GoBuySide’s Location Based Strategy

Over the decades, methods of recruiting have changed. For instance, during the 1990’s, many financial firms would call recruitment firms for potential candidates. This was not cost effective as many of these potential candidates do not have the sufficient skill set for the firm they’re applying to. As time went on with the invention of online job recruiting, it became more competitive to hire potential candidates, and to screen them to see their skill set talent. This is why GoBuySide, uses a technical approach to learn new job trends in the financial market. For example, one such job trend that GoBuySide has learned, and evolved to adapt to, is the increase of professionals working from home. This is shown as statistics have increased over twenty four percent since two thousand fifteen, making it harder for firms to screen employees, and of need of technical analysis to access the skill set of potential candidates. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.


Furthermore, GoBuySide uses their New York City location to analyze which professionals exceed their talents, and will be the right candidate to move into a more larger firm in need of talent. This has led GoBuySide to hire professionals who go beyond their talent, and grow other firms expertise, thus making the firm more competitive in the financial market. GoBuySide’s strategy also helps company grow during short term hiring seasons lowering recruitment costs, and debt. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuySide is a lead recruitment platform founded by Arjun K in New York City, that uses state of art modern technology too heavily screen potential candidates for Fortune 500 clients, investment firms, private equity firms, and venture capital firms. GoBuySide recruitment platform is used by recruiters who are experts in their financial field and know if a potential candidate has the right skill set for the job. Arjun K, the founder of GoBuySide in two thousand eleven, is heavily qualified and skilled in his field of expertise. This is shown as Arjun is a graduate of Standford University School of Business, with a masters degree in business administration. Arjun K. Also holds a bachelors degree in economics and finance from Hopkins University.

Check: http://inspirery.com/gobuyside-founder-arjun-kapur/