Wen by Chaz Goes Beyond the Benefits Provided by Standard Cleansing Conditioners

WEN Cleansing ConditionerA cleansing conditioner is a hair care product that contains both a cleansing agent and a conditioner. There are several benefits to using this type of combined hair care product, one of which is the ease of use. Rather than purchasing two different products for use at different times, the cleansing conditioner is designed to cleanse and condition at the same time. This saves people both time and money on the hair care products they use.

Another benefit to using a cleansing conditioner is the ability to retain most of the hair’s natural oil. As a combination product the cleansing agent is usually gentler on the hair and scalp than most stand alone shampoos. The conditioner puts back the moisture often lost through the process of cleansing and styling so the end result is hair that looks and feels soft and silky.

Wen Goes Beyond Conditioning

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner made to help repair damaged hair. In addition to the ingredients designed to help hydrate the hair after cleansing it also contains natural plant extracts that add necessary nutrients to help repair the damage done by processing and styling. The cleansing aspect of Wen also helps removes the buildup left behind by other products so the conditioner portion of the product can work better.

Not only did Chaz Dean create Wen as a cleansing conditioner, but he also added in the properties of a deep conditioner and a detangler. These additional properties allow even the thickest hair to be easily brushed or combed. The varieties in the line of Wen hair care products are made with specific formulas to treat the different issues people have with their hair. The different varieties allow people to target their specific issues so they get better results on the overall condition of their hair than what most other cleansing conditioners would provide.

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