Visit the Northernmost Highway in the World

The northernmost highway in the world is Norway’s E69. This 80-mile-long highway with its five tunnels runs from Olderfjord to North Cape, Norway. Visitors who would like to travel find a simpler way of life. While the road is open for driving, many people find it easier to take the bus because the highway is often coated in ice.

One may see reindeer handlers while riding along this stretch of highway. Only Sami people are legally allowed to herd reindeer in this region. Other people make their living making crafts with men often using wood, bone, and antlers to make knives and weapons while women use traditional clothing and woven baskets from leather and roots. Still, other artists are busy introducing the world to beautiful visual arts filled with traditional symbolism.

Stand on the top of the ledge stretching over 1000 feet above the Arctic Sea. While fog often blocks people from seeing the sun, it never sets from May 14 to July 29. The warmest month of the year is usually August when temperatures reach an average of 51 degrees while the coldest month is March when the average temperature is 28 degrees.

Commemorate your visit with a stop at the stone wheel next to the large tourist center. Children from many different parts of the world were asked to draw a picture of peace, and artists etched them into the stone wheel.

While it is not technically the northernmost point on earth, a drive up the scenic E69 is a chance to see amazing scenery and a simpler lifestyle.