Lee May Beamridge Run for Boxing

Being socially responsible and providing financial assistance to different organizations is a goal sought out by most companies. However, most companies have a hands-off experience throughout the giving process. This is not the case for Lee May Beamridge, Ltd as they are not afraid to work hard and raise money for a good cause.


Lee May Beamridge are well known for their charitable giving efforts to individuals and organizations in need. Lee May Beamridge has taken Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club under their wing and sponsored a 10K run to raise £20K for a minibus. This financial gift not only eases the financial burden of the club, but it will also help children achieve their goals of competing domestically and in European tournaments. Beamridge is asking the public and other organizations to team up with Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to make this a reality.


Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club began in 2000 and caters to helping youth develop their boxing skills by encouraging teamwork and character building. The club consists of professional boxing staff as well as volunteers. In order to continue their efforts in training young boys and fostering a family-centered environment; they are in need of a minibus that will transport the boys to different tournaments in London. The club has changed a lot of boys’ lives and continues to make a difference in the community. Their presence in the community coined them as the best ‘new club’ in London.


Beamridge is construction contractor company that was established in 2013. The purpose of their business is to provide innovative and solutions to construction needs using a wide range of Eco-friendly waste management techniques. Beamridge not only cater to their customers and employees, but they also pride themselves in creating cohesive partnerships with the public. The chose to team up with Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club will bring two companies together that are not afraid of hard work, helping children in need and supporting their love of boxing.