Sergio Cortes Aids in the Health Situation in Xerém

On January 3, 2016, the State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes traveled to Xerém, Duque de Caxias in order to identify the areas that were affected by recent flooding. He also visited shelters who are assisting most of the city’s population. A Dengue Hydration Center has been opened by the state government at the health center of Xerém and has been in operation since Sunday, January 3rd. The hydration center can serve up to 300 people a day and has 12 hydration chairs. According to Secretary Sergio Cortes, the government is preparing for the worst and for hoping for the best. The Dehydration Center is a step towards prevention, considering how much garbage is in the city which can increase the chances of the dengue virus by increasing mosquito proliferation.

In order to intervene early against Leptospirosis, Camillo Junqueira and the coordinator of the National Health Force Conception Mendonça agreed to deliver a calamity kit and 3000 antibiotic tablets to Xerém. State Department of Health has taken many measures to prevent the proliferation of diseases in which the contagion is by contaminated water, spread person-to-person and contracted after rainall. Some diseases of concern include leptospirosis, hepatitis A, diarrhea, chicken pox, meningitis and dengue.

The Health Surveillance Secretary State collected their initial batch of samples from seven shelters in Xerém however, the samples were found to be unacceptable by The Central Laboratory Noel Nutels. Teams are encouraged to work daily to disinfect contaminated and it is suggested, by the Department of Health, that citizens do the same. In addition, the state government has provided 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Xerém. Secretary Sergio Cortes ask on Atanews that any donations to Xerém include bottled water. He also suggested that people in their homes and in shelters should put hypochlorite in their water tanks and use bottled water for food and drinking purposes.

The Situation Room is charged with monitoring Xerém health decisions in the area. Other measures that will be taken is to send another calamity kit to the region, training people in shelters for early identifications of symptoms of major diseases, adaption of febrile syndrome protocol and convening of the National Force Health.

According to niteroi, Sergio Cortes is a renowned doctor in Brazil. He has also worked with diseases such as the Zika Virus. He points out that the symptoms of Zika virus is very similar to that of dengue. In an article he compares the symptoms of Zika virus and dengue virus. He furthers discusses the different treatments of both viruses. To read more click here.
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Original article published by Extra.