Wen by Chaz Goes Beyond the Benefits Provided by Standard Cleansing Conditioners

WEN Cleansing ConditionerA cleansing conditioner is a hair care product that contains both a cleansing agent and a conditioner. There are several benefits to using this type of combined hair care product, one of which is the ease of use. Rather than purchasing two different products for use at different times, the cleansing conditioner is designed to cleanse and condition at the same time. This saves people both time and money on the hair care products they use.

Another benefit to using a cleansing conditioner is the ability to retain most of the hair’s natural oil. As a combination product the cleansing agent is usually gentler on the hair and scalp than most stand alone shampoos. The conditioner puts back the moisture often lost through the process of cleansing and styling so the end result is hair that looks and feels soft and silky.

Wen Goes Beyond Conditioning

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner made to help repair damaged hair. In addition to the ingredients designed to help hydrate the hair after cleansing it also contains natural plant extracts that add necessary nutrients to help repair the damage done by processing and styling. The cleansing aspect of Wen also helps removes the buildup left behind by other products so the conditioner portion of the product can work better.

Not only did Chaz Dean create Wen as a cleansing conditioner, but he also added in the properties of a deep conditioner and a detangler. These additional properties allow even the thickest hair to be easily brushed or combed. The varieties in the line of Wen hair care products are made with specific formulas to treat the different issues people have with their hair. The different varieties allow people to target their specific issues so they get better results on the overall condition of their hair than what most other cleansing conditioners would provide.

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A Few Travel Ideas For The First-Time Traveler To China

China has always been a secretive nation. For much of human history, Westerners could only dream of taking a trip to see the wonders of the Middle Kingdom before they died. Now, thanks to globalization, we are living in an era where that dream can easily become a reality for anyone.


One problem with traveling to China is that it is just so vast. One trip can never encompass the entirety of this huge nation. In order to help out the first-time traveler, this article will detail three vacation destinations for vacationers with very different priorities. The first trip will be for the history buff, the second for the city lover, and the third for the nature enthusiast.


History lovers should plan on visiting Beijing and Xi’an. Since Beijing is the national capital, you will be right in the administrative heart of the country. You can tour the Forbidden City, stroll on the Great Wall, walk around Tianamen Square, and visit the Emperor’s Summer Palace. One of the top-rated hotels in Beijing by travel experts is called The Orchid, which is located in the historic Hutong district.


When you are done in Beijing, Xi’an is only a four-hour train ride away. Xi’an is full of ancient Chinese history. Of course, everyone has to see the Teracotta Warriors here, but you can also check out the Xi’an City Wall and the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi.


For a taste of modern China, you should head for Shanghai. Shanghai is far more cosmopolitan than any other city in China, so just know you won’t get an authentic “Chinese” feel here. Some top attractions include the French Concession, the Bund, and the brand new Shanghai Disneyland park. One high-class hotel travel agents recommend in Shanghai is called the Waterhouse, which is located right by Huangpu River.


If you are in the mood for natural Chinese scenery, you might want to look into Yangshuo County, Guilin. This southern area of China is hailed for it stunning mountains and landscapes. The finest hotel in the region is called the Yangshou Resort. Although it will cost you a pretty penny, the views you get at this resort are undeniably some of the most spectacular in the world.



These Are the Cheapest Cities in Europe Right Now

Have you always wanted to travel to Europe but was never able to do so? What stopped you? For many men and women, traveling is a great idea in theory, but it’s simply too costly to actually do in real life.


If you would like to travel to Europe, there are a few things that you can do to make the entire experience less expensive. One of the best ideas is to focus your travels on cities that are not too expensive. For example, it would be wonderful to visit London and Paris, but these are two of the most expensive cities in Europe. They are also two of the most expensive cities in the world.


Instead, try one of these low cost European cities.


  1. Krakow, Poland


Getting around in any new city can be expensive, and Poland is a great example of a country where taxis are just as cheap if not cheaper than public transportation. There are amazing things to see there as well, including castles and cathedrals.


  1. Debrecen, Hungary


You can get an amazing cocktail in Debrecen, Hungary for just $3.16. Can you imagine getting that in New York City? This is a widely popular locale with amazing shops, restaurants, museums and other sites.


  1. Rhodes, Greece


Right now, Greece is cheaper than ever to visit. Granted, you might run into some issues with the amounts of refugees that have been landing there, but in general, you’ll have a great time. And Greeks are eager to invite tourists.


What Can Visiting France Teach You About Life?

You don’t have to go to France to live for five years to learn something about their culture. You also don’t have to go their for five years to learn some important ways to improve your own life. If you ever get the chance to visit this country, try gleaning a thing or two from their lifestyle. They have many things that they can teach Americans.


  1. Go more slowly.


The thing that many people say about Americans is that we move too quickly. We don’t take time to enjoy life. French people do this. Not only do they work less than Americans overall, but they spend more time at home and with their families. They like to take long walks, and most of all, they enjoy spending time together during meals. One of the things that you will notice right away if you visit France is that eating is a luxury, and their lunches and dinners will often last for hours.


  1. Choose timeless pieces when it comes to fashion.


French fashion is timeless in and of itself. But it is this way because they choose basic pieces that can last a long time. If you follow French fashion, you will notice that it’s often plain and subdued.


  1. Don’t be ashamed of telling it like it is.


Finally, you may already know that the French don’t mind being blunt and curt. They are courteous when it’s called for, and they make a show of things, but they’re also honest, and that’s always good


Even The Most Damaged Hair Can Reap The rewards Using WEN’s All Natural Formula

Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) created the WEN hair care line, which is made up of a variety of different cleansing conditioners that use a special formula which allows them to be used on pretty much all hair types for women out there. With WEN, women can comfortable manage their hair in their own homes without needing to go to a pricey salon. WEN’s formula is also strong enough to clean out all past buildup from the scalp that may be caused from chemicals in other shampoos and conditioners. On that note as well, WEN cleansing conditioners can stand in for typical shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and more, with its unique and all natural 5 in 1 formula.

Emily McClure, a blogger for Bustle Magazine, did a review on the WEN cleansing conditioners not all that long ago. Emily herself is a long time sufferer of very fine hair, and has built up a mind of skepticism when it comes to products that promise so much, because many of them do not deliver. In Emily’s case, she tested out the product for a week and detailed specifically how she used it and how it effected her hair, which she also took photos of to show the before and after. She posted the photos on her Facebook and Twitter account. Not only did Emily start seeing results within a couple days, but by the end of the week she had the shiny and thick hair that WEN promised to bring to even her fine hair. She had to do a little tweaking to the dosage and time when she used the product, but that’s no big deal for the great results she obtained.

Chaz specifically made WEN cleansing conditioners not only to be effective, but to be affordable as well, since many women out there can’t afford the constant trips to a salon and to pay for high priced products regularly. Any women who is even questioning the condition of their hair, should give WEN cleansing conditioners a try as there is no downside.


Workville’s Amazing Coworking Space


Coworking is the sharing of a work space between different people, so as to share both their knowledge and their expenses. Typically, the people involved in co working are either self employed, or they all work for different companies.


Coworking has many advantages such as building up your business quicker, the expansion of your networks, and the ability to acquire new clients. Due to the experiences and abilities of the people you are working with, your productivity definitely increases. Also, unlike working at home, there are no personal distractions such as a members of your family, a refrigerator or a television to tempt you. You are working in the middle of dedicated professionals who will motive you to work even harder.


This arrangement will give you a better balance, and perspective in accordance with your business life. There are professionals to bounce your ideas off of, and your confidence raises because of this. Finally, splitting the expenses saves you money, making this situation quite cost effective. Loneliness in the workplace is also completely eliminated.


Workville New York City is a perfect example of what a Coworking space should be. This company has found a way to mix pure luxury with an exemplary Coworking space. Workville is located right next to a major transportation facility, as well as Times Square. This office is covered in light, has a flexible schedule, and is so friendly.


This space is inspirational for those needing creativity in their work and is ready to occupy. There are Coworking spaces, open types of desks so you can have the room you need to work, or have a meeting. Amenities such as a café, an area for lounging, and three terraces outside. Workville has created the area businesses need to achieve the success they seek. Located twenty-one floors high, this building offers an incredible view in addition to everything else.

What You Need to Know About the OSI Group

In this day and age, it is no longer sufficient to offer quality products in order to gain the trust of the public. It is incredibly important for companies to show commitment to consistently deliver value to everyone involved: Consumers, employees and the communities they are a part of.

Since it opened in 1909, OSI has been deeply dedicated to delivering quality in an efficient manner by streamlining processes and optimizing costs. OSI Group’s main point of focus has always been to help its customers achieve maximum success in their particular fields. Operating like a family and always staying in touch with the local communities that foster it, OSI provides its customer brands with cutting-edge food solutions at competitive prices. Despite its large size, OSI Group’s many partners have strong roots in their communities. The result is a relationship of trust that is both beneficial and edifying to entire communities of people.

Despite its close relationship with local communities, OSI Group operates as a vast international network. This enables it to provide a global supply chain of diverse products that are capable of satisfying different markets. Highly adaptable in order to meet different needs, its production is handled by a global network of manufacturing facilities, each of which adapts to local demand. Spread through the Americas, Europe and Asia, the OSI global network has more than 60 standardized facilities around the world. This includes the ability to create and manufacture custom products that meet precise specifications in order to obtain the best results.

As a part of OSI Group’s service, consultation and guidance for the design of manufacturing and supply chain solutions is provided, effectively working with the customer to create solutions to any food-related challenge. Using state-of-the-industry technology, this organization has got all the bases covered. Having developed a broad range of processes that allow the creation of a diversity of products, OSI is capable of materializing any kind of food solution their customers need. If necessary, new processes can be developed to achieve a specific and unique result.

Regardless of any particular specifications, all of OSI’s products carry additional value, which in turn raises their profitability. Whether it’s through cutting-edge formulation, special preparation techniques or a wide range of packaging technologies, the company always brings something extra to the table. Despite of having such an important added value, all OSI Group’s products are extremely cost-effective without lowering any quality standards, ensuring customers will save money without turning off their own public.

The employees at OSI know that the customer’s reputation is their most important asset. That is why they take every precaution with their products, regularly running them through Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point programs and obtaining Global Food Safety Initiative certifications. In addition, OSI has implemented stringent policies to meticulously control quality and consistency. Routinely evaluated, all employees have received Good Manufacturing Practices. At the same time, all processes at OSI are handled ethically, ensuring they are handled transparently and striving for social, economic and environmental responsibility.

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The World Is More Dangerous, So Travel To A Lesser Known Place

The Global Peace Index has officially said that the world is a more dangerous place to travel in than before 2008. Recent data shows that many tourists are especially turning away from traveling to Europe following many terrorist attacks there.


For example, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that flight bookings between Asia and Europe had the worst year for any travel sector in 2016. More Asians decided to travel either to Australia, North America, or other Asian countries. This trend is only expected to contract further in the ensuing months.


One European nation hit particularly hard is France. After the numerous terrorist attacks, the flooding in the capital city, and the highly publicized reports of Kim Kardashian’s robbery, the tourism industry in France is experiencing its worst year ever. Bookings for trips to France via Air France have been dropping 8 percent annually. France has lost many tourists from Japan, China, and even the USA.


Other countries people are apparently erasing from their bucket lists include Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, and Belgium.


It is a fact that terrorism around the world has increased. However, travel experts remind us that it is still more likely to die from a car crash, lighting strike, or obesity than to be caught in a terrorist attack.


Tourist experts say that our reactions to terrorism are natural and very human, but not rational. It will be a long time before people feel comfortable visiting these nations that have been so much in the news recently. Yet, people in the travel industry say that tourism is rising each year, and just because the world is more dangerous shouldn’t deter people from taking part in the joys of travel.


One thing travel experts suggest to their clients is taking a trip to a part of the world not in the media spotlight. A few suggestions for cautious travelers include Mongolia, Faroe Islands, Tahiti, Chile, Easter Island, and Australia.



Portugal Is Becoming The Hottest Vacation Destination In The World

The influential magazine Travel + Leisure just announced that Portugal is its “Destination of the Year” for 2016.


Although it almost fell into bankruptcy during the height of the EU crisis, Portugal has become one of the most popular travel destinations in recent years. In some ways, the economic malaise may have helped attract tourists to Portugal, since the discounted rates of traveling to Portuguese resort towns garnered great attention from tourists.


Recent data in the newspaper Portugal News shows that foreign tourism into Portugal has grown 10 percent in 2015 alone. Analysts believe this number will only rise in 2016.


Interestingly, Americans are visiting Portugal at higher rates than ever before. New research shows travelers from the USA to Portugal grew 22 percent in 2016. The increase in flight bookings for Portugal, up an astonishing 119 percent in North America alone, has greatly helped Portugal’s airlines called TAP. There are now eight cities in the USA that fly direct to Portugal.


So why is Portugal such a desirable location for so many tourists? One reason is that Portugal has temperate weather all year round. Although the summer months are more popular, there really isn’t a “bad” time to visit this nation.


Another great reason to visit Portugal is that it’s less expensive and less crowded than other European nations. Portugal’s famous capital Lisbon has only 3.5 million average foreign tourists. Compare that with the 20 million foreign tourists visiting London, the 18 million tourists visiting Paris, or even the 7 million tourists visiting Rome.


Whether you are into culture, cuisine, nature, or adventure, you are sure to find something in Portugal to suit your fancy. There is a reason why Portugal is growing on the travel scene nowadays, but you should check it out before this relatively well-kept destination secret becomes the next tourist trap.



What Are The Best Train Rides In The World? Here Are A Few Suggestions

Some people love to spend their vacation on a train taking in some of the world’s finest natural scenery. If you are one of the many train lovers out there, then you are in luck. Travel agents are revealing some of the best train rides in the world, and below we will detail a few of their top picks.


Of course, Switzerland is an obvious choice for first place. Although it’s not a surprising choice, if you’ve never taken a ride on one of Switzerland’s three express lines, then you don’t know what your missing. If you only have time or money for one Swiss journey, travel experts recommend taking the Jungfraubahn. This train ride will take you up 3,000 meters up to the Jungfraujoch, which is still the highest railway station in all of Europe. There’s simply no better way to take in the beauty of the Alps than on this historic train ride.


If you live in America, travel enthusiasts suggest taking a trip on the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco. This 52-hour train ride will take you across various key attractions in the Western states, including California’s High Sierra and the canyons of Colorado. Forget taking the overrated road-trip across the nation, you can allow some of America’s natural wonders unfold right before your eyes on this wonderful trip.


For any Canadians out there, you should know that the Rocky Mountaineer is not the travel expert’s favored way to take in the Canadian Rockies. Instead, most travel lovers recommend taking The Canadian from Jasper to Vancouver. This comfortable train offers guests some of the best views of both the mountains and the local wildlife.


Just a few other train rides travel experts recommend include the ride from Bangkok to River Kwai in Thailand, the trip between Kristinehamm and Gällivare in Sweden, and a great tour of the Welsh countryside from Dovey Junction to Pwllheli.