James Dondero; the Revered Business Professional and Philanthropist

James Dondero commenced his career in early 1984. At that moment, he worked for Morgan Guaranty Training Program, serving as an analyst. Thereafter, he gained tremendous experience that dated to about three decades in credit, equity markets alongside project management. Moreover, he managed to establish Highland Capital Management where he now serves as the head of the company. Being a hedge-fund management company that deals with assets worth $20 billion, the firm can only thrive in excellent leadership and project management. Other than that, with the administration of Dondero, Highland Capital Management is a viable platform for hedge funds and private equity. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

Work History

Besides serving as the chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, Mr. James Dondero is a dedicated board member of several companies including Nexbank, American Banknote Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare alongside MGM Studios among others. Initially, Mr. Dondero served in multiple companies including American Express, a substitute of GIV. While serving in these firms, he was in charge of different senior positions including being a portfolio manager and a bond analyst.


Other than being a business leader and a role model to emerging business professionals, James Dondero serves his community by engaging in philanthropic activities. For instance, he has donated money to multiple charities including The Dallas Zoo, Highland Dallas Foundation Inc, and others. Besides, with the assistance of Mary Jalonick, one of the firm’s senior associates, Dondero has managed to raise millions towards different charity projects with the sole intention of supporting the less fortunate. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.

Education and Qualifications

In addition to the extensive work experience, James Dondero owns two bachelor degrees in science, accounting then finance. As such, he is an alumnus of the University of McIntire. Besides, he is a certified accountant who applies his knowledge and skills to evaluate different market shifts in businesses and guide his clients accordingly.

The Outline of Leadership

From the look at his career and dedication to acquiring success in every project he touches, James Dondero can be described as a role model, a business leader, and a successful philanthropist who supports his community in every way that he can.

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