WalletHub Releases List Of Top US Summer Travel Destinations

The company WalletHub just released their 2018 picks for the best American cities for a summer vacation. While all of these locations have plenty of attractions, one of the main priorities with these choices was affordability.


Analysts behind this list researched 100 major metropolitan areas across the USA using six main criteria: ease of travel, local costs, number of attractions, weather, activities, and safety. After ranking each of these locations, they averaged out the scores to find out what city offered the best bang for a traveler’s buck.


The overall best city for a summer vacation according to WalletHub is Washington, DC. One of the main draws to the nation’s capital is the fact that so many iconic attractions like the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian museums are 100 percent free.


Number two on WalletHub’s list is a popular city for kids (and kids at heart): Orlando. Of course, Orlando’s main strength is its world-renowned theme parks including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and Seaworld.


Coming in at third place is Austin, Texas. Study authors note Austin is the perfect city for people who want a summer vacation filled with award-winning live music concerts.


From number four to ten, here are the rest of WalletHub’s absolute best picks for summer destinations: Chicago, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Houston.


In terms of individual categories, here’s how the winners sorted out: Cincinnati took the prize in the ease of travel category, Oklahoma City won for the lowest local costs, Los Angeles had the most attractions, Honolulu had the best weather, New York City had the most activities guests could participate in, and Maine’s Portland won for the safest travel destination.

Dermatologists Reveal Top Sunscreens For Summer Travelers

With the summer travel season almost here, dermatologists are reminding everyone to put on sunscreen every day to prevent the risk of skin cancer. Yes, it might be a bit inconvenient to add this step to your daily routine, but it’s essential if you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling near beaches.

While we all know it’s beneficial to wear sunscreen in the summer, it’s often difficult to pick a reputable brand that’s comfortable to wear. Thankfully, a team of dermatologist and beauty experts recently agreed to list what they consider the best sunscreens on the market.

The top pick in the oil-free sunscreen category went to EltaMD UV Broad-Spectrum SPF. One interesting feature in this EltaMD product is the inclusion of niacinamide, which has been known to help reduce dark spots.

Skin health experts chose Le Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Milk for the number one position in the body sunscreen category. The best part about this sunscreen is its texture, especially if you can’t stand typical splotchy sunscreens. As you apply the Antihelios 60 Melt-In Milk, it will instantly absorb into your skin without leaving white steak marks.

If there are any summer sports lovers out there, you should look into the EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50. Dermatologists chose this brand as the best sport sunscreen because it is highly sweat-resistant.

Finally, for people who are into eco-conscious living, perhaps you should check out the Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. Beauty experts love this all-natural sunscreen’s use of marula oil and zinc oxide to provide optimal protection and moisturization.

You can find the full sunscreen list in the latest edition of InStyle magazine.