Surmounting Risks in Commercial Real Estate by Christopher Linkas

The game of risk vs. reward is one which investors play on a regular basis. Understanding this game is essential when it comes to investing in commercial properties. Christopher Linkas has a great deal of experience in this field. He has worked in the collateral valuation of repackaged loans during the S&L crisis of the 1980s and 1990s. He followed this up with a long career in the investment field. Investing in real estate is a riskier venture and going ahead with it without prior planning can be considered reckless. With this knowledge and experience, Christopher Linkas’ advice may be regarded as priceless.


All levels of investing have different risk profiles and levels of participation. Assuming more risk is a double-edged sword, give you a better business proposition even though a bid is just but a hazard, a foray into the market with success dependent on many factors. Reinvestment, rework, and renovations firm up property and broaden forum possibilities of direct engagement. Growing assets need patience. Lengthier holding periods are recommended to allow substantive rework, sponged and soaked reinvestment realized as financial improvements of yields.


Real estate operators must also look out to skillfully maneuver complex legal hurdles and setbacks that may be met in acquiring a new property, whether it is a thriving enterprise or a new concept and immaculate roll out of development both native and original. Such initiative may meet opposition in the market manifest and the form of legal and structural hurdles.


Operators may find properties with pending succession disputes, bankruptcy proceedings or even a pending foreclosure. These redefine the transaction engagement and require specialized and clinical disentanglement. Risks profile vary in specific ways across the three bands mentioned by Christopher Linkas in his talk. These are low risk and core property, moderate risk and value-add property, high risk and opportunistic properties and ventures.

Glen Wakeman Says You Can Be A Business P&L Expert Like Him If You’ve Got A Detailed Plan

Glen Wakeman is one of the best people to ask about starting new companies because he did this for many years as an executive who traveled around the world. He now does business startup consulting as a hobby and he is responsible for the development of Launchpad Holdings which provides instruction on how to build a foundation for your business. Wakeman said he felt the failure rate for new businesses was much higher than it needed to be, but the trend could stop if they were given a way to become well-run entities with real leaders involved. Launchpad uses a SAAS system to guide users through a business setup process. They then can show investors why investing in their company is a wise choice.


Glen Wakeman believes there are five essential areas businesses will need to be strong in in order to succeed long-term. They need a strong plan for financial management, a written plan for governance and policy making, an effective leadership training and utilization, growth strategy and human capital management. He has coached young managers and upcoming executives and has also turned around troubled companies that have needed better management and higher profit margins.


Glen Wakeman studied business and finance at the University of Scranton and then went on to the big business school at the University of Chicago. He began in the banking firm of General Electric and began working in asset management and expanding their business services in P&L. He helped establish GE Capital in Latin America, the UK, east Asia and several other regions. Along with helping various companies restructure their corporate systems, Wakeman also helped start Nova Four, a venture capital wing of GE. After spending over 20 years traveling and reorganizing businesses for GE, Glen Wakeman retired and decided to do business leadership consulting on his own. Along with the program he started at Launchpad, he also became an advisor to an angel investing company known as Dreamfunded and an executive coach for Bitterness. You can also follow Wakeman on social media such as his LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

IC System Provides Account Receivable Solutions with Integrity

Resolving debt with a customer can be a hassle sometimes, but IC System provides a valid means to getting things handled in a timely manner. People that are struggling with resolving financial issues with clients so they consider benefits to come utilizing a company like IC System.


This is a company that represents people with a number of possibilities for reaching out to clients and resolving issues in a timely manner. When you are trying to handle account payable issues it is going to be to your advantage to hire someone that specializes in debt management. Even if you have people inside of your organization that are able to make calls it is going to be difficult to people that may have jobs doing other things inside of your organization.


When you receive a call from IC Solutions and give a higher level of importance to the issue at hand. There is a much better chance of getting your issue resolved when you get with a company that is able to specialize in these types of things. It brings a greater sense of urgency to the issue that you are working on. If you have clients that have outstanding debts it helps to have an outside person that is in place.


When you have someone else aside from yourself that is making the calls it becomes something that people pay more attention to. Someone may be more inclined to resolve debt with an outside agency then they will be to resolve it directly with you. Sometimes people have contact information that has changed over the years. It may take an outside force just to track these people down. This saves you a lot of time by acquiring IC System because they can do the work for you and get the results that you need to get your accounts paid. IC Sytems has the ability to resolve an assortment of account receivable issues. IC System has a headquarters in Minnesota that has been in place since 1938. People trust this company because it has core values that involve doing things with integrity.

From CEO to Chairman, Graham Edwards Has Done It All

Who is Graham Edwards and why is he so important to the business world. Well, Mr. Edwards is the CEO of a very well known business called Telereal Trillium and he has been in this position for the last twenty years. Telereal Trillium, under the guidance of Mr. Edwards, has grown in substantial numbers over the last couple of decades and is now ranked as the largest privately owned property company throughout the United Kingdom. This company is currently in a position to where they own, and not only own but also manage a £6 billion portfolio. This management covers floor area totaling over 86 million square feet which don’t include the number of employees they house. Telereal Trillium gives housing to just over 1% of the workforce in the United Kingdom.

But this wouldn’t have all started without Mr. Edwards as he has been through many ups and downs over the years of his tenure. He has been the one leading the way through these ups and downs and stuck it out through many company-altering moves. One big move that stands out to so many people is the merge between Telereal and Trillium back in 2009. This was the changing of the two businesses for the better which lead to more than £1 billion in a combined business yearly revenue. Mr. Edwards was the one who led the way in this negotiation and had personally put himself out there which had resulted in the result it did, the two coming together as one and putting out substantial numbers in revenue.

Now after all of these years of being CEO, Mr. Edwards will be joining a new business venture, the CPS and will be Chairman. He is not giving up his devotion to Telereal Trillium just yet though, as he will still keep his CEO role but he will just be working with the CPS in order to help create new policies which will increase the rates of building new homes and home ownership. This is the goal for the future and Mr. Edwards is going to get it done.

Jeff Aronin: A Dedicated Life

Healthcare in the United States and around the world is massive with millions of companies and millions of people employed. It takes the passions of industry leaders like Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences, to keep the industry in balance.


Billions are spent each day on healthcare for the masses. What happens to the unfortunate people that have run out of options? Their diseases are rare and treatments do not exist.


Paragon Biosciences seeks out the most talented individuals to tackle the incurable diseases. The challenges are daunting. Paragon and Jeff Aronin see the process of new drug discovery, in three steps.


1.Identify: The company searches for need. No track record means an investigative process for the disease. Current conditions of the patient are put through a complete analysis.

2.Build: Companies are created, leadership is brought into the fold and long-term strategies are developed. Aronin is looking for ambitious companies with big-thinkers. Infrastructure is committed to the process.

3.Develop: Paragon uses considerable influence and experience to send the technologies through the FDA process. The company can count 13 medication approvals.


Companies under the Paragon umbrella have the same sense of responsibilities as their parent. CastleCreek develops specialty drugs for debilitating dermatological conditions. The company is looking for life-changing impact. Leadership believes their products will start hitting the market within two years.


Harmony Biosciences, another company in the paragon portfolio is creating an impact on patients with central nervous system disorders. Harmony uses the same analytical approach to identify, build and develop. In May 2018 harmony received Breakthrough Therapy and Fast Track designations from the FDA for Pitolisant.


Twenty years in bioscience and Jeff Aronin continues to push boundaries. Top industry talent is drawn to Paragon. Jeff remains connected to many of the companies he creates, by sitting on the board of directors. Awards and recognition keep coming.


Jeff Aronin supports the causes he has dedicated his life to serving. Anyone who has a disease and no hope, Jeff and Paragon Biosciences will be interested.

Jorge Moll: Pleasure in Giving, Constantly Changing and The Path to Healing

Everyday is another opportunity for science to take back what it previously had discovered. Every day is a chance for science to improve or counterprove its statements. In the case with Jorge Moll’s scientific endeavors, it is through his exciting studies that people can enjoy the latest scientifically proven and altered statements about the human condition.


One recent study that Moll led through the D’Or Institute for Research and Education was published by Medical Daily Times. The report was about the latest neuroscience study on the basis, elements and other factors that affect the well-being of affective relationships.


It is revealed in the study that it is already ingrained in our biological system that pleasure can be derived when we donate, and this pleasure is greater than when we receive something. The results of the study had also a lot to say about the link of healthy wellbeing with building stronger and effective relationships.


In fact, Moll established that the secret to longer and healthier wellbeing would be to strengthen this kind of genuine relationship. There were also a lot of interesting statements made in Moll’s study about ethics, morality, tenderness and emotional attachment that people have with the people around them.


The result in the study would then help Moll expand his study on various ways to augment social behavior problems in the society. This includes depression and antisocial behavior that leads the sufferers into more harm to self and others. The study from Moll also could expand so many studies on the mental wellbeing of a person and how to improve ailments rooted in depression.


About Jorge Moll


Moll has been the established research leader, president and director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). IDOR has continually been a reliable resource for all research work on social behavior as well as studies on neuroscience.


With the leadership of Moll, IDOR has grown into a reliable non-profit organization that aims to promote scientific advances and technology that drive change in the healthcare industry. Its latest studies have been published in various journals and have been a cited reference source for everything that has to do with neuroscience and mental health.


Lee May Beamridge Run for Boxing

Being socially responsible and providing financial assistance to different organizations is a goal sought out by most companies. However, most companies have a hands-off experience throughout the giving process. This is not the case for Lee May Beamridge, Ltd as they are not afraid to work hard and raise money for a good cause.


Lee May Beamridge are well known for their charitable giving efforts to individuals and organizations in need. Lee May Beamridge has taken Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club under their wing and sponsored a 10K run to raise £20K for a minibus. This financial gift not only eases the financial burden of the club, but it will also help children achieve their goals of competing domestically and in European tournaments. Beamridge is asking the public and other organizations to team up with Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to make this a reality.


Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club began in 2000 and caters to helping youth develop their boxing skills by encouraging teamwork and character building. The club consists of professional boxing staff as well as volunteers. In order to continue their efforts in training young boys and fostering a family-centered environment; they are in need of a minibus that will transport the boys to different tournaments in London. The club has changed a lot of boys’ lives and continues to make a difference in the community. Their presence in the community coined them as the best ‘new club’ in London.


Beamridge is construction contractor company that was established in 2013. The purpose of their business is to provide innovative and solutions to construction needs using a wide range of Eco-friendly waste management techniques. Beamridge not only cater to their customers and employees, but they also pride themselves in creating cohesive partnerships with the public. The chose to team up with Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club will bring two companies together that are not afraid of hard work, helping children in need and supporting their love of boxing.

Perry Mandera-A Lifetime of Service to America and the Chicago Community

Perry Mandera is Chief Executive Officer of The Custom Companies Inc and a sits on the seat of several Board of Directors including the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, and the Jesse White Tumblers.


His Company, The Custom Companies is a Full Service Transportation Provider that services the community of Chicago and specializes in LTL, Truck Load and Air Freight transportation needs.


Perry Mandera started with the company in 1986 after 10 years in the Logistics and Transportation branch of the Marines, this is where he gained knowledge of the Transportation and Logistics Industry. His service in the armed forces, as well as his political career as the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago, 26th District helped shape him into the businessman and charitable giver he is today. It is through that service that he realized the needs of the Chicago community.


Perry Mandera finds joy into giving back to community and developed the Custom Cares Charities that services the needs of the Chicago Community. Some of these services include giving winter coats to the children of the Chicago district, providing contributions to a hundred youth sports organizations and has even coached several of these teams in the sports of football, baseball and basketball.


His service with the Marines didn’t end when he unlisted with the armed services. Today Perry Mandera contributes to various organizations that benefit our veterans such as Hiring our Heroes and Marine for Life. He strives to help the men and women who have served in our armed forces with gainful employment upon leaving the service.


Through his success as a businessman in the Transportation he has gained several accolades within the industry. He has garnished such awards as being named in the Top 100 American Transportation executives a prestigious award given by the ITA. He also was given the Bishop Sheil and Citizen of the Year Award by the Illinois State Crime Commission. As well as the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year Award


In addition to his business and charitable organizations he is a devoted husband, father, and church member of the Catholic faith.

PUC Sao Paulo Names New Auditorium After Appellate Judge Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva

Earlier in the year, the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) Sao Paulo honored the state Court of Appeals Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva by naming their newest auditorium after him. This recognition of Marco’s role was revealed in a social event within the institution officiated by the University president Dirceu De Mello, who previously served as the president for the Sao Paulo state court of appeals.


In his speech, Mello praised the long-serving magistrate and law professor who doubles up as a lecturer at the university, terming him a dynamic social figure. He was also quick to recognize his role within the institution arguing that the judge is always ready to help and played a significant role in ensuring a smooth construction process for the University’s new Auditorium. The University president also mentioned other integral roles played by the law professor within the institution and conclude by terming the honor a being well deserved.


Echoing sentiments


His sentiments were echoed by several other leaders and public figures in attendance including Lawyer Ricardo Sayeg, who spoke on behalf of the university’s faculty of law. The tenured PUC law professor mentioned that the decision to honor Professor Marco Antonio Marques De Silva wasn’t just informed by his contributions to the university but also due to his role in advancing awareness on the different aspects of the law. He would go on to mention Marco’s scholarly contributions that include the authorship of over 40 articles and 13 books.


Accepting the honor, Marco thanked everyone present at the event in an emotional speech for their support of his course. He particularly expressed his gratitude to his family and friends present at the event adding that he couldn’t have achieved such honor without their support.


More about Marco Antonio Marques De Silva


Born in Itapetininga city, Marco had already set up his mind towards pursuing a career in law and by the age of 15. This desire saw him graduate from PUC with Bachelors in legal studies in 1981. Two years later, Marco joined the judiciary and has since worked in different cities around the country and rising through the ranks to get appointed as a substitute judge in 2002 and a full Courts of appeals judge in 2007.

Stansberry Research: Providing Investment Advice For People In 100 Countries Worldwide

According to a recent article in Stansberry Research‘s publication Stansberry Digest, there are two things investors should know about the stock market’s ‘Melt Up’ that was predicted by Steve Sjuggerud, one of their analysts. Taking the then unpopular position of being bullish on the stocks in the U.S. since early 2009, Sjuggerud has been recommending readers ‘stay long’ because the company’s research showed the market reaching unimaginable heights and having an explosive final rally or ‘Melt Up’ before the end of the bull market. Over the past few months, mainstream financial media have jumped on the ‘Melt Up’ band wagon and even publicly referenced Sjuggerud’s research.


Sjuggerud remains bullish, but he says its time to prepare for the inevitable ‘Melt Down’. He points to reliable early indicators that the bull market is close to its top and volatility and market corrections are coming. Sjuggerud likens it to the unsustainable growth of the and housing bubbles and points out that change is inevitable even though ‘bubble thinking’ makes people believe it isn’t. He recommends preparing to adjust your approach to investing by hedging your portfolio and adopting sensible risk-management strategies as the ‘Melt Up’ ends and the markets begin to revert to the mean.


Stansberry Research is an American publishing company founded in 1999. It specializes in doing investment research on topics like biotechnology, healthcare, mining, oil, power, natural resources alternative investing and corporate bonds. The results of its research is published in monthly and bi-monthly newsletters written by a wide array of financial analysts. While the headquarters of Stansberry Research is in Baltimore, Maryland and the company has branches in California, Florida and Oregon, people based in more than one hundred countries subscribe to the company’s newsletters.


The company’s founder is Porter Stansberry. He’s also the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory editor. Before starting Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry served as the editor of The Fleet Street Letter, the oldest financial newsletter written in English. He was the first American to hold the position. Some of the other editors at Stansberry Research are Steve Sjuggerud, David Eifrig, Matt Badiali and Dan Ferris.