Chaos in Venezuela Continues

A country already in serious political and social unrest, things are not looking better for Venezuela.
Venezuela has been in a state of emergency in the recent months, and thousands of Venezuelans are facing shortages on supplies such as water, power, food, clothing, and etc.

With the decreasing living standards and high inflation in the economy, Venezuelans are demanding an answer from the government and are looking for changes as several people are taking this problem to the streets and protesting against authority.

Many experts like Davi Osio are considering coup as an end result from all this. We will have to see which direction this entire situation will take for Venezuela.

My Opinion

Already plagued with low wealth and poor living conditions, this political and economic meltdown of Venezuela must be very tough on those living in the country and their family members.

While our neighboring countries are struggling, here in the United States, where we have more than enough food, isn’t even covering this issue in the media.

Osio and I share the same sentiment and think as a country with a lot of wealth, we should step in and help Venezuela with at least food and water for survival.