What Can Visiting France Teach You About Life?

You don’t have to go to France to live for five years to learn something about their culture. You also don’t have to go their for five years to learn some important ways to improve your own life. If you ever get the chance to visit this country, try gleaning a thing or two from their lifestyle. They have many things that they can teach Americans.


  1. Go more slowly.


The thing that many people say about Americans is that we move too quickly. We don’t take time to enjoy life. French people do this. Not only do they work less than Americans overall, but they spend more time at home and with their families. They like to take long walks, and most of all, they enjoy spending time together during meals. One of the things that you will notice right away if you visit France is that eating is a luxury, and their lunches and dinners will often last for hours.


  1. Choose timeless pieces when it comes to fashion.


French fashion is timeless in and of itself. But it is this way because they choose basic pieces that can last a long time. If you follow French fashion, you will notice that it’s often plain and subdued.


  1. Don’t be ashamed of telling it like it is.


Finally, you may already know that the French don’t mind being blunt and curt. They are courteous when it’s called for, and they make a show of things, but they’re also honest, and that’s always good


The World Is More Dangerous, So Travel To A Lesser Known Place

The Global Peace Index has officially said that the world is a more dangerous place to travel in than before 2008. Recent data shows that many tourists are especially turning away from traveling to Europe following many terrorist attacks there.


For example, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that flight bookings between Asia and Europe had the worst year for any travel sector in 2016. More Asians decided to travel either to Australia, North America, or other Asian countries. This trend is only expected to contract further in the ensuing months.


One European nation hit particularly hard is France. After the numerous terrorist attacks, the flooding in the capital city, and the highly publicized reports of Kim Kardashian’s robbery, the tourism industry in France is experiencing its worst year ever. Bookings for trips to France via Air France have been dropping 8 percent annually. France has lost many tourists from Japan, China, and even the USA.


Other countries people are apparently erasing from their bucket lists include Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, and Belgium.


It is a fact that terrorism around the world has increased. However, travel experts remind us that it is still more likely to die from a car crash, lighting strike, or obesity than to be caught in a terrorist attack.


Tourist experts say that our reactions to terrorism are natural and very human, but not rational. It will be a long time before people feel comfortable visiting these nations that have been so much in the news recently. Yet, people in the travel industry say that tourism is rising each year, and just because the world is more dangerous shouldn’t deter people from taking part in the joys of travel.


One thing travel experts suggest to their clients is taking a trip to a part of the world not in the media spotlight. A few suggestions for cautious travelers include Mongolia, Faroe Islands, Tahiti, Chile, Easter Island, and Australia.



Portugal Is Becoming The Hottest Vacation Destination In The World

The influential magazine Travel + Leisure just announced that Portugal is its “Destination of the Year” for 2016.


Although it almost fell into bankruptcy during the height of the EU crisis, Portugal has become one of the most popular travel destinations in recent years. In some ways, the economic malaise may have helped attract tourists to Portugal, since the discounted rates of traveling to Portuguese resort towns garnered great attention from tourists.


Recent data in the newspaper Portugal News shows that foreign tourism into Portugal has grown 10 percent in 2015 alone. Analysts believe this number will only rise in 2016.


Interestingly, Americans are visiting Portugal at higher rates than ever before. New research shows travelers from the USA to Portugal grew 22 percent in 2016. The increase in flight bookings for Portugal, up an astonishing 119 percent in North America alone, has greatly helped Portugal’s airlines called TAP. There are now eight cities in the USA that fly direct to Portugal.


So why is Portugal such a desirable location for so many tourists? One reason is that Portugal has temperate weather all year round. Although the summer months are more popular, there really isn’t a “bad” time to visit this nation.


Another great reason to visit Portugal is that it’s less expensive and less crowded than other European nations. Portugal’s famous capital Lisbon has only 3.5 million average foreign tourists. Compare that with the 20 million foreign tourists visiting London, the 18 million tourists visiting Paris, or even the 7 million tourists visiting Rome.


Whether you are into culture, cuisine, nature, or adventure, you are sure to find something in Portugal to suit your fancy. There is a reason why Portugal is growing on the travel scene nowadays, but you should check it out before this relatively well-kept destination secret becomes the next tourist trap.



What Are The Best Train Rides In The World? Here Are A Few Suggestions

Some people love to spend their vacation on a train taking in some of the world’s finest natural scenery. If you are one of the many train lovers out there, then you are in luck. Travel agents are revealing some of the best train rides in the world, and below we will detail a few of their top picks.


Of course, Switzerland is an obvious choice for first place. Although it’s not a surprising choice, if you’ve never taken a ride on one of Switzerland’s three express lines, then you don’t know what your missing. If you only have time or money for one Swiss journey, travel experts recommend taking the Jungfraubahn. This train ride will take you up 3,000 meters up to the Jungfraujoch, which is still the highest railway station in all of Europe. There’s simply no better way to take in the beauty of the Alps than on this historic train ride.


If you live in America, travel enthusiasts suggest taking a trip on the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco. This 52-hour train ride will take you across various key attractions in the Western states, including California’s High Sierra and the canyons of Colorado. Forget taking the overrated road-trip across the nation, you can allow some of America’s natural wonders unfold right before your eyes on this wonderful trip.


For any Canadians out there, you should know that the Rocky Mountaineer is not the travel expert’s favored way to take in the Canadian Rockies. Instead, most travel lovers recommend taking The Canadian from Jasper to Vancouver. This comfortable train offers guests some of the best views of both the mountains and the local wildlife.


Just a few other train rides travel experts recommend include the ride from Bangkok to River Kwai in Thailand, the trip between Kristinehamm and Gällivare in Sweden, and a great tour of the Welsh countryside from Dovey Junction to Pwllheli.



Carnival Will Offer Cruises Going Through The Panama Canal

The Panama canal had recently upgraded their lock system so that more ships can efficiently pass through. Carnival Cruise Line will now take it’s new ship Splendor through the canal to show it’s new capabilities. The ship was too large to pass through with the old lock system si this will open things up for future opportunities. The Panama Canal was created to open up a safe passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Previous voyages had to be done through the dangerous seas between South America and Antarctica.

The ship is capable of holding over 3,000 passengers. The voyage will begin in Miami and end in Long Beach, California. The entire voyage will last 13 days and mostly take place in the Caribbean. It will stop at the ports in Cartagena, Colombia; Puntarenas, Costa Rica; Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala; and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The Splendor has been in service since 2007 for various routes. The ship includes services such as on board restaurants, theater plays, nightclubs, spas, water slides, on board casino and more. Many of the routes go through the Caribbean and Latin America and typically lasts 4 to 8 days.

Other cruise lines to offer routes through the Panama Canal include Princess Cruise lines, Disney Cruise lines and Norwegian Cruise line. The Caribbean Princess was previously too large for the old canal but now it is capable of going through. The massive 4,000-passenger Norwegian Bliss has plans on going through the new Canal in 2018.

Cuba’s Travel Industry is Worried About Donald Trump

It has been nearly two years since United States President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro agreed to end the decades-long diplomatic impasse between the two nations. Although the embargo is pretty much still in place, tourism in the Caribbean island nation has been thriving, and the prospect of open travel between both countries is promising.


As can be expected, Cuba has been a political talking point in the campaign to succeed President Obama. While Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has pledged to work with the U.S. Senate and the House to ease the embargo, Republican candidate Donald Trump would like to see the opposite.


During a Miami campaign stop in mid-October, Trump pledged to reverse the diplomatic work achieved by President Obama, who historically visited Cuba earlier this year.


Travel industry leaders are concerned about the comments made by Trump in Miami. Although they know that the controversial Republican candidate is merely one scandal away from losing every state to Hillary Clinton, they worry about the seed planted during this disjointed campaign.


According to a recent article by Johanna Jainchill of Travel Weekly, the tourism infrastructure investments made thus far in Cuba have been made with American travelers in mind. The current diplomatic course between U.S. and Cuba suggest that American tourism to the island will begin in earnest sooner than later. However, if Trump’s call to reverse diplomacy is heeded by political leaders, the investments made thus far could be jeopardized.


What is strange about Trump’s position in Cuba is that he has made his alleged billions in the hospitality industry. There was a time when he would have pushed for a Trump Hotel in Havana; these days, however, the rhetoric would no longer support such inauguration.


Great European Cities With Less Tourist Traffic

It’s so clichéd to want to visit Paris, London, or Rome whenever planning a voyage to Europe. However, there are many other wonderful and less crowded European cities out there to experience. A recent survey just came out listing nine less popular European cities that are totally worth planning a trip around. While these cities may not have as much cachet as other European cities, they do offer authentic cultural experiences far away from the hordes of tourists.


For those traveling to Germany, perhaps instead of going to Berlin you could plan to explore Munich. Munich is a wonderful metropolis with plenty of wonderful cultural gems to marvel over. First, everyone in Munich must see the beautiful English Garden, one of the prettiest and largest gardens in all of Germany. You can also take in the whole city from the top of the Olympiapark tower. For those who love churches, Munich has many to take in, including St. Peter’s Church, Asam’s Church, and the Theatine Church of St. Cajetan.


Another interesting entry into this list is Zürich, Switzerland. Most people assume that Zürich is only for old fogies involved in finance, but most visitors here are pleasantly surprised to find this grand Swiss city has a lot of spunk. While most people traveling to Switzerland head to the capital city of Bern, Zürich is full of energy and dynamism, especially with its youthful art scene and its 500-plus bars.


Instead of visiting Madrid or Barcelona, this new study suggests taking a stop in Valencia on your next trip to Spain. Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, which means it is far easier to navigate than the more popular Spanish tourist traps. Valencia’s Mercado Central will give you all the flavors of a true Spanish market without the overpowering crowds. Anyone who wants to experience the “Old World” will be satisfied with Valencia’s Church of San Nicolas, and those interested in the “New Age” will just fall in love with Valencia’s unique City of the Arts and Sciences museum.


The other cities that made this list include Budapest, Hungary; Antwerp, Belgium; Zagreb, Croatia; Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; and Marseille, France. Most of these cities are well-known only to more experienced European adventurers. So, be sure to take a peek at all of these suggested travel locations before finalizing your next trip to Europe.



Royal Caribbean Named The Leading Cruise Line In Australasia

Royal Caribbean has been given another prestigious award. It has been named the Leading Cruise Line in Australasia. The award was presented at the World Travel Awards Asia and Australasia, which is in Danang, Vietnam. Tourism and travel professionals were asked to cast votes for the best cruise line. Voting is also open to the general public. People who live in Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia are able to vote for the cruise line that they think is best.


Adam Armstrong is the Managing Director of Royal Caribbean in New and ZealandAustralasia. He stated that he is honored that Royal Caribbean was given the award. He also stated that Royal Carribbean has had a great year.


Royal Caribbean has been in Australasia for nine years. Adam stated that Australasia has been gone to the cruise line ever since it made its debut. He also stated that he looks forward to the next season of cruising. Adam said that this will be the cruise line’s biggest and best season yet. They look forward to welcoming the guests back and everyone having a good time during their cruise.


Royal Caribbean is one of the largest and most successful cruise lines in the world. The cruise line operates 23 cruise lines in the world. Additionally, Royal Caribbean controls 17 percent of the cruise lines in the world.


Flights from the U.S. to Europe for Less Than $200 in 2017

A polemic airline based in Iceland is making headlines thanks to its extremely affordable transatlantic flights.


WOW Air is a budget air carrier that made history in 2015 with $99 flights to Reykjavik from Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. This year, WOW Air is adding a second European destination besides exotic and frosty Iceland. A press release by the airline indicates that its executives have reached an agreement with Cork Airport in Ireland so that American travelers can fly for just $159.99.


The one-way airfare to Ireland will be available in the summer of 2017, one of the best times to visit the picturesque Cork, which is billed as an emerging ecotourism destination.


Located in the Irish countryside, Cork is known as a tranquil destination filled with rolling hills covered with wildflowers. Some of the attractions in the area include the mythical Blarney Stone, which is meant to be kissed so that one obtains the gift of gab and flattery. There are also whiskey tours, picturesque taverns and quaint town squares.


The U.S. airports included in this promotion include: Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Newark, and San Francisco. Interested travelers should start making reservations now for departure next year. The airline expects to offer flights four times a week.


WOW Air has been recognized by the government of Iceland as a driving force behind the country’s nascent tourism industry.


In the past, Iceland was lucky to get a few hundred American visitors per year; these days, the Nordic country gets a few thousand tourists who arrive during its short and lovely warm season. WOW Air executives are working on adding more European destinations before 2020.



Traveling with Retirement in Mind

Having left the work world for some 10 years to raise my children, I’ve found that my earning potential has been seriously compromised. Making gobs of money no longer interests me as I witness the toll that long hours and dedication to a job has taken upon my friends and their families.


Retirement, however, does worry me. So I started to visit Mexico, scouting for possible retirement locations. Our Southern neighbor has a reputation of violence and lawlessness, but I simply haven’t found this to be the larger reality in Mexico. Having already visited the big city of Guadalajara and the tourist destinations of Puerta Vallarta and Cancún, I decided to check out the Lake Chapala area.


Lake Chapala is the largest fresh water lake in Mexico. The small towns of Chapala, Ajijic and Jocotepec (amongst others) can be found on its sunny shores. Nearly twenty thousand expatriates from the United States and Canada call this area home so it seemed worth checking out.


Formed by a volcanic past, the Lake Chapala area has the feel of the Big Island of Hawaii. Lushly wooded hills surround the lake, with towns and small farms carved out. The streets are often cobblestone (tough on car suspensions but lovely nonetheless). The views are as incredible as the delicious street food that can be bought on every street corner. The temperature averages a balmy 75 degrees year round.


The cost of living in Lake Chapala is remarkably low. Food is inexpensive and there is even a Walmart in Ajijic where you can find items, like half and half, that are otherwise hard to come by. I feel like I’ve won the lottery and may one day be calling Lake Chapala my home.