Mickey Mouse Traveling Around The World For His Birthday

Mickey Mouse’s first appearance was in a film entitled “Steamboat Mickey.” The film premiered on November 18, 1928. Mickey will be celebrating his birthday all month long. He will be visiting several places around the world including England, Canada, Japan, Chile and the United States.

Mickey will stop by New York City and visit the set of “Good Morning America” on November 15. Fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #HappybirthdayMickey on social media. Shop Disney will have special birthday merchandise available from November 16-23. People who visit the Disneyland and Disney World Parks during the month of November will receive a “Happy Birthday”! button.

Fans will be able to get birthday treats, photo opportunities and merchadise. Celebrations will also take place at every Disney park. Additionally, Disney Junior and Disney Channel will show marathons of the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” starting on November 18. The Disney Channel will also air “Mickey Mouse” shorts on November 18.

A brand new short will also be shown on November 18. In this episode, Minnie will lose the lyrics to Mickey’s birthday song. The gang will have to work together in order to find the missing lyrics. Highlights from Mickey Mouse’s birthday party last year can be seen on YouTube. Additionally, people can visit the Disney website and purchase birthday merchandise. You can also enter giveaways.