Nobilis Health: The Ultimate & Proven Leaders in the Industry

In today’s times, our healthcare companies are better than ever before. From the newest technology to groundbreaking knowledge, our healthcare companies are preserving more lives than ever. This is even true regardless of socioeconomic status. In our society, it’s very possible to get above average healthcare, even in free clinics. One healthcare company that is making great strides within the industry is Nobilis Health. Nobilis owns and directs acute care facilities and ambulatory services to deliver healthcare services. They focus on improving the outcome of patients by using procedures that are minimally invasive and more affordable within outpatient settings. Their surgical facilities are held in Houston, Dallas, and Scottsdale. Nobilis also has contractual partnerships with six facilities that are located in New Jersey, Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon, and Arizona. This organization is also a publically, traded company that’s listed under the TSX (NHC) and NYSE (HLTH) exchanges. Additionally, their core competencies include the following:
• Management and development of surgical facilities
Facilities management
• Revenue cycle management
• Staff management
• Marketing
• Direct to consumer marketing
• Digital- web search
• Patient recruiting
• Traditional marketing- print/TV/outdoors
• Patient lead management
• Point of care marketing
• Finance, mergers, acquisitions
• Partnership
As a result, Nobilis Health has a extraordinary track record in organic growth. They did an acquisition of their First Nobilis Hospital in September 2014 for $7.5 million. Also in September, they announced that they acquired a 60% management control and stake of the former Freedom Pain Hospital that is located in Scottsdale, AZ for about $3.2 million according to yahoo Finance. And as a result, research has implied a 72% return for Nobilis Health after one year and the buy rating were announced by an expert. With all of the attributes of Nobilis extraordinary strengths, they are destined to make great differences in people’s health and lives. All of their power and attributes is further utilized appropriately with their physician partners; therefore, they offer an expansive network of highly trained surgeons of various specialties, such as spine surgery, gastrointestinal scopes, otolaryngology, podiatry, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and pain management.
Healthcare companies are better than ever before. From the newest technology to groundbreaking knowledge, our healthcare companies are preserving more lives than ever. Of course, access to health care varies across groups, individuals, countries, and are influenced by the socioeconomic conditions; however, even many free clinics are providing above average care these days. And with national and international organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), they work hard for the betterment of people in their belief that a well functioning healthcare system should have the following attributes: possessing a robust financing mechanism; reliable information for policies and decision making; well maintained logistics and health facilities; and a highly trained staff.