Five Cities With The Best Hotels Revealed In Report

The travel company used its extensive data on hotel bookings and reviews to compile a list of the best cities for hotels in five regions of the world. In addition to listing the cities with the best hotels, revealed the best attractions and ideal times to travel in each location.


Starting off in Europe, chose the Spanish capital Madrid as it’s top pick. Reviewers had a tough time choosing a top sight in Madrid, but they recommended taking in the city’s exceptional art museums or relaxing on Gran Via. According to this list, the best times to visit Madrid are between March – May or September – November.


Moving on to North America, chose Houston as it’s premiere pick. Tourists who only have a day or two to spare in Houston are advised to stay in the downtown area. Weather-wise, the best time to visit this Texan city is between February – April or September – November.


The city of Montevideo won the award for the best hotels in South America. One of the best areas in the city for tourists is the historic Ciudad Vieja to the west of Plaza Independencia. People who want to visit Uruguay’s capital when it’s nice and warm should book their trip between October – March.


South Africa’s Cape Town came in first in’s list of the best African cities for hotels. A few activities writers suggested doing while in Cape Town include walking on the city’s beaches, climbing up Lion’s Head, and eating at Constantia. Peak weather season in Cape Town is between January – April.


Lastly, the best city for hotels in Asia & Oceania is Guangzhou, China. Although Guangzhou is fully modernized, it has many links to the ancient past at sites like the Guangxiao Temple. It’s best to visit Guangzhou between October – December.