Finding Success in Modeling with Nine9

Chances are, if you are a model or aspiring to be one, you’re having a difficult time finding work. You have probably also found that representing yourself is exhausting and takes up a lot of time. If you think that you’re not prolific enough or that you don’t make enough money to have an agent, an agency called Nine9 thinks you’re wrong.

Nine9 Talent Agency gets its name from the fact that 99% of models aren’t represented by an agency, and they want to change that. If you’re modeling right now, Nine9 wants to work with you to find more opportunities to showcase your talent. They can connect you to films, television, commercials, promotional castings and more. They believe that the 99% can take over the entertainment industry and they want to work with you to make that happen.

Talent like Bobby L can’t say enough good things about the services Nine9 offers. He attests both to the dedication of the staff and to the opportunities they were able to connect him with. He’s had more callbacks than he could personally manage. Thanks to Nine9, he’s able to make acting and modeling his full time career. This means a lot coming from Bobby, because he’s tried many other modeling agencies and none even came close to the service provided by Nine9.

Steven H has also found success through Nine9. Thanks to Nine9, he landed his first local gigs and even started co-hosting a talk show on TV. You could also find the opportunity to be a runway model like Barbara S who was cast in a runway show through Nine9.

Nine9 wants to give you the same success all of these models have had. They can find opportunities for you and, more importantly, can get you cast in gigs that you might not have even known existed before. If you want to take your modeling career to the next level, get with Nine9 and find the success you’re dreaming of.

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The Survival Story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park had no idea of what freedom is until when she began her journey out of North Korea. The 21-year-old North Korean defector has a survival story that hooks thousands of readers globally. As reported an article found in, Yeonmi began her journey to freedom from the North Korea on March 31st, 2007. Yeonmi faced a lot of challenges during her escape from her home country. She was with her mother, and later joined by her father who was detained in North Korea on smuggling charges. Yeonmi’s father died of cancer on their way out of North Korea. Yeonmi’s elder sister had defected earlier than the rest of her family. The Yeonmi faced a handful of challenges during her escape from North Korea. The challenges include hostile climatic conditions that they suffered, for instance, crossing the frozen Yalu River with her mother at night into China. Additionally, the weather conditions they encountered in the travel through huge Gobi desert to Mongolian border was not favorable. Moreover, Yeonmi were also subjected to constant abuse including sexual abuse. She recalls an incident that one of the traffickers threatened to expose their identities if Yeonmi failed to have sex with him, but her mother intervened offering herself in place of her daughter.
Apart from the hostile climate and abuse, they were also faced with starvation as well as inadequate medical care. As a result, many suicide cases occurred during the journey. The journey apparently required a strong character so as to endure until the end hence having a taste of freedom. Yeonmi’s story on the Guardian, however, has faced some critics who discredits essential elements and accusing her of being an agent of the United States. Yeonmi, on the other hand, insists that her story was true indicating that she changed some details to protect her family, and other misstatements were due to her poor knowledge of English language. Therefore, there is a need to address the situation in North Korea so as to ensure observation of human rights.