Stansberry Research: Providing Investment Advice For People In 100 Countries Worldwide

According to a recent article in Stansberry Research‘s publication Stansberry Digest, there are two things investors should know about the stock market’s ‘Melt Up’ that was predicted by Steve Sjuggerud, one of their analysts. Taking the then unpopular position of being bullish on the stocks in the U.S. since early 2009, Sjuggerud has been recommending readers ‘stay long’ because the company’s research showed the market reaching unimaginable heights and having an explosive final rally or ‘Melt Up’ before the end of the bull market. Over the past few months, mainstream financial media have jumped on the ‘Melt Up’ band wagon and even publicly referenced Sjuggerud’s research.


Sjuggerud remains bullish, but he says its time to prepare for the inevitable ‘Melt Down’. He points to reliable early indicators that the bull market is close to its top and volatility and market corrections are coming. Sjuggerud likens it to the unsustainable growth of the and housing bubbles and points out that change is inevitable even though ‘bubble thinking’ makes people believe it isn’t. He recommends preparing to adjust your approach to investing by hedging your portfolio and adopting sensible risk-management strategies as the ‘Melt Up’ ends and the markets begin to revert to the mean.


Stansberry Research is an American publishing company founded in 1999. It specializes in doing investment research on topics like biotechnology, healthcare, mining, oil, power, natural resources alternative investing and corporate bonds. The results of its research is published in monthly and bi-monthly newsletters written by a wide array of financial analysts. While the headquarters of Stansberry Research is in Baltimore, Maryland and the company has branches in California, Florida and Oregon, people based in more than one hundred countries subscribe to the company’s newsletters.


The company’s founder is Porter Stansberry. He’s also the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory editor. Before starting Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry served as the editor of The Fleet Street Letter, the oldest financial newsletter written in English. He was the first American to hold the position. Some of the other editors at Stansberry Research are Steve Sjuggerud, David Eifrig, Matt Badiali and Dan Ferris.

Dr. Dov Rand: A Leader in Anti-Aging Treatments

Dr. Dov Rand graduated from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, located in New York. For more than 15 years, Dr. Rand has treated aging disorders. Additionally, he holds a certification in medical acupuncture. He is a Co-Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Patients seek assistance from the center for issues such as anxiety, depression, hot flashes, fatigue, and night sweats, and low libido. Dr. Dov Rand found hormones are what makes young individuals differ from older people. His patients receive bioidentical hormones recognized for their safety features because they chemically match natural hormones found in individuals.


The Healthy Aging Medical Centers create programs for men and women. Men receive erectile dysfunction assistance. Dr. Dov Rand gives menopause related help to women. Patients are offered the best treatment possible at Healthy Aging Medical Centers which are derived from a combination of a peer-review process and the latest research. A holistic approach is used to treat patients, which starts with a physical examination, which includes an assessment of the exercise routine and diet of patients. Patients receive education to assist them in fulfilling their role in the healing process.


Dr. Dov Rand’s patients receive a creative weight loss program is in conjunction with the latest treatments. This approach allows patients to deal with the primary reason for their issues and receive help for what they are experiencing. The weight loss patients experience during their treatment provides them with encouragement and motivated during the program. The healing which occurs in patients increases as the hormone levels rise during treatment. Patients receive intravenous vitamin therapy, which lets their bodies return to their original state. A human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet is provided to patients at The Healthy Aging Center, which allows them to lose weight in a rapid manner. HGC is a hormone which women have in their bodies during pregnancy, which was found to benefit adults.

Five Cities With The Best Hotels Revealed In Report

The travel company used its extensive data on hotel bookings and reviews to compile a list of the best cities for hotels in five regions of the world. In addition to listing the cities with the best hotels, revealed the best attractions and ideal times to travel in each location.


Starting off in Europe, chose the Spanish capital Madrid as it’s top pick. Reviewers had a tough time choosing a top sight in Madrid, but they recommended taking in the city’s exceptional art museums or relaxing on Gran Via. According to this list, the best times to visit Madrid are between March – May or September – November.


Moving on to North America, chose Houston as it’s premiere pick. Tourists who only have a day or two to spare in Houston are advised to stay in the downtown area. Weather-wise, the best time to visit this Texan city is between February – April or September – November.


The city of Montevideo won the award for the best hotels in South America. One of the best areas in the city for tourists is the historic Ciudad Vieja to the west of Plaza Independencia. People who want to visit Uruguay’s capital when it’s nice and warm should book their trip between October – March.


South Africa’s Cape Town came in first in’s list of the best African cities for hotels. A few activities writers suggested doing while in Cape Town include walking on the city’s beaches, climbing up Lion’s Head, and eating at Constantia. Peak weather season in Cape Town is between January – April.


Lastly, the best city for hotels in Asia & Oceania is Guangzhou, China. Although Guangzhou is fully modernized, it has many links to the ancient past at sites like the Guangxiao Temple. It’s best to visit Guangzhou between October – December.

James Dondero; the Revered Business Professional and Philanthropist

James Dondero commenced his career in early 1984. At that moment, he worked for Morgan Guaranty Training Program, serving as an analyst. Thereafter, he gained tremendous experience that dated to about three decades in credit, equity markets alongside project management. Moreover, he managed to establish Highland Capital Management where he now serves as the head of the company. Being a hedge-fund management company that deals with assets worth $20 billion, the firm can only thrive in excellent leadership and project management. Other than that, with the administration of Dondero, Highland Capital Management is a viable platform for hedge funds and private equity. Visit his website at

Work History

Besides serving as the chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, Mr. James Dondero is a dedicated board member of several companies including Nexbank, American Banknote Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare alongside MGM Studios among others. Initially, Mr. Dondero served in multiple companies including American Express, a substitute of GIV. While serving in these firms, he was in charge of different senior positions including being a portfolio manager and a bond analyst.


Other than being a business leader and a role model to emerging business professionals, James Dondero serves his community by engaging in philanthropic activities. For instance, he has donated money to multiple charities including The Dallas Zoo, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc, and others. Besides, with the assistance of Mary Jalonick, one of the firm’s senior associates, Dondero has managed to raise millions towards different charity projects with the sole intention of supporting the less fortunate. Read more about James Dondero on

Education and Qualifications

In addition to the extensive work experience, James Dondero owns two bachelor degrees in science, accounting then finance. As such, he is an alumnus of the University of McIntire. Besides, he is a certified accountant who applies his knowledge and skills to evaluate different market shifts in businesses and guide his clients accordingly.

The Outline of Leadership

From the look at his career and dedication to acquiring success in every project he touches, James Dondero can be described as a role model, a business leader, and a successful philanthropist who supports his community in every way that he can.


Foreigners Can Now Travel To India’s Northeast Without A Permit

Officials in the Parliament of India have just revealed that travelers can visit the Northeastern states of Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland without a permit. This new policy will hopefully make it more enticing for travelers to visit this naturally beautiful and culturally rich area of the Asian nation.

Restrictions on visiting these Northeastern regions began during the British colonial period. Foreigners weren’t allowed to travel at all here during this time due to fears over war with neighboring countries.

Although people have been able to visit the Northeast in the past few decades, it was a tiring process that required a ton of paperwork. Interested tourists had to be either married to someone from the areas or go with an official tour group. It wasn’t uncommon for permits to take months to get processed in New Delhi.

There are, however, a few restrictions the Indian government still has on visiting the Northeast. For instance, officials still won’t allow people into areas like Arunachal Pradesh or any other area it believes is unsafe.

Many of the people who live in these three Northeastern states live in tribal communities atop the area’s hills. Travel experts have dubbed this region the “Switzerland of India” due to all of its natural grandeur. Some of the key tourist spots in these newly opened states include the Keibul Lamjao National Park, Neermahal Palace, and the Sumi Baptist Church.

In total, India is composed of 29 states, seven of which are in the Northeastern region. All of these states have borders with nations like Myanmar, Bhutan, China, and Bangladesh.

Critics And Chefs Rank The Best Food Trucks In Europe

After sampling hundreds of food trucks across Europe, over 70 culinary critics concluded that Copenhagen has the best food truck in the EU. Believe it or not, this highly-lauded food truck in the Danish capital doesn’t even serve local food…it’s actually a taco stand named Hija de Sanchez.

Ever since it was founded in 2015, Hija de Sanchez has attracted a huge following of locals and tourists alike. Food critics were shocked how well head chef Rosio Sanchez blended the flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine with Scandinavian flair.

In addition to her food truck in the Torvehallerne area, Sanchez also owns a Hija de Sanchez restaurant in Vesterbro. Chef Sanchez isn’t surprised with the popularity of her restaurant considering how difficult it is to get high-quality Mexican food in Europe.

Coming in at second place was the restaurant Sea Me in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Located in the Time Out Market, Sea Me serves a combination of traditional Portuguese food with Japanese flavors.

Third place went to the Parisian food truck Alain Miam Miam at Marche Des Enfants Rouges. This popular food truck serves hearty sandwiches and galettes with organic veggies, cheeses, and charcuterie.

The rest of the award-winning food trucks in Europe from number four to ten are as follows: AmsterDAM good Cookies in Amsterdam, Mori e Vai in Rome, bone. BERLIN in the German capital, Aleppo Bahebek in Oslo, Lángos Máshogy in Budapest, Korvar Kiosk in Stockholm, and Yum Bun in London.

Most of the food critics who took part in this survey work for easyJet’s inflight magazine Traveller. A few Michelin-starred chefs, however, also joined this European food truck study.

Carb-Hungry Kangaroos Attack Tourists

Anyone planning a trip to Australia must have had a kangaroo or two hop across their thoughts. There are few images that evoke the distant, island continent more than that of a kangaroo, bouncing along, perhaps a baby kangaroo, otherwise known as a joey, peeking out from its mother’s pouch. The wild, untamed nature of this famous marsupial, however, seems to have been obscured by the creature’s seemingly camera-ready, cuddliness.

Tourists to the New South Wales central coast are learning this lesson the hard way. A population of the kangaroos, living in the bushland around Morisset Hospital, are receiving visitors numbering in the thousands, each week. Despite posted signs warning against feeding the animals, tourists are leaving them all manner of processed and fast foods. The sugar in those foods, much as it does in humans, provides the animals with addicting boosts of dopamine, leading to cycles of aggression and addiction.

A few unlucky tourists have been at the receiving end of a kangaroo kick or two, the result of the animal’s desire for more dopamine. The damages include gashes to the faces, arms, and torsos of unsuspecting visitors. You don’t need food on you either, to arouse the interest of the animals, even just the lingering scent of an earlier meal can bring them near.

Local MP, Greg Piper has posted a useful video to Facebook, warning about the issue.

So, if you’re planning a visit, remember that carbs are bad for us all.

Kim Dao Reviews Newly Opened Tokyo Pokémon Café

Kim Dao is one of the most famous Australian travel vloggers on YouTube. Although Kim has traveled to many countries in Asia, Oceania, and Europe, her most popular videos have to do with Japan. One of Kim’s latest vlogs takes interested tourists to one of Tokyo’s hottest new Pokémon-themed cafés.

Anyone who knows about Kim Dao knows that she’s obsessed with all things Pokémon. So, it’s understandable that Kim Dao is super excited to share her experience at this new café with her subscribers at the start of her vlog.

Before she gets to enjoy food at this new café, however, Kim Dao says she has to do filming and editing work at the Tokyo Creative studio in Shibuya. When she gets to Shibuya Crossing, Kim shows us all the crowds of people passing by at this famous landmark.

After a hard day’s work, it’s finally time for Kim Dao to visit the new Pokémon café with friends. She first decides to order the carbonara for ¥1,480. She also orders a fruit ice cream parfait dessert that has a Pikachu theme.

While she’s eating her Pokémon-inspired food, Kim Dao spots a giant Pikachu dancing around the store. This cute Pikachu is wearing an adorable chef’s outfit.

At the end of the vlog, Kim Dao highly recommends anyone visiting Tokyo visit the Pokémon Café. Although it’s a bit expensive, Kim believes the quality of the food and service merits the price. Tourists can easily find this café nearby the Pokémon Center in Nihonbashi.

ACI Releases New List Of World’s Busiest Airports

A new report put together by the Airports Council International (ACI) reveals that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport. According to ACI’s data, at least 104 million passengers passed through Atlanta International’s gates in 2017.

Although Atlanta may seem like a strange location for the world’s busiest airport, ACI members say it’s not so surprising when you consider this major hub is only a two-hour flight from approximately 80 percent of Americans.

Second place shouldn’t come as a surprise: Beijing Capital International Airport. The most populous nation on earth has to have at least one of the busiest airports, right? China’s busiest airport welcomed 96 million passengers last year.

Coming in third in ACI’s study is the Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. An estimated 88 million passengers went through this bustling airport in 2017.

The Tokyo International Airport in Japan won fourth place in this year’s ACI survey. Sometimes called Haneda Airport, Tokyo International was only 3 million below Dubai International Airport in terms of passenger count.

For fifth place, we return to the USA…but this time we’re headed to the West coast. Los Angeles International welcomed about 84 million passengers last year.

From number six to number ten, here are the remaining airports on ACI’s busiest list: Chicago O’Hare Airport, London’s Heathrow International, Hong Kong International, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. All of these airports welcomed at least 69 million passengers in 2017.

China Southern Slashing Prices to Entice Visitors

As leisure travel to and from China is on the upswing, airlines are striking while the iron is hot. Government-owned and operated China Southern is offering a special introductory fare on its premium economy seats in an effort to encourage travel from London to the central Chinese city of Wuhan. The special fares offer the premium seats for the same price as economy. Offered just three times per week, this route will exclusively use Airbus A330 aircraft.

China Southern is seeking to capitalize on the boom in Chinese travel while also enticing visitors to check out the city of Wuhan. The airline is additionally offering great deals to the Chinese city of Guangzhou and beyond to international destinations such as Auckland, Sydney, and Bangkok. Nick Newman, the commercial manager at the UK division of China Southern said that the airline is in an introductory phase attempting to convince travelers to choose travel to China over other destinations. The hook is the premium seats at economy prices.

Comparing prices in the coming months demonstrates the airline’s commitment to this strategy. When examing routes to Sydney from London, China Southern boasted the lowest fares of any airline, often at hundreds of pounds cheaper than its competitors. One of the chief initiatives is to promote travel from Europe to Australia by way of China.

As a partner in the SkyTeam Alliance, China Southern is a relatively new airline, founded in 1998 as part of the country’s realignment of its state-owned airlines.