Madrid Pioneers “Tin-To-Table” Craze For Foodie Travelers

Foodie travelers have been pushing for more restaurants to get “back to basics” and put more emphasis on organic ingredients and authentic recipes. One interesting new offshoot related to this foodie trend is an increased interest in tinned foods.

The Spanish capital Madrid is one of the pioneering cities behind this tinned food craze.

For decades, Spain been at the forefront of preparing some of the world’s most highly-valued tinned foods. While the majority of tinned foods in Spain’s supermarkets are seafood related, there are also plenty of finely prepared peppers and veggies to choose from. Most of the time, Spanish tinned products are so well prepared that they cost more than the same foodstuffs in glass jars.

In just the past few months, restaurants in Madrid started to offer tinned-food menu options for guests. Today, there are at least six restaurants in the Spanish capital that focus primarily on tinned foods either from high-quality companies or made in-house.

These restaurants range in price and the type of service they offer their customers. Some are designed as “fast food” alternatives for people on the move. Others are more interested in providing guests with a fine dining experience complete with toasted bread, cheeses, and wine.

Locals love the convenience, quality, and lower prices of these new tin can restaurants. Not only do these meals cost less than an average Madrid restaurant, they are also far more nutritious than standard fast food.

Travel experts expect this tinned food craze to grow throughout Spain in the coming years. If all goes well, “tin-to-table” restaurants could soon spread out to Europe and North America.

TripAdvisor Announces Top Specialty Tours Of 2017

Travel company TripAdvisor just revealed the top ten specialty tours of 2017. While the most popular tours of last year were focused on bringing guests to iconic monuments, TripAdvisor also saw a huge growth in new industries like culinary tours.

The top spot for 2017’s list of TripAdvisor sponsored tours went to a walking tour of Rome and the Vatican. People who book this one-day tour get to skip lines into major monuments including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, and the Vatican Museums. This walking tour costs about $140 per person.

Second place went to TripAdvisor’s exclusive cruise down the Chicago River. This particular river cruise takes guests by some of the Windy City’s most recognizable buildings like the John Hancock tower and the Aon Center. This tour lasts about 75 minutes and costs only $40 per person.

La Città Eterna comes in yet again at the number three on this list. The major differences with this tour and the first is that it includes a walk through the Roman Forum and lasts only half a day. This special tour also costs $140 per person.

Amazingly, Rome won the fourth spot on this list as well. This tour is significantly cheaper at only $33 per person, but guests get no privileged access to attractions. Instead, guests get to ride in a big tour bus for either one or two days to some of the hottest sites around Rome.

Rounding out the top five is a special tour of the massive Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain. Guests on this $45 tour will get to cut to the front of the line and experience this masterpiece by artist Antoni Gaudí in relative peace.

From number six to number ten, here are the remaining tours on TripAdvisor’s list: priority access to Paris’ Eiffel Tower, London’s Harry Potter experience at Warner Bros. Studio, a tour of NYC’s Empire State Building, a half-day tour of islands on the Venetian lagoon, and a one day tour of Tuscany. All of these tours on this list are still available on TripAdvisor’s website.

Disney Cruise Lines Will Set Sail From Rome In 2019

The Walt Disney Company just announced it will be offering a new Southern European voyage on their Disney Cruise Line in 2019. This latest addition to the Disney Cruise Line list will take guests to some of the most scenic cities in Spain, Italy, and France.

This new tour starts in Civitavecchia, which is a port city in central Italy. Civitavecchia is officially a part of Rome and is located only an hour and a half from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

As guests board their magical Disney vessel they will set sail to their first stop: Salerno in Campania, Italy. The next stop is La Spezia, which is a popular city near the touristy Cinque Terre. This concludes the Italian leg of the tour.

After La Spezia, the Disney Cruise will take tourists to two of Southern France’s best cities: Marseilles and Villefranche-sur-Mer. The tour will conclude with a stop in the popular city of Barcelona, Spain.

This tour is the latest offering in Disney Cruise Line’s European catalogue. Other exciting adventures in Europe include trips through northern cities like Stockholm and Belfast.

Americans who don’t feel like taking the trip across the Atlantic could take a new Disney cruise across Alaskan ports like Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, and Tracy Arm Fjord. There are also plenty of Disney Cruise Lines through the Caribbean Islands.

Disney also said it will offer “Short Escapes” in select cities in the near future. These “Short Escapes” will last three-days and include private tours of some of the most popular sites in cities like Copenhagen and Rome.

Disney execs say this new Southern European cruise starting in Rome will be ready to launch on June 14th, 2019.

Foods to Try When Traveling Through South Korea

When visiting South Korea, there are many traditional dishes you will want to try. Classic South Korean dishes are meat, vegetable, and rice based. The most common spices used for cooking are ginger, soy sauce, dried red peppers, fermented bean paste, and sesame oil.

A favorite street food is hotteok. A hotteok is bread filled with sugar or something sweet. Street vendors, seen here, grill the stuffed bread and serve them to you hot. The ingredients are simple: yeast, sugar, milk, flour, and water. It is the various mixtures inside that make them unique. Some hotteok filling options are sugar and peanuts, or honey and cinnamon. There is a lot of sugar in this Korean dish. The estimated calories in a Hotteok is around 230 to 250, depending on the filling.

Korean barbecue is famous around the world, but tasting the original dish in its mother country is a must. The barbecue meat is chicken, beef, or pork. It is marinated then grilled. Bulgogi is a well known marinated. It is made of sugar, soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil. Galbi marinade is similar to bulgogi but infused with sliced onions. Jumulleok is the simplest of sauces. It merely is salt, pepper, and pure sesame seed oil.

Spicy fermented cabbage has been a staple in Korea for hundreds of years. Kimchi begins with cabbage and hot spices. Chili powder, garlic, and ginger kick up the heat factor. Vegetables and spices are married, and traditionally stored in the cool earth until fermented.

South Korea offers a culinary adventure from spicey to sweet. Any visitor to South Korea will find a new favorite dish.

Things World Travelers Should Take With Them

Do you travel a lot? There are some things you should always take with you around the world.

For example, if you are someone who often misplaces things, then you should use a tool that lets you track your items. There are many products that let you use Bluetooth devices to keep track of your personal items such as your wallet or cellphone. This way, you will not have to worry about leaving your wallet behind in your old hotel.

A laptop briefcase is another thing that is useful to take around if you use a laptop on your vacations. This is especially suitable for business travelers.

If you travel around the world, you may want to consider getting travel insurance. This can help you out if you suddenly run into a tough situation and you need medical help, for example.

You may also want to take electrolyte tablets. This will help you from becoming dehydrated. Remember that you can not take drinks with you on flights. If you are dehydrated, electrolytes can energize you.

Another idea, especially if you fly a lot, is a little divider for your armrest. This way, you will not have to fight over the armrest between you and another passenger. You can also take a little pillow with you.

Of course, do not forget the simple things, like a toothbrush and a comb.