Woman Leaves Her Life Behind and Travels at 38

Solen Yucel was 38 when she decided to travel the world. She had been working in an industry that many people envy because it’s not only glamorous, but it’s also extremely lucrative. This area of work is advertising.


But Yucel was unhappy. She had just gone through a breakup with her husband, and she believes now that she was suffering from at least a little bit of depression. Suddenly, she had an idea. She wondered what life would be like if she gave up everything that she had once found dear and traveled the world.


Her parents were less than thrilled to say the least. They were wondering what exactly she was getting at when she said that she wanted to travel the world. After all, there’s an awful lot to see in the world. But Yucel was extremely adamant.


She says that in her 20s, she had thought that finding a spouse and fancy career was exactly what she needed, and that is what she strived for as she was growing up. In her 20s, she got exactly what she had wanted. But of course, she wasn’t happy in the end.


In her 30s, she was happy with her career, but she got a divorce from her husband. As she got toward her late 30s, she was promoted, and you would assume that that was a good thing. But was it actually? She said it wasn’t. With more stress than ever, Yucel was ready for a change, and she wanted out of her anxiety-ridden lifestyle. She sold everything, and for the last year, she has been traveling the world. In end end, Yucel claims she learned more in one year than she had in fifteen.


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