Michael Burwell Brings His Financial Expertise To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell joins Willis Towers Watson as its new Chief Financial Officer. Willis Towers Watson is a leading global consulting and advisory firm that provides a wide range of financial services to organizations small and large.

Michael Burwell is a successful financial professional who received an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and is a trained CPA. He has worked for over 30 years in the financial services industry in various high level and critical roles before joining Willis Towers Watson.

He brings his experience from PwC along with his experience serving in various leadership roles for the last decade such as Head of Global Transformation, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Transaction Services in the United States. He has 11 years of auditing experience and 12 years of Transactions Services advisory experience.

Michael Burwell received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Michigan State University. The Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, stated that the company was excited to have Mike joining the company at such a crucial stage of its transformation and development. He went on to state that Mike understands leading, managing and driving results in a complex and global company and he puts his focus on the clients. Haley went on to state that he was confident in Mike’s expertise in finance, transformation, and transactions and that he is well suited to guide the long-term growth of the company.

In an interview with Michael Burwell, the question was posed to him what is a piece of advice that he gives out most often, and his answer was “networking and developing relationships.”

He went on to state the importance of these two factors in any business field. He states that solid communication in any relationship is vital whether in business or personal, and it is often the key to success. He also stated that it is important to really listen to what is being said to you so that you can provide the person with relevant and actionable advice for a problem they have or a goal they want to reach. View Related Info Here.

Michael Burwell will be taking over the role of Chief Financial Officer with Willis Towers Watson and will replace Roger Millay who will be retiring.


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Mike Burwell Keeps Up The Good Work

How many times can one seriously professional entrepreneur prove himself to not only be a captain of industry but an empire-building guru as well in a single career. A lot of working-class people can easily answer that question. There are countless top-rate performers in the world of finance who use data from current market conditions to make commercial solution all the time.


As Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson, Mike Burwell qualifies as one of these performances producing executives with a history of dependability. For starters, his position as CFO for Willis Towers Watson is not the first time he has held a hand on the wheel. He has the experience being being Chief Operating Officer for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP after decades of working through the ranks, starting with providing assurance services. This is only after having been rightly promoted to titles like partner and given charge over entire regions time and time again. And still, there are other mantles from his past to mention.


But, just how does a seriously professional entrepreneur and businessman like Mike Burwell operate throughout his work day? It may be just a little inspiring and surprising to know that he actually starts his day with practical routines that center the mind and body. During the nine-to-five grind, Michael Burwell does his best to make sure that every possible and gainful idea generated by the Willis Towers Watson team gets proper attention. He refers to the innovators who come up with these ideas “digital ninjas”.


Mike Burwell operates from a production point of view and always tries to get more done through the use of technology. Designing and executing commercial solutions using this mindset is how Mike Burwell maintains efficiency throughout the work day. But, this does not mean that he just rushes through things barking orders and laying down edicts. Go Here for related Information.


As a matter of fact, it is his extremely refined ability to listen that serves him so often when it comes to collaboration, communication, and problem solving. Keen listening skills along with a tirelessly positive outlook in business practices is Mike Burwell’s underlying strategy for success. For him, there is always something to say good or bad after every his team gives their best on behalf of a client or a project that comes to an end.


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Mike Burwell

Mike Burwell graduated from the University of Michigan State. He had pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Mike Burwell is the current Chief Finance Officer of the Willis Towers Watson. The former Chief Finance Officer of the company was Roger Millay. The Willis Towers Watson company has specialized in areas like reinsurance, insurance and Global advisory.

The company aids the consumers to spin risks into a growth path. Mike boasts of 31 good years of practice as a finance and professional service officer at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. He has led some companies.

He has headed the Transaction Services in the United States. Additionally, Burwell had taken the role of being the Chief Financing Officer in the year 2007 in the United States. In the year 2008, he was elected as the Chief Operating Officer in the United States. He also served as the head of Global Transformation.

In the year 2012, he took the role of being the vice chairman of the Global and United State Transformation. Moreover, he has been an experience for 11 years dealing with audit customers in the sector of insurance. additionally, Burwell spent 12 more years in the Transaction Services Advisory sector. In the year 1997, he got enrolled in the partnership and founded PwC’s Detroit that provided transaction services. Visit This Page for additional information.

He came to be a very successful man in the industry. This made him more marketable, and he was asked to lead PwC’s central region. He then worked as the general leader of the United States Transaction Services. He is aware of a firm focus on the clients. Mike also is familiar with the leadership, management and result gearing in such a global company. Michael Burwell is an expert in transformation, finance and transaction.

Being an expert in all these sectors proposes that he always focuses on the long-term growth of a company. This will bring about achieving the full potential. He indeed collaborates excellently with the clients. Mike too commits himself wholly to the customers. He is a strong leader. Burwell has been in service as the main relationship partner on numerous consumers.

The fruitful man aims at delivering some unique performance in his work. He thinks and focuses on the success of a company. Mike is a good manager. In Willis Towers Watson they deal with a lot of issues. The issues are cultivating talents, expanding the power of the capital, optimizing benefits and also managing risks.


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What Is the Meaning Behind Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter Tempest?

One detail that’s grabbed the attention of headlines is the recent outburst by Shervin Pishevar concerning a rather gloomy outlook on the US economy in the coming years, and it seems to be brought on in part by a Bitcoin crash that hasn’t yet finished while a ruined infrastructural support system lags far behind that of other countries. It all seems so odd: The venture capitalist, who formerly headed Sherpa Capital, had disappeared since his resignation from the company back in December. What brought him back in such a furious storm?

For those not yet in the know, Shervin Pishevar was originally forced to exit Sherpa Capital due to overwhelming attention toward allegations of sexual misconduct, and he stated that it was necessary to cut himself off from the company in order to prevent the drama from interfering with its operation. Interestingly enough, his return to media headlines now coincides with a recent lawsuit that was placed on a company known as Definers Public Affairs — a rather official-sounding name if one hadn’t known differently — for allegedly slandering him.

In his 21-hour onslaught of more than 40 tweets outlining a dark future for US enterprisers and consumers alike in the coming years, Shervin Pishevar notes the following:

  • The infrastructural support system in the US is in bad shape. It’s difficult to acquire funding for projects anymore, and those that are approved take months or years to finish what the likes of China can knock out in mere hours.
  • The big fish in business, namely the five most influential companies (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet [Google], Facebook and Microsoft), will continue to trample start-ups in the country, stifling innovation and discouraging more companies from starting up in the future.
  • The stock market is about to see a 6,000-point drop thanks to these conditions and more, one of them being the much-emphasized continuation of the Bitcoin crash. Shervin Pishevar points out that the cryptocurrency is expected to drop by as much as another $5,000 before coming to a rest and then slowly ascending once more.


Highland Capital Alternative Investment Firm

Highland Capital is a global venture capital firm that uses alternative strategies when it comes to credit accounts like hedge funds, fixed income, mutual funds and collaterized loan obligations. Formerly known as Protective Asset Management Company, the firm is focused on providing their clients with adequate training on the subject of investment strategies.

The independently owned company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has several other offices in places such as New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was founded in 1993 by James Dondero, who is its President, and Mark Okada. Both men have more than 30 years of credit management experience, and they are also part of the commercial and mortgage banking company known as NexBank, which provides financial services to corporations. Read this article at Dallas News.

The CEO of Highland Capital is Steve Wishnia, who was also one of its founding members. He brought more than 45 years of experience to the company, having earned a BA degree from New York City’s Pace University, then going on to obtain employment with several businesses during his long career in the financial industry.

In order to help clients learn more about how to invest strategically, Highland Capital offers an online training class through their Trading Academy, because the company feels that to achieve success, an investor has to have the right kind of education, as well as the type of dedication and time it takes. The business is one that also serves as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs who seek ways to avoid having failed business ventures. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

The company has 200 employees, and has so far generated more than $3 billion in profits, which makes it one of the largest and most successful alternative credit management companies in the world. Highland Capital applies the team approach when it comes to their investment strategies, because they believe that successful investing requires all those involved to keep a curious mind and stay open to different points of view.

Through their consistent performance as strategic investors, Highland Capital has developed trusted and long-term relationships with many of the clients they have worked to educate and partner with by involving them in the investment process.

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Vincent Parascandola:

A closer look at Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is currently the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisers LLC. Mr. Parascandola has a great deal of responsibilities on a regular basis. Vincent Parascandola is responsible for sales development, management, productivity as well as internal retention.

Vincent Parascandola has over two decades of experience within the financial as well as management industry. He was previously employed by Prudential Insurance Company. Vincent Parascandola was initially hired as an Insurance Agent/ Adviser. However, he quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder. According to rocketreach.co, within first six months of employment Parascandola was named “Rookie of the Year”.

Mr. Parascandola also served as President of the Advantage Group. At the time, Vincent Parascandola managed the New York City location of Advantage Group. Vincent Parascandola was always recognized for his strong and effective leadership qualities. Therefore, he received numerous awards throughout career for recognition of management skill.

*Other Achievements/Experience:

Possibly one of Mr. Vincent Parascandola’s biggest achievements is when he received the prestigious GAMA Career Development Award. Vincent Parascandola has spoken at numerous conferences throughout his successful career. At present, Parascandola is always in demand as a public speaker/ educator.

Vincent Parascandola is well experienced in retirement planning, estate planning as well as asset allocation. In addition, he has handled numerous portfolios for several wealthy clients. Wealth management is another area in which Vincent Parascandola is well experienced.

*Education Credentials:

Vincent Parascandola has always placed great importance on higher education. Parascandola received his undergraduate degree in business finance from Pace University. In addition, he also attended Lubin School of Business. Lubin School of Business is part of Pace University. Many students that attend the School of Business prepare to take the CPA Examination.

Parascandola has returned to his former Pace University on numerous occasions to speak at various graduation commencements. At present, Vincent Parascandola is on the Board of Directors at Pace University. Visit Vincent Parascandola ‘s Vimeo channel to learn more.

New App From David Osio And The Davos Real Estate Group

Investing in real estate can be an ideal way to diversify any portfolio. An investment in real estate can pay dividends and allow the investor to properly prepare for retirement. Purchasing a property in the United States requires a full understanding of the market. The United States real estate market is relatively stable, allowing investors to be part of an overall housing market where demand is fairly high. One way to make this process easier is with the help of a new app. Those who are considering investing in real estate in the United States can use this app to consider whether or not a given investment property is right for their specific needs and their overall fiscal viewpoint. With this app, the investor can tap into the skills and knowledge of the Davos Real Estate Group, allowing them to make more informed real estate investment decisions.

The Davos App

The new mobile application has been called the “Davos CAP Calculator.” It is seen by many investors as an innovative tool that will help offer any investor access to the kind of information they need as they go through the process of investing. This app has been specially designed by expert investors at the group. The aim of the calculator is to offer specific criteria such as diversification, the potential for improved levels of long-term performance, the possibility of having protection against any inflation that takes into account the kind of rental income that the buyer can expect to see, and the overall needs of the market at any given time. With their help, it is easy to consider why one property might be better than another property.

David Osio Knows Real Estate

The head of the Davos Real Estate Group is David Osio. Osio has been involved in the real estate business for many years. During this time, he has been an important part of the real estate industry and a useful asset to his clients. He has also been part of many real estate transactions, allowing him to offer the kind of expert advice that can really make a difference for any investor. With his help, his clients have discovered just how easy it is to use their funds to get the right kind of real estate investment, one that will remain a hedge against any potential possible inflation and allow clients to see their funds really grow.

Check out his website

Read more:


Biography of a Financial Expert

David Osio is a financial expert based out of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida. He attended and earned a law degree from the Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela. He also attended New York Financial Institute and Instituto de Studios Superiors Administrativos. David Osio’s specialities include banking, tax planning, asset management, and providing support with business portfolio structuring.

Osio is the founder of and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group, a company that he founded in 1993 after experiencing much success in banking law and financial advising with other companies and firms. The company is located in the Coconut Grove area of Miami, Florida. This Financial Group is comprised of various independent financial companies that provide both financial and real estate services. The company is active on various social media websites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The company’s business strategy and risk management focuses on risk assessment, consolidation, and diversification. Davos Financial Group has offices across the globe including locations in Miami, Florida, Geneva, Panama, and New York City, New York. Before founding Davos Financial Group Osio served as the Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International. He also worked for Swiss Bank Corporation and the Financial Institute of New York.

Ohio is devoted to providing the most up to date financial support to his clients. Most recently David Osio launched a new mobile application called the Davos CAP Calculator. The purpose of this application is to provide clients with an estimate of their return on real estate investments. Davos Real Estate Group teamed up with Tecknolution to design this mobile application. The application is available for use on both Android and Apple devices. Feature of the application include providing historical real estate reports of various properties.

Although David Osio is devoted to maintaining his successful career within the financial industry, he also enjoys spending time devoted towards various social and artistic causes within his communities. He has provided support to Venezuela’s Children Orthopedic Hospital, the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Wayuu Taya Foundation, the Saludarte Foundation, UMA Foundation, EPK, and the UMA Foundation.

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Ken Griffin Is A Fabulous Investor

Mr. Ken Griffin is a Harvard University graduate of the economics program and the current chief executive officer and sole founder of Citadel, one of the most sizeable investing firms in the USA. It is also one of the most successful firms of its kind. Citadel is considered to be a hedge fund by many financial experts.

Ken Griffin earned one of the best degrees in all of the world in the form of a bachelor’s degree in economics, one of the most difficult business majors. A degree from Harvard can be applied to nearly anything in life and help one grow because it is so great to be able to say that one got a degree from such a college or even say that they just got accepted. Mr. Ken Griffin has donated tons of money to Harvard, with more than one hundred million dollars worth of donations in total.

The University of Chicago has the most qualified economics program in the world. Insidermonkey investor Ken Griffin is a member of the board of trustees of this prestigious University of Chicago. He was appointed to this position only last year, and will serve until 2019. Mr. Ken Griffin is bound to give many great inputs and pieces of information to the University of Chicago.

Mr. Griffin donates money to charities and other organizations quite often. Mr. Griffin has donated to a brand new school named Woodlawn High School with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates helping as well. Being able to operate alongside the wealthiest man in the world and donate large sums of money just like him is truly amazing and all companies should be proud if they accomplish something like this.

Just like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Ken Griffin and his wife founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. This great nonprofit organization is meant to be a way to donate money to many companies and organizations who truly need the money.

Mr. Ken Griffin truly loves art and everything about it. He once was part of a luxury auction in which he obtained Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl for sixty million dollars. Many other buyers bidded Mr. Griffin all the way up to this sum, but he wanted the piece so badly he did not mind paying the extra amount of money. Mr. Griffin has donated some of the pieces he has purchased in auctions, such as one time giving an approximately $20 million piece of art that was made by and designed by Renzo Piano. The most expensive piece of art that Mr. Ken Griffin has ever purchased with his large reserve of cash is False Start that was bought for around eighty million US dollars. This is one of the largest amounts ever paid for a piece of art.

The success of BMG competitive strategy

BMG is a financial institution that is privately owned and controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. The family entered the Brazilian banking industry in the 1930s by establishing the Banco de CreditoPredial S.A. It was later renamed to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.

BMG is a commercial bank offering a variety of financial products to their clients. For years, BMGs sales strength and professional operations have given it a cutting age in the Brazilian financial sector. The institution was able to create a brand that is a household name in Brazil because of its tradition, ability to tap into modern technology and to understand and move with major market shifts.

BMG concentrated in wholesale and consumer financing as its core business. It took up the largest market share in vehicle financing until the 1980s. After a few years, BMG shifted its focus to providing payroll loans. In 2012, the bank formed a joint venture with ItauUnibanco S.A with the aim of distributing and commercializing payroll loans in Brazil. Currently, the BMG and ItauUnibanco SA are in a unified business offering payroll loans.

The unification strategy in the joint venture seemed to benefit BMG even though it only owns 40% of the total and voting capital stock while ItauUnibanco owns the rest. Some of the advantages that BMG experiences in the joint venture include helping the bank to concentrate on other strategic products, which include financing used vehicles, BMG Express and payroll credit card.

The ability for BMG to stand out in the financial market is attributed to the professional management team that has maintained a high-level corporate governance practices. BMG relies on the board of directors with at least 40% of them being independent members. Under the knowledge and discipline of BMG’s vice president and operation director Marco Alaor, the institution has been able to lure more consumers in Brazil, business entities and investors to their strategic plans.

Marcio Alaor has steered the bank to profitability and sustainable growth successfully despite the presence of intense competition in the Brazilian financial market. Among the adopted strategies that have made BMG remain competitive is tapping into the veteran credit team that utilize technological resources and have an incredible experience to spearhead BMGs values of credit policies.

It is through the director Marcio Alaor and BMG vice president that the bank has been able to diversify its funding and investment practices. BMG core strategy is their intent to ensure that companies and individual consumers can reach their financial goals while at the same time mitigating the institution’s financial risks.