Space Hotels Are Vying for Your Attention

If you’re the kind of person who has traveled all around the world, then chances are that you’ll appreciate something new and different. Luckily for you, Orion Span has just the thing. Named Aurora Station, it won’t be available for another four years or so. But now would be a good time to start saving up, because chances are that this vacation will be more pricey than your last one. Starting at around ten million bucks, it’s not cheap. However, it will be memorable-because this vacation destination is located in space!

Those who appreciate the finer things in life are sure to enjoy this trip, which will be designated as a luxury endeavor. Vacationers will be accompanied by two astronauts, who will shuttle them back and forth from Earth. And if you think this is some pie-in-the-sky concept that will never see the light of day, then you have another thing coming to you. Announced at the Space 2.0 Summit, this project is being developed by people who boast decades of experience in the space industry. Although it may not be accessible to everyone, it’s bound to be the trip of a lifetime for those who are able to afford it. However, vacationers will be expected to undergo a three-month training period. Combining online training, in addition to in-person instruction, the program is designed to make sure that all of the travelers are safe.