PSI-Pay: The leading digital payment company.

PSI-Pay limited is an online digital company that provides a fast, private and secure means for businesses and individuals to transact globally. It started its operations in the year 2007. The company was licensed and became a payment institution in the same year. Its activities are legal since the company is under a regulatory body called the Financial Conduct Authority. It serves more than 173 countries having 44 currencies.

Apart from online services PSI-Pay limited is a member of MasterCard. That allowed them to offer physical and bespoke virtual card program for individual and companies all over the world. These include remote staff payment and corporate expense management that uses PSI-Pay’s self-care and facilities that usually used in an account.

PSI-Pay have a great faith that the digital method of payment will eventually become famous than other ordinary payment methods. Another critical step they took was to partner with Kerv. They came up with a ring which can be worn and used for paying items bought. It is the straightforward and fast method.

2015 was unquestionably a blessed year for the PSI-Pay Limited. They achieved a lot including, completion of its strategic modernization, created new, stronger supplier relationship and also invested in its technological ability emphasis most on security. Also, it has grown regarding income revenue and even gross profit compared to other years. All of this growth came as a result of teamwork and the hard work of the company’s staffs. This is according to the managing director. Also expansion into other countries, the introduction of amazing products and professional promotion campaigns played a major in the company’s great achievement.

In this digital market full of competition, for some business, accepting to make payments online comes with a lot of advantages. Those who are buying, many are the times they use the internet for fast and secure service. PSI-Pay has the security features that allow all the transactions to be safe and reliable. To reduce the exposure of the customer’s account to fraud, the company has employed a team of professionals dedicated to interrogating suspicious act and financial transactions.

IC System Provides Account Receivable Solutions with Integrity

Resolving debt with a customer can be a hassle sometimes, but IC System provides a valid means to getting things handled in a timely manner. People that are struggling with resolving financial issues with clients so they consider benefits to come utilizing a company like IC System.


This is a company that represents people with a number of possibilities for reaching out to clients and resolving issues in a timely manner. When you are trying to handle account payable issues it is going to be to your advantage to hire someone that specializes in debt management. Even if you have people inside of your organization that are able to make calls it is going to be difficult to people that may have jobs doing other things inside of your organization.


When you receive a call from IC Solutions and give a higher level of importance to the issue at hand. There is a much better chance of getting your issue resolved when you get with a company that is able to specialize in these types of things. It brings a greater sense of urgency to the issue that you are working on. If you have clients that have outstanding debts it helps to have an outside person that is in place.


When you have someone else aside from yourself that is making the calls it becomes something that people pay more attention to. Someone may be more inclined to resolve debt with an outside agency then they will be to resolve it directly with you. Sometimes people have contact information that has changed over the years. It may take an outside force just to track these people down. This saves you a lot of time by acquiring IC System because they can do the work for you and get the results that you need to get your accounts paid. IC Sytems has the ability to resolve an assortment of account receivable issues. IC System has a headquarters in Minnesota that has been in place since 1938. People trust this company because it has core values that involve doing things with integrity.

Organo Gold, The Connoisseur Of Coffee

As per National Coffee Association, following the production of 2009 to 2010, Coffee secured the second best position according to the quantity of consumption just after water, i.e. coffee is the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide. People use it on a daily basis even in any critical economic situation almost in every country. Targeting the truth of the fact, Organo Gold Company came in the market in 2008 with a multilevel selling technique to individual coffee sellers to promote their product. Read more at about Organo Gold.

The founder of Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua who has a vast knowledge of marketing industry. He started Organo Gold with the co-founder Shane Morand, who works as the supervisor of the direct selling platform of the company. This company works with a Scientific Advisory Board whose chief medical consultant is Dr. Irma Prado. Li Ye is the founder of the partner company of Organo Gold, named Xianzhilou Biology Research Centre. Dr. Xiaoyu is the supervisor of the center and chooses the organic ingredients of the coffee.

Organo Gold works on a wholesale basis rather than the retail option, i.e. Company does not sell its product through the retail shops or coffee houses, the distributors individually purchase the product from the company on a wholesale basis and sell the product on their own capability and effort and earn a commission of fifty percent on sales. Organo Gold works using multilevel marketing strategy where the individuals promote and sell the company’s product on a recurring basis. Company shares profit following Organo’s famous “Domino Effect” i.e. the company, the distributors and the sales teams share profit according to this system.


Organo Gold’s mission is to serve a range of healthy bioactive coffee products to the community. So it started to blend Ganoderma Lucidum or reishi, a kind of mushroom into gourmet coffee beans to give it a medicinal touch because the company believes that this herb Ganoderma has the healthy features like antiviral qualities and has a power to control cholesterol, which make this coffee much healthier than the other typical coffee. Other than coffee, the company makes Ganoderma mixed green tea, Ganoderma mixed hot chocolate, Ganoderma-blended latte blend, various Ganoderma supplements and many other healthy products.

Following the business news of multilevel marketing, we came to know that the estimated revenue of Organo Gold Company in 2010 was $35 million worldwide and the top earners of the company in 2010 earned in a range of approximately $3.5 million to $40 million. The company serves its business in United States, Germany, Canada, Philippines, Netherlands, Austria, Peru, and Jamaica. In 2015, the company decided to change its brand name from “Organo Gold” to “Organo” to sell its consumable goods worldwide through its strong network of distributors. Follow Organo Gold on

Troy McQuagge’s Mission of Hope

Troy McQuagge was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. He obtained his Bachelors degree at the University of Central Florida in 1983, securing a job with Allstate Insurance Company not long, thereafter. After a little over ten years of a successful working relationship with the company, he went on to join the student department of United Insurance Companies (UICI). In just two years, he was named the president of the United Insurance Company’s Agency, UGA. Troy well exceeded all of his bosses expectations by setting several single-year sales records.

Troy continued his ventures with UICI, which was eventually purchased by a private company, until he joined the USHEALTH Group, Inc., and was elected as the company’s Executive Vice President and Chieft Marketing Officer. In just a year later, he was promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. In the years that Troy McQuagge has worked for USHEALTH, the company has grown ten times larger in all aspects of the operation.

One of Troy’s most prized accomplishments would be an initiative he started in 2010 within USHEALTH called HOPE, which is a clever acronym for Helping Other People Everyday. HOPE is an organization that lives by being centered around helping everyday people that may be in need. One of their very first projects was partnering with Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) organization to help as an aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Together, they donated supplies, resources, and volunteered hundreds of man hours to help rebuild homes and the lives of the hardest hit communities in the city. They ensured that residents of the lower-mid city areas were provided with safe and sound housing.

HOPE has also teamed up with The Crisis Nursery, which is a non-profit organization that shelters children in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan area, to provide thousands of dollars in shoes, clothing, formula, and supplies to children in need. The leaders behind the HOPE initiative has made it their purpose to give back to those cites that host their annual Leaders Meetings. Read more about Troy McQuagge US Health at Slideshare

HOPE has gone on to make many other contributions to all sorts of organizations. For instance, in 2012, when the Leadership meeting returned back to Phoenix, hope presented a check for more than $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona. After they found out that HOPEKids had opened up a chapter near it’s Texas headquarters a year later, they donated another $45,000, and then some. In 2015, USHA made one of the largest donations, $100,000, in less than 20 minutes to the Semper FI and America’s Fund, which is geared towards providing immediate financial aid towards wounded 9/11 veterans to ensure that they have the resources that they need to transition back into everyday life.

Troy McQuagge USHEALTH did more than just initiate the HOPE mission, but it’s something that they have lived by everyday. They have proven that they are more than dedicated to make the way of life better for everyday people.

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Jason Hope: Looking Beyond the Present

Jason Hope & IoTArizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope has a strong passion for technological advancements that improves human condition, primarily in the medical field. Whether it’s for recreational or medical use, technology is viewed by him as a medium that guides individuals to a brighter future.

Education and Philanthropy

After graduating with a Finance and MBA degree from Arizona State University, Hope became involved in many philanthropic efforts. He adores humanitarian organizations that seek solutions to combat aging effects in humans and help them maintain healthier lives. For instance, the SENS foundation that he’s closely affiliated with aims to treat many life threatening diseases before they occur. This deviates from the goal of traditional medicine.

In addition to working together with different organizations, Hope recognizes young talent from entrepreneurs in high school and college. As a result, he dedicates funds in order to help jump start their ideas. The ideas include technological advancements in the form of mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software and/or devices.

Futuristic Insights

The Internet of Things (IoT), a proposed development to integrate internet connections towards solving our daily problems, is highly emphasized by Jason Hope when he speaks to prospects. The advice that he offers is aimed towards businesses looking to capitalize on the technological advancements.

Visit Jason Hope’s blog for more futuristic insights and technology predictions.




Kevin Seawright: Public Administrator Rising Star

Kevin Seawright is a demonstrative and experienced public servant with the ideal combination of public and private sector experience, with His accounting background has served him well as the current CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In addition to his extensive expertise in the community finance sector, Mr. Seawright has a refined history in retaining human capital for organizational improvement.

Mr. Seawright has climbed throughout the ranks of finance and most recently completed the Executive Leadership Program at Notre Dame to accentuate a career of cross-platform management. One of the hallmarks of Mr. Seawright’s repertoire is the integration of revolutionary technological to streamline accounting processes, and has a track record of doing this throughout the entire mid-Atlantic region.

And his results speak for themselves. Kevin consistently meets or exceed outcomes based on organizational goals, allowing him to climb the corporate ladder on the wave of his knack for team inclusion and acumen.Since organizational management proficiency includes proper negotiations, redundancy and bargaining with large groups, Mr. Seawright has over 13 years of experience in the field. Now in his new position, Kevin Seawright has the opportunity to help grow the community as a whole, from housing improvements and working in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce to bring new and viable businesses to the locale.

A Professional Investment Advisor: Kyle Bass

The person who advises you about your money and monetary future should be honest, straightforward and above all concerned about you as a person and how they can help you prosper. When you decide on a financial advisor it means you trust the ability, knowledge, and skills of your advisor. Most important, you must feel that you and your financial investment advisor fit well together. Once you interview your prospective investor it’s important to find out what designations and credentials they hold in this field. Are they certified to handle your money? A great investor will constantly keep in touch with you and keep you abreast of new products in the financial world. Above all a financial advisor listens to your beliefs, goals and dreams about your future.

Kyle Bass is a well-known investment advisor who builds strong relationships with his clients. He is the organizer and founder of Hayman Capital a Hedge fund company. Bass born, September 7, 1969 in Miami, Florida moved to Dallas, Texas with his parents. He received his BA in Finance and Real Estate Finance in 1992 from Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. He enjoys living on a serene, ranch outside of Dallas.

After college Bass worked briefly at Prudential in the securities department. Next, Bass worked for Bear Stearns gaining experience as a Senior Manager before he turned 30 years old. Bass soon began his career with Legg Mason also in Dallas.

Bass, started his own company Hayman Capital Management L.P. in 2005 after Legg Mason sold a part of the business. He happened to work in the department sold. In 2006 Bass added the hedge fund department to his new company. Additionally, Bass predicted and acted on the real estate subprime problem brewing in this country. He not only averted the downfall, but he and his clients benefitted from the mortgage crisis. Other managers and investors took notice of Kyle Bass’ grasp and insight into the financial world.

Bass’ ingenuity and passion are hard to ignore when people understand how he began his first hedge fund. He raised $43 million from friends, family and his personal savings. This energetic young man read, researched, reviewed and predicted the downward spiral of the mortgage market in 2006 and 2007. He realized which unstable mortgages would fold. His confidence, and knowledge of the subprime mortgage programs helped his reputation. Hayman Capital is still growing rapidly.

Bass is featured in Bloomberg TV after his fortune began to grow and other speculators realized his skill in predicting the mortgage market. He is credited for risking every penny he gathered to recommend how to gain millions during the subprime mortgage growth period.

Kyle Bass is a professional investment advisor who enjoys helping people make money. He is an experienced, skilled investment manager an investor can trust.