Try Macaroni and Cheese Around the World

While Kraft produced the first commercial box of macaroni and cheese in 1937, the roots of this dish go back many hundreds years before that. The first commercial machine for making macaroni, however, was invented in Switzerland. The same country is home to the first written recipe using macaroni. If you love macaroni and cheese, then there are several variations around the world.

Imqarrun il-Forn
If you travel to Rabat, Malta, then make sure to stop at the Crystal Palace for some delicious Imqarrun il-Forn. This variation is made with macaroni and a very creamy sauce. It is baked in the oven before being crisped under the boiler.

Fleet Macaroni

Long before its official publication in 1955 in the Food Industry Ministry cookbook in Russia, fleet macaroni has been known as the food that sustained armies. It was also a staple on Russian submarines. If you are looking for fleet macaroni in Russia today, then head to Syrovarnya in Moscow.


A variety of meats are combined with macaroni before it is baked in the oven in Sweden. Ham and leeks are commonly incorporated with the macaroni before it is baked in the oven. Epicure Re Gustavo in Malmo, Sweden, is a great place to try it.


If you want a modern twist on the first macaroni and cheese recipe, then head to Pilatus Kulm in Lucerne. This traditional macaroni dish has creamed onions in it, but in other areas, you may find alplermagronen made with bacon, ham or potatoes.

While you will find many different varieties depending on where you roam, many people find that macaroni and cheese is a universal dish to be found on their dinner tables often