About Nashville’s Real Estate And Property Boom And Scott Lumley

Of late, Nashville, Tennessee, has become a city of construction cranes and tall condos have completely uprooted single story buildings. Places that were in the past avoided by developers are today the most sought after. The area is by all means a hot cake when matters related to real estate are concerned. The area is currently expected to lead in a historic increase in matters related to property values in the forthcoming reappraisal.

According to Davidson County Property Assessor, an estimated increase in residential property values ranging from 33 to 37 percent are expected in the upcoming 2017 reappraisal. Although appreciation is relative and it varies by neighborhood, Inglewood and other parts of East Nashville are expected to experience the biggest gains in matters related to increased property values.

The expected appraisal is expected to mark the city’s single largest spike when matters related to property values are concerned. Currently, the record is 33 percent that it has held from 1993 to 1997. Among the expected projections include single family residential properties.

Those involved in the project say that it is historical and that it is way ahead of the curve. The project is also expected to solve all matters related to making housing affordable. When properties are appraised, it basically means that they are valued on a neighborhood to neighborhood basis. Different with other neighboring cities, the average home value in Nashville has increased in the past two years.

Scott Lumley is a perfect example of a successful businessman. Those who have had the chance to speak with him term him as an inspiration. He is the President of e-depotonline.com, a site that is well known to sell electronics in both wholesale and retail. He also owns an auction website as well as a chain of retail stores that sell different merchandise.

In the last three years, his three combined entities have been estimated to have earned him not less than $47 million. Lumley is a firm believer that success is a 24 hour job and for one to be good at it, it should never be deserted. Scott Lumley’s business philosophy centers around customer satisfaction and its the primary reason he has been able to become successful.