From CEO to Chairman, Graham Edwards Has Done It All

Who is Graham Edwards and why is he so important to the business world. Well, Mr. Edwards is the CEO of a very well known business called Telereal Trillium and he has been in this position for the last twenty years. Telereal Trillium, under the guidance of Mr. Edwards, has grown in substantial numbers over the last couple of decades and is now ranked as the largest privately owned property company throughout the United Kingdom. This company is currently in a position to where they own, and not only own but also manage a £6 billion portfolio. This management covers floor area totaling over 86 million square feet which don’t include the number of employees they house. Telereal Trillium gives housing to just over 1% of the workforce in the United Kingdom.

But this wouldn’t have all started without Mr. Edwards as he has been through many ups and downs over the years of his tenure. He has been the one leading the way through these ups and downs and stuck it out through many company-altering moves. One big move that stands out to so many people is the merge between Telereal and Trillium back in 2009. This was the changing of the two businesses for the better which lead to more than £1 billion in a combined business yearly revenue. Mr. Edwards was the one who led the way in this negotiation and had personally put himself out there which had resulted in the result it did, the two coming together as one and putting out substantial numbers in revenue.

Now after all of these years of being CEO, Mr. Edwards will be joining a new business venture, the CPS and will be Chairman. He is not giving up his devotion to Telereal Trillium just yet though, as he will still keep his CEO role but he will just be working with the CPS in order to help create new policies which will increase the rates of building new homes and home ownership. This is the goal for the future and Mr. Edwards is going to get it done.

Coaching The Real Estate Maverick Way

Back in 2003/2004, the real estate market was escalating, going up like a rocket. At the time it seemed there was no end in sight to the growth in the market, yet by 2006, the signs of a slowdown began appearing. By 2008 the economy had crashed in a dramatic stock market collapse that was linked to the real estate bubble. After the crash and the recession that followed, it looked for awhile as if real estate would never come back. Seven years later, however, we’re looking at a whole different landscape, as real estate is again a desirable profession.

Today there are many new realtors entering the market and what’s clear is that these new professionals need something more than just training, they need coaching. Coaching is now being shown to have a real impact on the success rate of new realtors, which is why many major firms are now hiring top coaching companies to work with new realtors.

The New Approach to Training

Coaching firms have a new approach to training realtors and it involves getting people together in groups on a regular basis to go over information and to share ideas. The usual recommendation is to put coaching group members into groups of twelve and have them meet at least once a week.

Members will also be paired up with a partner and the pair will communicate and be accountable to each other. Every group member will have a prospecting schedule and they will need to check in with their partner about their progress in going through a regular checklist.

In the course of this, the group members will also have plenty of opportunities for sharing ideas and ultimately bonding. All of this has a big impact on the success rate of the realtors in their business and that success has a lasting effect. It’s been found that those who go through this kind of training do better, and tend to stay in the profession. That’s a win-win result for everyone, obviously.

The Real Estate Mavericks

One of the firms that is making a big difference in the coaching world is the Real Estate Mavericks, at This firm has made a name for itself by introducing coaching seminars that work by using dynamic ideas that shake up the old approaches to selling and marketing real estate. The idea behind their system is to shake off some of the old ways of working that aren’t really valid anymore. The great news is that this approach really works.

If your firm is ready to commit to a training plan that really goes about its ideas in a new way, then take a look at what the Real Estate Mavericks have to offer. Call today!