Check out Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days

Can you imagine how it would be to drink a cafe con leche in the Plaza del Toros in Madrid? Do you think that you’ll ever be walking in Italy in a place where Romans once stood? Do you know what it would be like to be driving through the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France on a bus with perfect strangers?


In all of these scenarios, you’re going to an unknown destination. You’re on your way to adventure in the mysterious land of Europe.


These are the dreams that many people have when they are looking for a place to get away. But we also live fast-paced lives, and how can you see the entirety of Europe when you also have a life to live? How can you experience everything that the continent has to offer on a budget? Well, it just might just work if you use Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days.


Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days


Rick Steves is one of the most famous tour guides in the United States and the world. He got his start by traveling throughout Europe and the rest of the world by himself, and he finally started to lead his own tours as a means of making money.


Steves has a number of planned tours that he can take you on himself or send you on. You can use his books and films to take yourself through Europe with your own guided plan, or you can use his new plan. It’s called Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days, and it does just what the title says. To sign up, visit Rick Steves’ website.


The Top Reasons to See Every Continent in Your Lifetime

If you’ve always wanted to travel to another country, you might have a place like Paris on your mind. And yes, visiting Paris would be a wonderful experience. It’s definitely amazing to visit the Eiffel Tour, and you should surely take time to see the catacombs beneath the city and walk along the River Seine if you can.


But you do know that there are other places besides Paris, right? Yes, there are other places aside from Europe as well. And it’s important to remember that many of those places are not only more affordable and easier to get to, but they can also be just as exciting if not more so.


Why You Should Try to Visit All 7 Continents in Your Lifetime


  1. You’ll learn new languages.


Immersion language learning is extremely underrated. If you’re in a place where they speak another language for even a week, you’ll learn.


  1. You’ll have no regrets.


Have you spent your life trying to avoid thinking about the regrets that you might have? If so, doing this will take all those worries away.


  1. You’ll build your mind and your spirit in a truly unique way.


Lastly, traveling makes you strong. It makes you a person to contend with. You haven’t just stayed in the comfort of your own small town or home. You’ve gone out into the world and seen what it has for you. It’s an amazing experience that will make you stronger, smarter and more capable to accomplish all of the other goals that you will have in your lifetime. Do it, and see for yourself.


What You Absolutely Must See at the Louvre in Paris

One of the biggest attractions in Paris is the Louvre. There’s something special about this place that makes it a continual attraction for people from all around the rest of France, Europe and the entire world.


It’s not necessarily that the Louvre is so large and amazing. It’s also the fact that it has so much history packed in and around its walls.


With that being said, you’re probably all set to go, right? Well, hold your horses a bit. There are some things that you need to remember when it comes to visiting this monstrosity. First, you won’t be able to see everything in one day. There’s no possible way. Instead, you’ll need to make sure that you at least plan three to four days to see most of what the Louvre has to offer. Actually, if you want to be serious about it, you’ll plan a few weeks or a month. If that’s not possible for you, make sure to keep these tips in mind for your shorter trip.


  1. October is the best time of the year to visit. It’s a little slower, but the exhibits are still fantastic.


  1. The Mona Lisa is great. You can’t miss it. But look at everything else that’s there too! Check out the Death of Mondale, for example. There are tons of overlooked pieces to view.


  1. Linger a little bit as you walk. We know that we just said there’s way too much to see, but don’t forget to go slowly. This is often a once in a lifetime experience.


Is Traveling Along Actually the Best Option?

In movies, those traveling solo are often looking to find something spiritual or meaningful. They’re often leaving behind stressful and anxiety-ridden lives in exchange for the unknown. They want a little bit of the unexpected in their lives, and they’re willing to take the hardships.


And there are usually a lot of hardships. Lone travelers have problems ranging from loss of money to loss of themselves. After all, it can be difficult to navigate foreign roads and transportation systems when you only have yourself to rely upon.


But is traveling alone actually has a number of positives to it. You may be interested to know that you don’t necessarily even have to spend a lot more money when you travel alone either. Use these two tips to make your lone travel experience a little more affordable and to learn to meet new people.


  1. Stay in hostels.


If you were to stay in hotels or airbnbs, renting with friends or others would be the best financial option. But staying in hostels is great because you can simply rent just one bed or even a smaller room for one person, and the end cost is much less that you would otherwise pay for a group of people or at least more than one.


  1. Make friends at language cafes if you’re in other countries.


Other countries often have language cafes where you can go and grab a cup of coffee or a drink and just talk with others. In a place like Spain or France, these cafes pop up everywhere, and they need English speakers. You can go and help others with their English, or you can go to learn another language.


What’s It Really Like Traveling With Airbnb?

Traveling in and of itself always sounds good. You have the opportunity to be in a brand new place, and most of the time, the place is somewhere you literally cannot usually be. It’s too far from the city, it’s too expensive, it’s too fancy. So it makes sense that you would want to live it up as much as possible. You’d want to hit the finest hotels or at least the fanciest hostels.


In this day and age, many people still make these choices, but an increasingly large number of people are also deciding to stay at Airbnbs. If you’ve never stayed in an Airbnb, you’re probably skeptical. What it’s really like to stay in one and only travel by way of them? Here are a few ideas.


  1. Not all Airbnbs are great.

This is the first point to make. Sadly, just like hotels and various types of hostels around the world, some Airbnbs will advertise one thing and deliver another. Some Airbnbs will also look terrible and deliver a terrible place to stay. It’s up to you to be discerning and choose your stay properly. The company only does so much to protect you.


  1. Reading reviews is essential.


If the Airbnb that you are considering simply looks too good to be true, it might be, or it might not be. Many Airbnbs are amazing. Reading reviews will be your best way of knowing whether you’ve landed a lucky spot or not.


  1. Foreign Airbnb owners may not speak English.


Many foreign owners and operators of Airbnbs certainly do speak English, but a large number of them don’t as well. Be prepared to have to discuss things via Google translate.


Best Ways of Making Worldwide Travel Affordable

Many people assume that traveling is simply too expensive to do, so they put it off. But the truth is that there are many things that can make it less expensive and actually quite easy to do on a budget. If you are considering adding some worldwide travel to your schedule, use the following tips to make it happen for a great price.


  1. Go with others.


Getting a hostel or an airbnb over a fancy hotel room can be a great choice when you’re trying to save money, but you’re not going to get the full value if you are the only one using these types of rooms. Go with at least one other person, so that you can not only split the bill, but also so that you can have a fun travel buddy.


  1. Take advantage of free sites to visit.


There are many cities in the world that have so many fabulous sites to see, you might be able to pick and choose according to cost of attendance. If this is the case, go for the free and cheapest options to save money each day that you’re away from home.


  1. Get coupons and discounts wherever you can.


You’d be surprised how many discounts and coupons are available where you least expect them. Look online, but also ask around for special deals. Some locals in the areas where you’re visiting may be able to lead you to some discounts and coupons.


  1. Work on the road.


There are a number of Internet jobs that you can do on the road. You don’t have to make them into careers, but if you can do a little work while you travel, you can even out your expenses.


The Breathtaking Landscapes of Oregon

The Breathtaking Landscapes of Oregon

When you mention Oregon, what most people would have on their minds is nature in its full splendor. You have snow-peaked mountains, roaring waterfalls, and a large forest cover. However, there is much more than that. Most probably, you’ve not yet afforded your eyes the scenic sight of Oregon’s welcoming but some of the most alien landscapes in the world, stretching for miles in all color.


Colorful Hills


Apart from giving the term ‘rolling hills’ its full meaning, the hills in central Oregon have the natural color provided by the red ash in the lower part of the John Day Strata. To take in the magnificence of the hills, all you need to do is travel for a quarter of a mile on the elevated boardwalk that helps protect the hills from any human activities while offering warm and friendly aura that will be sure to complement the view to make it a memorable experience. Talking of memory, it is worth to remember that all that scenic glory have been there for more than 33 million years.


Colorful Plant Life


According to BBC Travel, the plants can be as colorful as the hills as long as it is the right time. The grass is always green or yellow as a result of the weather’s influence. Nevertheless, you may be just in time to witness the breathtaking red of the fields stretching endlessly in the plains.


A History of Fossils


Oregon is home to over 170 animal and plant fossils, whose origin can be traced back to over 40 million years. They were discovered in the ancient cliffs which take up a large area of the John Day Fossils Beds National Monument. Viewing the origin of the fossil makes quite a thrilling experience and produces a feeling of attachment to a long history.


Woman Leaves Her Life Behind and Travels at 38

Solen Yucel was 38 when she decided to travel the world. She had been working in an industry that many people envy because it’s not only glamorous, but it’s also extremely lucrative. This area of work is advertising.


But Yucel was unhappy. She had just gone through a breakup with her husband, and she believes now that she was suffering from at least a little bit of depression. Suddenly, she had an idea. She wondered what life would be like if she gave up everything that she had once found dear and traveled the world.


Her parents were less than thrilled to say the least. They were wondering what exactly she was getting at when she said that she wanted to travel the world. After all, there’s an awful lot to see in the world. But Yucel was extremely adamant.


She says that in her 20s, she had thought that finding a spouse and fancy career was exactly what she needed, and that is what she strived for as she was growing up. In her 20s, she got exactly what she had wanted. But of course, she wasn’t happy in the end.


In her 30s, she was happy with her career, but she got a divorce from her husband. As she got toward her late 30s, she was promoted, and you would assume that that was a good thing. But was it actually? She said it wasn’t. With more stress than ever, Yucel was ready for a change, and she wanted out of her anxiety-ridden lifestyle. She sold everything, and for the last year, she has been traveling the world. In end end, Yucel claims she learned more in one year than she had in fifteen.


A Few Facts About WorldEscape

Any visitor in London will have a wide variety of choices to make when looking for accommodation. There are literally hundreds of accommodation spots that are designed to meet needs of a particular market. In London, its hard to find a universally best hotel district but rather, there are different districts that are specifically made for the different visitor preferences and budgets.

Unlike many other cities, London has no areas that can be referred to as ‘downtown’. In fact, districts with the cheapest hotels often have the best access when compared to those who do not. They also have access to some sights that are not with the expensive ones.

The city has five commercial airports as well as ferry and cruise ports that surround it. It also has not less than ten mainline railway terminus that serve different regions in the UK. Funny enough, the most central hotel locations in the city do not have access to a direct transport link to airports and cruise ports.

Room rates in the city are volatile, and many hotels prefer to host business visitors rather than visitors because they cough more money. Hotels with a business bias are more likely to have cheaper rooms at the weekend and not in working days. In the city, the highest rates are between May, June, late September and October as well as early July. During that period, both business and leisure are running full throttle.

London Escape Serviced Apartments are deigned for every visitor’s way of life. The apartments are all about offering a phenomenal stay in the city at an affordable price. The company has a large collection of vacation and apartment rentals that cater for all budgets and sizes. The best thing with the apartments is the fact that they are located across different areas in London which makes it very easy for any visitor to get the desired apartment in any location.

The company is not only confined to hotels and apartments, it also offers the best Boutique Hotels around London. The boutiques are all about offering unique services with rates that are affordable to many. When it comes to hostels, the company has the best. They are all comfortable and are quite fancy because they offer private rooms with affordable prices.

Any visitor looking for London vacation rentals will thank their lucky stars that they found WorldEscape. WorldEscape is an established company that is not new to the booking business and it began even before the internet became a phenomenon. It is therefore well placed to offer places to stay for any visitor regardless of whether they book online or not.