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According to a recent article in Stansberry Research‘s publication Stansberry Digest, there are two things investors should know about the stock market’s ‘Melt Up’ that was predicted by Steve Sjuggerud, one of their analysts. Taking the then unpopular position of being bullish on the stocks in the U.S. since early 2009, Sjuggerud has been recommending readers ‘stay long’ because the company’s research showed the market reaching unimaginable heights and having an explosive final rally or ‘Melt Up’ before the end of the bull market. Over the past few months, mainstream financial media have jumped on the ‘Melt Up’ band wagon and even publicly referenced Sjuggerud’s research.


Sjuggerud remains bullish, but he says its time to prepare for the inevitable ‘Melt Down’. He points to reliable early indicators that the bull market is close to its top and volatility and market corrections are coming. Sjuggerud likens it to the unsustainable growth of the and housing bubbles and points out that change is inevitable even though ‘bubble thinking’ makes people believe it isn’t. He recommends preparing to adjust your approach to investing by hedging your portfolio and adopting sensible risk-management strategies as the ‘Melt Up’ ends and the markets begin to revert to the mean.


Stansberry Research is an American publishing company founded in 1999. It specializes in doing investment research on topics like biotechnology, healthcare, mining, oil, power, natural resources alternative investing and corporate bonds. The results of its research is published in monthly and bi-monthly newsletters written by a wide array of financial analysts. While the headquarters of Stansberry Research is in Baltimore, Maryland and the company has branches in California, Florida and Oregon, people based in more than one hundred countries subscribe to the company’s newsletters.


The company’s founder is Porter Stansberry. He’s also the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory editor. Before starting Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry served as the editor of The Fleet Street Letter, the oldest financial newsletter written in English. He was the first American to hold the position. Some of the other editors at Stansberry Research are Steve Sjuggerud, David Eifrig, Matt Badiali and Dan Ferris.