Some Elegant Churches of Minnesota

Cathedral of St. Paul is one of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota. It is located at the peak of Summit Hill watching downtown St. Paul. This church was built back in the 1900’s. It is the third biggest church in the United States. It features a model of the French churches in Paris. It is an outstanding building featuring the French Regeneration and standard themes.

Church of Sacred Heart, Freeport is the most decorative interior of any church in Stearns County. It is a beautifully designed church in Freeport. Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis is a Minneapolis innovatory church that was built in early 1900s and features structures of Baroque and Beaux –Arts style. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

The inside of the church is incredibly ornamental and wonderfully detailed beyond imagination. The Basilica hosts the music festival each summer named Basilica Block Party as an appeal for funds for the development of local charities.

Bishop T. Williams is a greatly known apostolic man of God and prophetic voice of his time. He has been active in the ministry for over 30 years in different aspects. He is a highly respected minister of the Gospel. Bishop Williams is the senior pastor and founder of Mighty Fortress Church and Ministries.


He is a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Centre in Tulsa. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass communication from North Central University. A master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from University of Bethel among other Honorary Doctorates. It is a multidimensional ministry which includes support organizations and ministry groups.

The Church is widely known for its powerful –instructional evangelization, regulatory experiences, authentic flair worship services and unified cultures that includes different ages, broad ethnicities and diverse social upbringings. On most of the frequently asked questions on Mighty Fortress International, Bishop Williams says that the church atmosphere is totally different from that of other churches. MFI encourages individuals to come as they are and have an enjoyable familiarity from the church. It believes that everyone is unique and has got something to bring forth to God.

The church worship services aim at building and encouraging all the believers in Christ. The church Members entirely focus on God and what he has done upon the lives of the members. It’s always about blessings, utmost inspiration and Spiritual refreshment in Mighty Fortress International. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on