Doggy Dining: The Latest Trends in Dog Food

No expense will be spared to ensure man’s best friend is provided with the highest quality food. Dog owners around the world want the best for their canine companions, and food companies are beginning to listen. Lately, there has been an outpouring of new recipes and ingredients designed by companies to not only taste good, but help dogs thrive. The pet food industry is worth around $23.7 billion dollars, so it is unsurprising that companies want to stay ahead of the game. The newest trends include food designed for weight loss, food tailored specifically to your pets likes and needs, and dog-friendly “people food” such as lasagna and jerky. These tactics seemed to have worked, as sales in the industry have increased to $10.5 billion (a 45% rise) in the past few years. However, some companies, such as Freshpet, may have bitten off more than they can chew. Though they offer popular refrigerated and healthy meals for dogs, the cost of using such fresh produce is high, and may not be a sustainable business model. Then again, pet owners tend to put their animals before any thought of cost, and may continue to return to Freshpet even if the company’s prices increase. Purine’s Beneful dog food is also an extremely popular product on the market. Beneful is committed to producing the most nutritionally balanced, quality food for pets. Using a team of nutrition researchers, Beneful strikes the balance between meats, grains and vegetables. Each Beneful product is packed with vitamins and nutrients necessary for the overall health of your dog. In addition, Beneful provides a variety of food options. It comes in both wet and dry forms. Both range in size from around 3 oz to 10 oz tubes, ensuring that any dog, no matter the size, is able to enjoy the product. There are thin and thick textures, depending on the dog’s preference. As a treat, Beneful a also makes baked dog snacks for pets. From cookies to crackers, in favors such as peanut butter and bacon, these over baked treats have proven to be a fan favorite among dogs. These days, pets are more like family. People want the best for their family members, and dog food companies are committed to delivering the absolute best they can.