Troy McQuagge’s HOPE Program Serves the Community

The HOPE program, which has had a massively positive impact since its creation, is run by USHEALTH. USHEALTH is an organization that delivers to its customers quality, affordable health care coverage that is actually suitable for what they need. The organization has been serving its customers in this way for five decades with no end in sight. Like many companies, USHEALTH sees great value in reaching out to the surrounding community through both donations and labor. The HOPE program is USHEALTH’s vehicle to deliver these charitable acts to those in need.

Over at USHEALTH, Troy McQuagge is the genius behind the successful HOPE program, in addition to performing his duties as USHEALTH’s president. HOPE is unique in that it seeks to impact the community by collaborating with a wide array of different organizations who are also working towards helping the same causes, rather that just going at it alone the way most charities do.

A prominent example of HOPE’s success is what the program was able to accomplish after Hurricane Katrina struck the city of New Orleans hard in August of 2005. While teaming up with the Phoenix of New Orleans, the program was able to significantly improve the lives of victims in the most heavily affected sectors of the city. Read more on behance about Troy McQuagge USHealth

The lower mid-city area of New Orleans was one of the main areas that HOPE and PNOLA focused on in their efforts to help the community via creating new and safe homes for the storm’s victims.

At a 2012 board meeting, USHEALTH’s advisers made a philanthropic decision to donate $25,000 to an Arizona support group known as HOPE Kids Arizona. Children and women in the community depend on this support group for assistance with life-threatening conditions. As if this wasn’t generous enough, USHEALTH also donated an additional $45,000 to the new HOPE Kids branch located in the North Texas area upon its opening.

Through Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program, he hopes that USHEALTH can continue making a positive impact in the lives of others in our communities who are in need of assistance. USHEALTH is dedicated to the causes that they put their labor and money into, and serving the community is a task that is taken extremely seriously at the organization. Know more: