Huge Italian Restaurant Opens In Paris’s 13th Arrondissement

Even expert foodies have a difficult time getting into Paris’s many chic restaurants. Thankfully for tourists, one of the hottest new restaurants in The City of Lights also happens to be the largest in the country.


This trendy new restaurant is named La Felicità and measures approximately 43,000 square feet. This restaurant also includes a bar area, a beer garden, and a terrace able to hold 500 people. Chefs working in five kitchens should be able to handle even the busiest crowds.


As you could probably tell from the name, La Felicità focuses on Italian fare. For those who aren’t in the mood for pizza & pasta, La Felicità also has an extensive list of classic American burgers.


Besides enjoying savory meals with friends & family, the creators of La Felicità wanted to make their restaurant a special experience for guests. Throughout the year, staff at La Felicità schedule special live music events, activities for children, and even World Cup parties Waiters with carts of fresh gelato also circulate around the restaurant at all times.


Interestingly, La Felicità is situated in Paris’s industrial 13th arrondissement. In the past, tourists used to avoid this area of Paris mainly because of the lack of major landmarks. Nowadays, however, the 13th arrondissement has experienced a resurgence thanks in large part to new restaurants and a vibrant street art scene.


Situated in the southeast of Paris, the 13th arrondissement’s best-known building is the National Library of France. Probably the most visited area of the city is the Chinatown district located in the southern area of the arrondissement.


People in Paris can visit La Felicità any day of the week between 8AM and 2AM. You can find La Felicità at 55 Boulevard Vincent Auriol.