Madison Street Capital’s Professionals are Ready to Help

Several years ago, Madison Street Capital was created and today they are one of the top performing financial institutions in the United States. During the fourth quarter of the 2015 season, they increased their profits by twenty-seven percent. The hedge fund was low across the US but Madison Street Capital also showed strength in this area. According to, the company is gaining respect across the world and are making waves with both the employees and the customers they serve. Their professionals know how to get the job done, which in turn impacts the customers in a positive manner.

One of the goals of Madison Street Capital is to focus on their customers. They do this through a variety of services, including advising corporations with mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, and bankruptcy. Another aspect would be validation of a business or validation of financial reporting. Their knowledgeable staff also help with financial opinions and asset management. Read more:

Some of the customers this boutique bank works alongside include Bond Medial Group, Central Iowa Energy, and Fiber Science, Inc. These are just a few of their customers, which currently include over 100 companies. Majority of these companies are middle market firms. Their goal is to find the perfect match between sellers and buyers. They understand the importance of this for international businesses trying to enter the United States market and are their to help these companies be successful in their transitions. Madison Street Capital’s reputable team are versatile and are read to lead or co-manager many of the transactions that business firms are looking for.

The company is a registered broker-dealer and a financial industry regulatory authority. Their senior professionals include business expert Karl D’Cunha, Jay Rodgers, Barry Peterson, and Reginald McGaugh. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois and can be reached at (312)529-7000

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Madison Streets Capital Cofounder Recognized for his proficiency in Business

Anthony Marsala is the of cofounder Madison Streets Capital, LLC and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Marsala is instrumental in managing and leading the company in Europe, Africa and Asia. Marsala also superintends the firm’s analytical team which role is to perform all business valuation work of the firm, corporate financial and M&A clients.


Anthony Marsala was just recently recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) in their 40 under forty recognition program. NACVA recognizes those under forty that have made astonishing advances in financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and mergers and acquisitions and related professions. The honors were selected by the Executive staff of NAVCA and CTI.


Both NAVCA and CTI were created on the basis of excellence, superior quality and the vision of young leaders in all spectrum of accounting and financial consulting professions. The recognition does give a voice to the young and upcoming generation of experts and also recognizes their contribution to the profession and their community.


The 40 honorees are selected from a pool of over 125 nominees. The NAVCA and CTI Executive Staff are the ones that chose the nominees that have made an impact in certain fields. They then feature the raising stars in different press releases.


Anthony Marsala expertise is in business valuation, M&A, and corporate finance. He has reviewed a huge number of valuations and transactional engagements over a period of 13 years. All this has been in different industry sectors and company sizes. Specifically, he has focused on early stage ventures and middle market companies. Mr. Marsala engagements have been in the energy sector, medical devices, technology, food and agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, staffing, biotech and pharmaceutical and much more.


Marsala attended the Loyola University of Chicago and where he studied Finance and Information Systems. He also has a Master’s Diploma in Strategy from Said Business School. Mr. Marsala is a member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).


Madison Street Capital standard as an international investment banking firm are of high integrity. They are committed to providing top corporate financial advisory services, financial opinion, mergers and acquisition expertise and valuation services of both public and private held companies. The company operates and has offices in North America, Asia and Africa.


Madison Street Capital analyses each of their clients uniquely give them the best match between buyers and sellers, create capitalization structures and arrange appropriate financing to optimize the client’s potential.

Martin Lustgarten’s Success in Investment Banking

Investment banking, just as the name suggests, is a division of banking that deals with investments. Investment banking involves the creation of capital for other entities such as governments and companies. Investment banks are largely involved in giving informed advice regarding placement of investment options. Besides these, investment banks help to facilitate acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations.
Investment banks more often work in affiliation with other large banks. They are involved in fund raising strategies for corporations as well as in determining the worth of a company and the most appropriate structure the company can take to bear the optimum results.
A career as a financial analyst or an investment banker is one of the most prestigious roles nowadays. However, it is not a walk in the park. It involves more than just the knowledge acquired in class. In this career, patience is a virtue, additionally, observation skills and research capabilities are a must. Having good interpersonal skills is an added advantage for one to be successful in investment banking.
One of the most successful career investment bankers of all times is non-other than Martin Lustgarten. The Miami, Florida resident is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin a renowned investment-banking firm based in Florida. Not only is Lustgarten Martin renowned in Florida but it one of the best investment banking firms in the American banking history. The company has received these accolades mainly due to the leadership offered by the founder.
Martin Lustgarten has been in the investment banking industry for quite some time, gaining vast experience exchange of security and equity trades. In fact, Martin is said to be one of the best investment bankers in America. As a result of this, his company, the Lustgarten, Martin investment firm is among the most sort after firms. The company has set a success record and a good reputation with its existing clientele, attracting more clients in the process.
Perhaps what sets Martin apart from the rest is his ability to communicate effectively. He easily passes information to his clients in a noble way, offering the best possible customer service. Additionally, he deals with his employees in a direct and personal way, improving their productivity in the process. Indeed, Martin Lustgarten has made a great impact in the investment banking sector.