YouTuber Kim Dao Won’t Be Posting As Many Japan Travel Vlogs

Although she was born in Australia, Kim Dao has made a name for herself on YouTube as the go-to guide for all things Japan. Ever since she moved to Japan for work, Kim has produced hundreds of videos helping first-time travelers to the Land of the Rising Sun make them most out of their voyage.


In the near future, however, fans might not see many videos of Kim exploring the streets of cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. A new video entitled “Leaving Japan Again!” on Kim’s vlog channel explains why.


In this video, Kim takes us with her to her office at Tokyo Creative and explains how she’s going to be flying soon to her hometown of Perth. After she grabs some food at Taco Bell, Kim films her journey on Singapore Airlines first to Singapore Changi Airport and then to Perth Airport.


When Kim gets home, her dog Yuki greets her with tons of energy. Kim shows her viewers all of the Pokémon toys she shipped from Tokyo to her parent’s home in Perth and Yuki can’t resist trying to tear a few Pokéballs to shreds.


Kim doesn’t explain a whole lot in this video because she is super stressed with the demands of her job. She says she has to get at least two professional quality videos out to various clients, so she has to keep these vlogs short. Viewers can expect a few new vlogs from Japan on her secondary channel, but they probably won’t be posted as often as before.