worked as a copywriter at Agora Publishing Company. Additionally, Fisher has become a successful investor creating several successful companies, that have earned in excess of $20 millions dollars in revenue.

About Nashville’s Real Estate And Property Boom And Scott Lumley

Of late, Nashville, Tennessee, has become a city of construction cranes and tall condos have completely uprooted single story buildings. Places that were in the past avoided by developers are today the most sought after. The area is by all means a hot cake when matters related to real estate are concerned. The area is currently expected to lead in a historic increase in matters related to property values in the forthcoming reappraisal.

According to Davidson County Property Assessor, an estimated increase in residential property values ranging from 33 to 37 percent are expected in the upcoming 2017 reappraisal. Although appreciation is relative and it varies by neighborhood, Inglewood and other parts of East Nashville are expected to experience the biggest gains in matters related to increased property values.

The expected appraisal is expected to mark the city’s single largest spike when matters related to property values are concerned. Currently, the record is 33 percent that it has held from 1993 to 1997. Among the expected projections include single family residential properties.

Those involved in the project say that it is historical and that it is way ahead of the curve. The project is also expected to solve all matters related to making housing affordable. When properties are appraised, it basically means that they are valued on a neighborhood to neighborhood basis. Different with other neighboring cities, the average home value in Nashville has increased in the past two years.

Scott Lumley is a perfect example of a successful businessman. Those who have had the chance to speak with him term him as an inspiration. He is the President of e-depotonline.com, a site that is well known to sell electronics in both wholesale and retail. He also owns an auction website as well as a chain of retail stores that sell different merchandise.

In the last three years, his three combined entities have been estimated to have earned him not less than $47 million. Lumley is a firm believer that success is a 24 hour job and for one to be good at it, it should never be deserted. Scott Lumley’s business philosophy centers around customer satisfaction and its the primary reason he has been able to become successful.

LimeCrime Evolves With Founder Doe Deere

The LimeCrime cosmetics brand has been one of the top options for enjoying the best in makeup across the world as the Internet allows customers to enjoy the products they wish at an affordable price. The makeup options of the world have often been limited for consumers to the small numbers of cosmetics companies who have been in control of the industry for many decades. Now options are arriving for getting the best cosmetics designs available in recent years as the arrival of new independent producers has grown, the independent producers are headed by LimeCrime founder Doe Deere who has spent the last few years developing her fashion and cosmetics brand.

Doe Deere is influenced by a wide range of cultural ideas that come from her own background that took her from a childhood in Russia to a fashion education in New York. LimeCrime was the idea of Deere after she completed her fashion education and embarked on her own business selling her own clothing range; Deere began to find success using an Online marketplace to sell her own range of clothes, but found problems creating marketing materials for her own fashion range made by the traditional cosmetics brands.

Doe Deere looked to make her own brand of cosmetics that were largely based upon the needs of her marketing materials. The founder of the range decided to create a range of bold colors that reflected her own fashion ideas and the range of clothing products she was looking to create. The success of the cosmetics she made herself led to consumers hoping to buy the range, which resulted in a change of focus to cosmetics from clothing for LimeCrime. By using Online blogs and social media to publicize herself and her brand the LimeCrime company created a buzz that led to success for all involved.

LimeCrime began life as a cosmetics producer that was popular with those looking for strong, bold colors that set out the individual fro the crowd. After finding success Doe Deere and her LimeCrime brand have been evolving to reflect the changes of the founder as she becomes even more successful than ever before. Deere has been working on a new range of cosmetics that are not as bold in color as their predecessors, but still maintain the distinctive LimeCrime style that has made this one of the best loved cosmetics brands of recent years.

How YouTube Creates Online Sensations

Being a celebrity is hard work, whether you’re striving to be a famous actor, singer, make-up artist, and anything in between. Becoming famous took a turn when blogs and social media platforms like YouTube sprung into popularity. By connecting the world and allowing people to share their thoughts, interests, talents and vision by uploading personal videos, YouTube created a new niche of internet fame. People from all over have become internet sensations by sharing techniques on make-up and hair or from creating funny videos that get people rolling on the floor laughing. Most YouTube stars are young and have received recognition from connecting with their fans through comments and filming suggest videos for their followers.

Australian YouTube star Wendy Huang gained her popularity four years ago after starting her own blog. Wengie originally worked at a digital media agency where she told clients they should start and run their own social media and blog pages. Opting to take her own advice she began her beauty blog so she could get an in depth look at the problems her clients faced. Huang had started many blogs before but had never had the dedicated mindset, which is clearly seen in the stunning popularity her blog and beauty channel has gained.

Wengie’s love of make-up and fashion started early in her childhood and with no one to guide her she began reading magazines religiously. In the early stages of internet communities many places had forums for advice which is where she got a lot of tips as a teenager. Wengie states that because of the difference in eye shape than that of models on magazines it was hard to follow their make-up advice, so she began branching out and finding her own way to perfect her look.

Wengie mainly focuses on Asian beauty products and tutorials for women of Asian heritage. With the lack of Asian models in both the American and Australian media, Wengie has taken it upon herself to help fill the gap. Her dedication to helping young women and girls shines through and has made The Wonderful World Of Wengie Australia’s number one Asian Beauty Channel. Her blog has a a multitude of tutorials and also features her YouTube channel. From fashion, to hair, to a virtual tour of her own apartment, Wendy Huang spreads her knowledge and love of fashion and beauty to viewers around the world.

Keeping A Promise

It’s no question that my dog comes before everything else in my life. He has brought me so much love and happiness that I could never turn my back on him. Even if I am completely down and out I will do everything in my power to make sure that my pup is happy and healthy. It is a promise I made when I first got him, and a promise that I continue to keep to this day. This promise was not always easy to keep and I found that my best friend, in his youthful days, was a hyper troublemaker that only cared about anything that peaked his interest. I had no idea what I could do or even what food worked best on Target because he was always turning his nose up at the expensive foods that I bought him. After a while, I realized that he was mich better behaved after he ate and after he played. I researched many dog foods and felt lost with no good results. One night I didn’t have enough cash for the normal super expensive food I bought my dog and ended up getting a bag of Purina beneful from the closest convenience store to my house. It was to my surprise that my pup immediately started chowing down on the food. I attributed this to hunger, but by the next morning when he ate all his Beneful food for a second time without waiting I was convinced. I did some research on Purina and found that they had a long history of providing great nutrition for dogs. I tried their all natural line, and my dog still loved it. It was great to find a brand that satisfied us both. Between giving him plenty of attention along with feeding him a healthy diet I have found my dog has become like fine wine with age. Each year he has continued to improve his temperament for the best. He never seems to get out of control with too much energy, and it’s always a pleasure to keep my promise to my best friend.

Social Media: Brazil’s Greatest Advertising Mean

In Brazil, many companies rely on advertising to really reach their customers. That’s because these companies know that in order for their business to grow and thrive, they have to target new individuals who may not know they exist and what they offer. Thankfully, there are a lot of different advertising means that companies can use in Brazil.

One of the most common ways to advertise in Brazil is through social media. This entails companies registering for various social media accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. When companies have social media websites, they can connect directly with their customers. This allows companies to address any questions as well as talk with those who are supporting their cause. Thanks to this, companies can receive feedback right away. Social media lets Brazilian companies learn a lot about their business from an outsider’s view.

After all, today is all about the digital age. Years ago, companies would solely place their advertisements in mediums like the newspaper and magazines. However, the average consumer isn’t looking there anymore. Instead, they are turning to the Internet. Social media is the best of both worlds. Companies can advertise their product, while learning right there on the spot if their advertisements are working or not.

No Brazilian company understands this better than Heads Propaganda. Heads Propaganda is an advertising company headed by Claudio Loureiro that puts a clear focus on the social media movement. This business works hard to gain followers and let customers feel at one with the company they are buying from. Remember, consumers want to feel that their thoughts are being taken into consideration and that they are truly appreciated. It is this attention to social media that has led to Heads Propaganda having very loyal customers who will support them all along the way.

It can be extremely hard to advertise your company nowadays in Brazil. That’s because consumers are fickle. They are constantly changing their minds on what they want and how they want it. With social media, though, companies do not have to worry about guessing what consumers are looking for. Instead, companies can market their product right to their target audience. This way those who will value what they are selling do not have to search around for the product. Social media takes advantage of the digital age and ultimately uses it to help and promote the company.

Ken Griffin Is A Fabulous Investor

Mr. Ken Griffin is a Harvard University graduate of the economics program and the current chief executive officer and sole founder of Citadel, one of the most sizeable investing firms in the USA. It is also one of the most successful firms of its kind. Citadel is considered to be a hedge fund by many financial experts.

Ken Griffin earned one of the best degrees in all of the world in the form of a bachelor’s degree in economics, one of the most difficult business majors. A degree from Harvard can be applied to nearly anything in life and help one grow because it is so great to be able to say that one got a degree from such a college or even say that they just got accepted. Mr. Ken Griffin has donated tons of money to Harvard, with more than one hundred million dollars worth of donations in total.

The University of Chicago has the most qualified economics program in the world. Insidermonkey investor Ken Griffin is a member of the board of trustees of this prestigious University of Chicago. He was appointed to this position only last year, and will serve until 2019. Mr. Ken Griffin is bound to give many great inputs and pieces of information to the University of Chicago.

Mr. Griffin donates money to charities and other organizations quite often. Mr. Griffin has donated to a brand new school named Woodlawn High School with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates helping as well. Being able to operate alongside the wealthiest man in the world and donate large sums of money just like him is truly amazing and all companies should be proud if they accomplish something like this.

Just like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Ken Griffin and his wife founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. This great nonprofit organization is meant to be a way to donate money to many companies and organizations who truly need the money.

Mr. Ken Griffin truly loves art and everything about it. He once was part of a luxury auction in which he obtained Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl for sixty million dollars. Many other buyers bidded Mr. Griffin all the way up to this sum, but he wanted the piece so badly he did not mind paying the extra amount of money. Mr. Griffin has donated some of the pieces he has purchased in auctions, such as one time giving an approximately $20 million piece of art that was made by and designed by Renzo Piano. The most expensive piece of art that Mr. Ken Griffin has ever purchased with his large reserve of cash is False Start that was bought for around eighty million US dollars. This is one of the largest amounts ever paid for a piece of art.