Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME

There used to be somewhat of a stigma surrounding botox, one which has significantly waned as the product and practice have become increasingly popular. One of the individuals who has decided to not just practice botox injections but to pioneer the field itself, is Dr. Mark McKenna who has recently launched a new project called, OVME (“of me”), which, the good doctor hopes, will be to the cosmetics field what Uber has been for personal transportation.

Dr. Mark McKenna acquired his degree at Tulane Medical School where, after graduating, he discerned that he could forge a more successful career as a entrepreneur than as a practicing doctor.

OVME today operates under the promise of delivering cutting edge “curated medical aesthetic experiences in contemporary and welcoming environments.” In interviews Mr. McKenna has stated that his previous experience has revealed the importance of putting one’s business premium upon user experience, thus, the goal was to build a brand around a already established brand. As McKenna explains it in one of his recent interviews, there is a lot of customer recognition and trust in Botox, but very few retailers and businesses have the same level of trust with the product user base; OVME, hopes to change all of that and present a business which users will appreciate and trust as much as Botox itself.


Jorge Moll: Pleasure in Giving, Constantly Changing and The Path to Healing

Everyday is another opportunity for science to take back what it previously had discovered. Every day is a chance for science to improve or counterprove its statements. In the case with Jorge Moll’s scientific endeavors, it is through his exciting studies that people can enjoy the latest scientifically proven and altered statements about the human condition.


One recent study that Moll led through the D’Or Institute for Research and Education was published by Medical Daily Times. The report was about the latest neuroscience study on the basis, elements and other factors that affect the well-being of affective relationships.


It is revealed in the study that it is already ingrained in our biological system that pleasure can be derived when we donate, and this pleasure is greater than when we receive something. The results of the study had also a lot to say about the link of healthy wellbeing with building stronger and effective relationships.


In fact, Moll established that the secret to longer and healthier wellbeing would be to strengthen this kind of genuine relationship. There were also a lot of interesting statements made in Moll’s study about ethics, morality, tenderness and emotional attachment that people have with the people around them.


The result in the study would then help Moll expand his study on various ways to augment social behavior problems in the society. This includes depression and antisocial behavior that leads the sufferers into more harm to self and others. The study from Moll also could expand so many studies on the mental wellbeing of a person and how to improve ailments rooted in depression.


About Jorge Moll


Moll has been the established research leader, president and director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). IDOR has continually been a reliable resource for all research work on social behavior as well as studies on neuroscience.


With the leadership of Moll, IDOR has grown into a reliable non-profit organization that aims to promote scientific advances and technology that drive change in the healthcare industry. Its latest studies have been published in various journals and have been a cited reference source for everything that has to do with neuroscience and mental health.


Dr. Dov Rand: A Leader in Anti-Aging Treatments

Dr. Dov Rand graduated from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, located in New York. For more than 15 years, Dr. Rand has treated aging disorders. Additionally, he holds a certification in medical acupuncture. He is a Co-Founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Patients seek assistance from the center for issues such as anxiety, depression, hot flashes, fatigue, and night sweats, and low libido. Dr. Dov Rand found hormones are what makes young individuals differ from older people. His patients receive bioidentical hormones recognized for their safety features because they chemically match natural hormones found in individuals.


The Healthy Aging Medical Centers create programs for men and women. Men receive erectile dysfunction assistance. Dr. Dov Rand gives menopause related help to women. Patients are offered the best treatment possible at Healthy Aging Medical Centers which are derived from a combination of a peer-review process and the latest research. A holistic approach is used to treat patients, which starts with a physical examination, which includes an assessment of the exercise routine and diet of patients. Patients receive education to assist them in fulfilling their role in the healing process.


Dr. Dov Rand’s patients receive a creative weight loss program is in conjunction with the latest treatments. This approach allows patients to deal with the primary reason for their issues and receive help for what they are experiencing. The weight loss patients experience during their treatment provides them with encouragement and motivated during the program. The healing which occurs in patients increases as the hormone levels rise during treatment. Patients receive intravenous vitamin therapy, which lets their bodies return to their original state. A human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet is provided to patients at The Healthy Aging Center, which allows them to lose weight in a rapid manner. HGC is a hormone which women have in their bodies during pregnancy, which was found to benefit adults.