Travel + Leisure Names Their Picks For Best Rides In Disneyland

Visiting Anaheim’s Disneyland can be an overwhelming experience for newbies. Unless you have access to a ton of Fastpasses, it’s impossible to get on every single ride in this iconic park in just one day.

To help first-time visitors, the writers at Travel + Leisure put together a list of the absolute must-do rides at Disneyland. If you only have a few days to spare at this iconic theme park, definitely put these rides at the top of your itinerary.

The number one Disneyland attraction on this list is the wet and wild Splash Mountain. Based on the film Song of the South, this log flume ride takes guests on a journey with characters like Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Bear, and the sneaky Br’er Fox. Don’t forget to smile for the photo-op as you plunge on a 50-foot drop into the Briar Patch!

Second, Travel + Leisure recommends waiting in line for Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure. In this thrilling ride guests board a car and race through an abandoned (and perhaps haunted?) temple. Thankfully, the immersive queue area makes waiting in line go by quickly.

Like the first prize winner, third place goes to another classic Disneyland ride: Pirates of the Caribbean. Although this ride has changed a great deal since it opened in 1967, the adventurous feelings evoked are the same. Keep a lookout for Captain Jack Sparrow as you take your voyage on this exciting ride.

From four to ten, here are the other big winners on Travel + Leisure’s list: the Matterhorn, the Haunted Mansion, the Mad Tea Party, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, It’s A Small World, and the Jungle Cruise.

Travel (and food) in Los Angeles

If you are looking for a great trip this summer, consider a visit to Los Angeles. While many think of Southern California as a town of beaches, fitness, glitz, and glamour. But, a key piece of the culture of Los Angeles is food. Many consider it one of the best food cities in the country. From high class restaurants to a neighborhood food truck, your options are nearly endless. recently listed the 12 Best New Restaurants, and (surprise!) a Los Angeles based restaurant made the list ( Located in Venice, Felix Trattoria is Chef Evan Funke’s new restaurant. The name means “happy” or “funky” Trattoria and the restaurant aligns with the surge, nation-wide, of Italian restaurants. Felix Trattoria seves the carby, saucy, cheesy, herby, garlicky yumminess that your soul craves.

Felix Trattoria is in the super boho-hip Abbot Kinney Boulevard. It is in beautifully renovated 1920s building with many traditional and new touches Amazing food choices include spectacular focaccia, and pasta (so many great pastas!). The menu is full of mouthwatering twists on classics and new flavors you may have never tried. But, beware, reservations can be tough. Plan ahead or go early and sit a the front bar (all the better for people watching). Next time you find yourself on a trip to the West Coast, don’t miss out on this Los Angeles restaurant or several others that will make your trip memorable (and perhaps add an inch or two to your waist!).

Seattle Space Needle Gets Multi-Million Dollar Makeover

Seattle’s legendary Space Needle is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar makeover. Most of the changes to the Emerald City’s top tourist draw involve installing glass panels so guests can get an even clearer view of the surrounding city and mountains. These renovations are will cost $100 million and are expected to be finished by the end of 2018.

Visitors in the Space Needle’s observation deck will notice that construction crews replaced all the former walls with glass panels. For the more adventurous tourists, the Space Needle now has glass “Skyriser” benches guests can sit or lean on to feel as if they’re flying over Seattle.

Crews are now hard at work building a spiral staircase to connect the Space Needle’s two observation decks. As you might’ve already guessed, this staircase will have glass all around it so tourists can look out on Seattle as they walk up and down the observation towers. This new staircase, called Oculus, will hopefully be completed for the busy summer travel season.

Besides the observation decks, the Space Needle’s celebrated SkyCity restaurant is also getting a makeover. Not only will the panels in this restaurant be made of glass, the tables and floor will be glass as well. Experts expect this restaurant to be ready to open at the end of 2018.

Crews are also building a new restaurant called The Loupe and a café/wine bar called Atmos. Both of these eateries are set to open by the end of 2018.

Completed in 1962 for the World’s Fair, Seattle’s steel Space Needle measures 605-feet and still holds the title for the fourth tallest observation tower in the USA. The main observation deck is located at the 520-feet mark and the SkyCity Restaurant is 500 feet above the ground.

As of today, about 80 percent of the Space Needle’s renovations are completed. Interested tourists can learn more about this project’s progress on the Space Needle’s website:

California Tourism Continues to Grow

In California, traveling is big business. The travel industry across California has grown 4.8% in 2018 from the prior year. We are talking big dollars here, as the tourist industry in California generate approximately $132 billion per year.

This figure was released in addition to the growth rate, by a study conducted Buy a state government that was interested in tracking the amount of tax revenue that was generated from travel. This figure came to about $12 billion per year. This additional tax revenue helps to fuel California has extensive social network programs available throughout the state.

No one part of the state experience significantly higher growth in another part. California is a state where traveler spread across the state including in the north to San Francisco or Sacramento, as well as to your Yosemite park, or in the south where San Diego, Los Angeles, and orange county with its amusement parks, are all popular options for tourists.

Napa Valley was one of the areas most significantly benefiting from the additional tax revenue. $44 million of tax revenue is generated in Napa Valley alone, an area that is popular for wine travelers. Napa Valley and other nearby areas were not affected by the fires that spread Across the state last year partly because vineyards tend to be cleared out from Drybrush that is one of the common causes of fires.

Ultimately American citizens and the international ones as well are increasingly seeing California as a great option for traveling and this is been demonstrated in the higher tax revenues for the state.

How Nick Vertucci Became An Expert At Making Money In Real Estate

Businessman Nick Vertucci says that he started from humble beginnings. He grew up in a family led by a single mom who didn’t make that much in the way of an income. After graduating from high school he was able to get enough money to start a company where he sold computers and their accessories. He was doing fairly well at this retail business when the bottom dropped out of the industry due to the 200 dot com crash.

As a consequence of his business going under, Nick Vertucci says he lost everything including his house. After a period of time he enrolled in a real estate academy he had seen advertising for. This turned his life around as he discovered he could make really good money buying foreclosed houses, putting in work making improvements to them as well as repairs, and then selling them for a tidy profit.

Once Nick Vertucci accomplished his financial goal, which was to become a millionaire, he decided to return the favor by launching his own real estate academy, NV Real Estate Academy. Since founding this company in 2007, he and his team have taught thousands of people all over the United States how they, too, can have a career buying and selling real estate. He said doing so lead to financial freedom for him and he’s gratified when he can do the same for others.

The system that Nick Vertucci developed is called house flipping and he became a master at it. He’s also hired other people in the industry to teach courses in which they are experts like how to make money with commercial buildings or as a landlord of single or multi-family homes. His classes are free to attend and pop up in major cities across America. He says his philosophy in life is to see it, believe it, map it, then execute it.

Making Smart, Quick And Safe Investments With Agora Financial

For more than a decade, Agora Financial has proudly offered millions of consumers with savvy ways to help grow their portfolios through its various online and print publications. The firm’s team of advisory experts and analysts have traveled worldwide to investigate locations that promise to be great potential investment opportunities before recording it in Agora Financial’s many publications. The firm has been acknowledged and praised for its finacial insights by many well-known daily news sources including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Financial Times, The Economist and many other periodicals.

Agora Financial is a reputable company that is dedicated to help its readers safely manage their income, increase their nest eggs, invest in the right stocks and more through its financial advice and services. These investments have proven to be successful in the long haul, even when the country is facing an economic downturn. No matter if your are an experienced investor or haven’t the slightest clue as to where to begin, Agora Financial will provide education, advice, analysis and unbiased economic commentary for all of its consumers. Agora Financial’s publications and online seminars will guide you to where you’ll make the most out of your investments as well as provide the utmost adequate information you’ll ever need to create a prosperous financial future.

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Bratislava Is The Cheapest European City For Tourists, New Report Reveals

According to London’s Luton Airport, the cheapest European city UK residents could visit is Bratislava. In their new report, analysts claim the average price for a UK tourist could fly, eat, and stay in this great Slovakian city for an incredible £113 per person.


This news couldn’t come at a better time for the average UK globe-trekker. Tourism data shows UK residents are far more prone to take shorter trips to European cities than long-term vacations.


In fact, the number of people in the UK who took a four-day vacation went up by about 170 percent from 1996 to 2016. In that same time period, the number of UK workers who took a 14-night vacation went down by almost 30 percent.


Analysts involved in this study looked into factors like the average cost of a round-trip flight out of Luton, a reservation at a three-star hotel, and a three-course dinner at a good hotel. A few other features included in each destination’s final price include tickets to one major attraction, one luxury coffee, public transportation costs, and a beer.


This new report claims it now costs a low £36 to fly from Luton to Bratislava. Once guests get into Bratislava, they can enjoy a full meal for two for only £27 and a beer for less than £2.


If Bratislava doesn’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps you’d like to go to Luton’s second pick: Warsaw. People can expect to pay about £127 per person to this historic Polish city.


In third cheapest destination for UK tourists is the Hungarian capital of Budapest, which also costs about £127 per person. Visitors can buy a ticket from Luton to Budapest for a cool £55 and book a quality hotel for about £37 per night.


From four to ten, here are the rest of the cities on Luton’s list: Riga, Athens, Dubrovnik, Prague, Palma, Valetta, and Lisbon.

Nick Vertucci’s New Book Teachers Entrepreneurs How To Have The Balls To Succeed

Nick Vertucci has it all: a beautiful wife, three daughters, a fantastic home, and multiple thriving businesses.

However, life wasn’t always this way for Vertucci.

Growing up, Nick Vertucci’s family struggled financially.

The family’s financial woes increased when Nick’s dad passed away, leading Nick to decide early on that he wanted to earn enough money to provide an excellent life for his family.

Doing so took trial and error.

The real estate agent struck it rich as a young adult selling computer accessories. During this time, Nick married and had three daughters.

The Vertucci household lived quite comfortably until the dot com crash happened in 2000, leaving Nick in debt.

Nick tried to climb his way out of debt, but it seemed to him that the more he tried to pull himself out of debt, the deeper into debt he fell.

The cavalry came, however, when a friend of Nick’s invited him to attend a 3-day real estate class.

Something clicked in Nick that day, and his life hasn’t been the same since.

While at that class, Nick knew that real estate would be the machine that would build his family’s wealth.

That was years ago.

Today, Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor who teaches others how to find the same success.

With the use of his school, which he named The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, his radio show, The Real Estate Investing Hour, and his great new book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, Nick leads his followers on a journey to success.

  • His book actually provides a road map to success.
  • According to Nick Vertucci, the road to success consists of four steps:
  • See It. You must have a clear vision of what you want if you are going to accomplish anything. Remember: where there is no vision, the people perish.
  • Believe It. Great job on getting a vision! Now, see yourself living that dream!
  • Map It. Can you see yourself living the life of your dreams? If so, that’s great! Now construct a plan that will help you to reach your goals. Your plan should consist of step-by-step goals that are fully achievable.
  • Execute It. After you have constructed for yourself a plan that is sure to succeed, follow it! Putting your plan into action may be a humbling experience, but it will also be a rewarding and empowering one!

Pro Photographer/Traveler Shares Panoramic Pictures Of Sublime Cathedrals

A New York photographer and avid traveler is showing off unique vertical panoramic pics of some of the world’s most famous cathedrals.


Professional photographer Richard Silver, the owner of, has been fascinated by cathedral architecture ever since he was a boy growing up in the Big Apple. As a child, Silver often craned his neck to see the intricate murals atop many of NYC’s most famous churches.


Although he admired the artistry of these ceiling designs in person, Silver knew there must be a more comfortable way to enjoy these masterpieces. So, Silver set to work using his skills in photography and technology to capture this magic of cathedral architecture for the world to enjoy.


Using Photoshop stitching, Silver has been able to put together extremely unique vertical panoramic images of cathedrals from around the world. In total, Silver has captured at least 300 different churches from well over 30 countries.


Out of the approximately 450 churches Silver has visited in his life, some of his favorites include Paris’s Basilique Notre-Dame Du Perpétuel Secours and, of course, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in his hometown. Even though he’s seen and taken pictures of so many churches, Silver says he is still excited every time he gets to put together a new photo for his collection.


Anyone interested in viewing this collection can check out free images under the “Vertical Churches” tab on Silver’s main website. Silver also has many other photos from his travels available on this website from countries like Japan, France, Italy, and Vietnam.

For Adventurous Tourists: The Ten Least Visited Nations On Earth

Many tourists crave authentic experiences with locals in their journeys to foreign lands. In our age of globalization, however, it’s getting harder to find countries that haven’t already been discovered by hordes of tourists.


For people who want to travel “off the beaten path,” the company Intrepid published a list of the ten destinations with the lowest tourist traffic every year. Globe-trekkers who truly want to be surrounded by locals will love visiting any of these ten countries.


Coming in at number one on Intrepid’s list is the East African nation of Tanzania. Only about 1.28 million foreigners visit Tanzania each year, which only represents 2.3 percent of the country’s 55.6 million population. Despite it’s poor showing in the travel industry, Tanzania has some of Africa’s most famous attractions, including Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti.


According to this study, the second least visited nation on earth is Papua New Guinea, which only welcomes about 198,000 tourists (or 2.45 percent of the nation’s total population). Situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea has many great attractions for outdoors enthusiasts like Mount Wilhelm and the Kokoda Trail.


Moving on to third place, the African nation Kenya only welcomes about about 1.3 million visitors (2.77 percent of its population) per year. Just like Tanzania, Kenya is a superb destination for people interested in going on a safari, especially during wildebeest migration season between August and September.


Counting down from number four to ten, here are the rest of the least visited nations on earth: Indonesia, Egypt, Mozambique, Iran, Columbia, Sri Lanka, and China.