Igor Cornelsen’s Vital Tips on How To Invest Successfully


Igor Cornelsten is a world-renown financial adviser whose vast experience in banking makes him a valued consultant. He is famous for his expert insight into investment strategy and his skills in the diversification of his portfolio. The Brazilian banker is also the proprietor of Brainbridge Group, a company that helps clients maximize their profits by avoiding the damaged stock. His business is also involved in the exchange of commodity and foreign currency.

Before his retirement, Igor Cornelsen managed some of Brazil’s biggest banks and was in charge of an enormous amount of the country’s entire national gross economy. Through vast experience and expertise, he guided financial institutions through difficult economic times and made sure they were profitable. After his retirement, Igor spends most his time in South Florida, although he still works as a consultant for many financial institutions.

Cornelsen’s investment tips

Although for many people investment presents a daunting challenge, following the right steps can help start out in the right direction and minimize the risks involved in running a business. Some of the steps include:

Avoiding losing money

Igor Cornelsen advises that it is crucial to reduce the risk of losing money because there is always a chance an investor will lose some or all of his money when he has decided to make an investment. As one of the most significant investment rules is never to lose money, an investor should get out of an investment that is costing them money as quickly a possible.

Start early

Because time is a critical factor in investing, Igor Cornelsen advises that one should invest their money as soon as possible. Even when one is not young, he or she should start investing their money as soon as possible to get maximum benefits.

Seek advice

When investing for the first time or in a new venture, an investor should seek guidance from those who have already had experience in the field they want to venture in. Seeking advice helps minimize the possible losses that may come with putting money in a previously unexplored area.