Billionaire Soros Offers Financial Advice

The financial world is similar to a secret society, an exclusive fraternity; not everyone is allowed to enter this arena. But advice of a financial nature, tips, gossip and rumors are eagerly sought out by all investors.

George Soros, philanthropist and financial wizard, has lectured and written extensively on matters economic, political, and financial. In a recent interview by, he offered several tips for all new investors. The first tip seems rather staid and uninteresting, but why argue with a man who made more than $1 billion on a single investment. He said that a new investor needs to find a broker, who thinks along the same lines as the investor, himself. If the investor is cautious and conservative, the broker should be of a similar ilk. Secondly, Soros stated that investments are to be made for the long term. Don’t expect to get rich and move from an apartment to a mansion in a short time. To make investing work you must not be anxious; let your investments work over time. He also offered that the novice investor must keep abreast of, not only, his own investments but of the direction of the overall markets, as well. Read the full article published by PR Newswire:

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