Slyce Partners With Shoe Carnival

Image recognition company, Slyce, has launched a new form of their technology in conjunction with footwear retailer Shoe Carnival. The automated 3D visual search app will let mobile phone users snap a picture of footwear in the real world, or even from newspapers,magazines, and flyers. The photo will allow the website to match the product photo with their shoe inventory. The user can then purchase the product from their phone.

Kent Zimmerman, a Shoe Carnival VP, said the company is excited to use visual search as a part of their multi-channel strategy. The company wants to be at the forefront of innovative ways for customers to shop with them. Shoe Carnival has its headquarters in Evansville IN. It is one of the USA’s top footwear retailers.

Slyce CEO Mark Elfonbein says the partnership is a milestone for their company. Their software is being deployed on a large scale by a major retailer. Slyce makes their money from monthly licensing and service fess.

Slyce is a visual search and image recognition company. Their headquarters are in Toronto Canada. Their visual search apps debuted in February 2013. Basically, all of their products are based on mobile phone users being able to snap pictures of products they have an interest in buying. Companies with the Slyce software can read the photos and offer the exact or similar products to the phone user. Then users can purchase desired products directly from their phone.
Slyce has several product variations in the works. One suggests similar products a customer may be interested in buying as they check out a purchase at an online store.