Japanese Sword And Metal Items Expert Michael Zomber

Many people find they have a passion in life for a certain particular thing or field. Someone may grow up learning all how to cook from scratch. Another person may find a passion for wine owning. One person who found his love and passion early in life is Japanese antique sword expert Michael Zomber. Even when he was young, Zomber knew that world was one he greatly admired and wanted to help people learn to appreciate. As he grew older, his area of interest blossomed into a full blown passion. Zomber has been fortunate in that he has been able to translate his admiration of this period of time into a passion that has allowed him to make it his life’s work and earn a living in the process.

His Impressive Expertise

As he tells on Facebook, it is not enough to have passion. Passion must be backed up with a sense of discipline. He has tried to take lessons from the Samurai warriors and use their innate understanding of discipline as inspiration for his own life choices and his own devotion to the quest for accurate and correct knowledge. To that end, he has spent many hours of his life studying the actions of the Samurai warriors closely. He has also learned much about the ways in which the Samurai were able to take their own passion and use it to create items of great and amazing beauty that still have much to tell us today even a thousand years later in time.

Emulating The Way Of The Warrior

The Samurai warriors who carefully created the objects we see today are people who had a code that was based around concepts that are vitally important even today. He strives to live his life according to such precepts. Honor remains important to Zomber just as it was important to the warrior culture. This is one of the reasons why he chooses to speak out about such objects. He sees the beauty of them because, in part, such items represent a culture that is all about a devotion to excellence.  Check out the books he’s written about the Samurai on Amazon, and IMDb has his full list of screenwriter credits.

WRCB Breaks Story About Jon Urbana’s Newest Side Project

Having been brought up in the beautiful state of Colorado, Jon Urbana is a staunch supporter of a healthy environment. On February 3, 2016, he announced the launch of a fundraising campaign in support of the efforts of Earth Force Inc. The organization aims to realize a clean and sustainable environment.

Brief Information on Earth Force

Earth Force is a non-profit organization that is based in Denver. The organization aims at raising a pool of young citizens focused on achieving a clean environment in their area of residence. The youths are enlightened on the importance of embracing a clean energy. These features match with the lacrosse feats of Jon Urbana, who is spearheading the fundraising campaign. Earth Force has established its services in 52 communities that are spread throughout the United States and Canada. Denver is an example of the community that has been able to embrace the concepts taught by the organization.

Earth Force Fundraiser Goal

The organize aims to raise $1,750 to increase the number of youths who are participation in environmental issues. The funds will finance Earth Force programs. The youths will be sponsored to implement what they have learned in class in solving environmental problems. The original article was published on WRCBtv.com via the following link http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/31130589/jon-urbana-launched-earth-force-a-beneficiary-of-new-gofundme-campaign

About Jon Urbana

Urbana is a Denver resident and native. Jon Urbana is a co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a platform he uses to train the youth on becoming ambassadors of the environment. He is strongly inspired by the young people who attend his lacrosse camp each summer. He provides personalized guidance to the youths enlightening them on the best techniques and practices. Philanthropically, he is a supporter of non-profit organizations that aims at achieving a clean environment.

Urbana heads the business development department at Ellipse. He is responsible for overseeing how the Laser and revolutionary IPL technologies produced by Ellipse are receiving the required awareness. In addition, he is required to be in constant communication with Regional Managers who are responsible for overseen the marketing department.

The Success Story behind Stephen Murray in the Business World

The world of investment management has changed over the years to provide alternative financial support to people and organizations. As a result, many organizations and companies have benefited a great deal from the services offered by different investment firms globally. Due to increased competition among the emerging investment firms, many firms have developed structures that have seen them shine on the global limelight. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is such an investment company that has contributed a lot of resources in ensuring the lives and properties of many American citizens has changed. The company has developed main focus on leverage buyouts and growth capital where it has helped many people acquire properties while offering management and financial opinion to consumers. This has earned the firm the much need support and recognition to run on the global sphere.

CCMP Capital has a long history that has seen it go through changes over the years to reach where it is in the present times. The firm was established from chemical venture which was an investment structure of the chemical bank. The firm later moved on and acquired the chase Manhattan bank that saw it change the name to chase capital partners. This was the begin of the firm’s numerous success through spinout and partnering with other investment firms in which it eventually became independent in 2006. By the end of 2006, the firm had invested approximately over 12 billion dollars in leverage buyouts and growth capital. As such, the firm was ranked in 2007 as the 7 most largest and successful private equity firm in United States of America. These are some of the success stories that have spearheaded the development of the company into other parts of the world. As such, the company has opened other offices in Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Tokyo in a mid to increase on services delivery. In 2014 once more the company made huge investment when it sold the pharmaceutical contract research organization to Cinven at an estimated amount of 900million dollars.

Steve Murray is the president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. He has been at the helm of the leadership structure for a long time and culminated in the success story of the firm into its current states. He holds a bachelors degree in economics and master’s degree in business administration from the Boston College and Columbia business school respectively. This career growth has contributed in the success story behind the development of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital into a recognized global entity. He started his career as a credit analyst and manufacturers Hanover corporation and later developed intense interest in expanding his knowledge in investment management. As a result of his hard work, he worked and moved through the ranks to become the president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital.

About Nashville’s Real Estate And Property Boom And Scott Lumley

Of late, Nashville, Tennessee, has become a city of construction cranes and tall condos have completely uprooted single story buildings. Places that were in the past avoided by developers are today the most sought after. The area is by all means a hot cake when matters related to real estate are concerned. The area is currently expected to lead in a historic increase in matters related to property values in the forthcoming reappraisal.

According to Davidson County Property Assessor, an estimated increase in residential property values ranging from 33 to 37 percent are expected in the upcoming 2017 reappraisal. Although appreciation is relative and it varies by neighborhood, Inglewood and other parts of East Nashville are expected to experience the biggest gains in matters related to increased property values.

The expected appraisal is expected to mark the city’s single largest spike when matters related to property values are concerned. Currently, the record is 33 percent that it has held from 1993 to 1997. Among the expected projections include single family residential properties.

Those involved in the project say that it is historical and that it is way ahead of the curve. The project is also expected to solve all matters related to making housing affordable. When properties are appraised, it basically means that they are valued on a neighborhood to neighborhood basis. Different with other neighboring cities, the average home value in Nashville has increased in the past two years.

Scott Lumley is a perfect example of a successful businessman. Those who have had the chance to speak with him term him as an inspiration. He is the President of e-depotonline.com, a site that is well known to sell electronics in both wholesale and retail. He also owns an auction website as well as a chain of retail stores that sell different merchandise.

In the last three years, his three combined entities have been estimated to have earned him not less than $47 million. Lumley is a firm believer that success is a 24 hour job and for one to be good at it, it should never be deserted. Scott Lumley’s business philosophy centers around customer satisfaction and its the primary reason he has been able to become successful.