The History And Future Of The OSI Group

The OSI Group is a privately owned American Company. Based out of Illinois, this holding company specializes in services in the retail foods industry. There was an immigrant of German descent named Otto Kolschowsky who began in 1909 when he started a meat market in Illinois. The market opened just two years after he came to the United States and in 1917, Kolschowsky started to expand. After relocating his business to a different suburb, he went into the trade for wholesale meats. In 1928, his company had started being called Otto & Sons. Over many decades, the business developed an excellent reputation for the quality of the meat they sold.

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The OSI Group has become a major contender because of people’s love of red meat. They are now one of the biggest suppliers of many different types of meats to operators in the U.S. food services industry. They have an enormous menu of meat products, including numerous types of sausages, bacon, poultry, hot dogs and many types of beef and poultry products. McDonalds has enjoyed a rather long relationship with OSI and purchases all of their meat products from them. In addition, OSI offers several other services as well including packaging and filling the supply chain. OSI is now able to boast they have over sixty facilities they use for production located in sixteen different countries.

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Unfortunately there are certain phone numbers OSI is unable to call. There are lists of numbers that cannot be called including the registers of both the United Kingdom. Companies are legally stopped from calling any registered numbers with either sales or marketing calls of any kind. Both individuals as well as corporations have the ability to prevent themselves from receiving these calls by registering.

The OSI Group also hires a lot of employees. These jobs range from all different departments and fields and are generally available throughout a good sized portion of the United States. OSI strongly believes that each and every person is capable of making a big difference. They have stated that by finding the best and brightest individuals there are, and providing a lot of support, these people can fulfill their full potential. For individuals now searching for their very first job or professionals with years of valuable experience, OSI is an excellent place to be. OSI is an employer that offers equal opportunities.