Susan McGalla: Finding Recognition in Today’s Business Environment

Does the subject of men and women receiving equal pay and equal recognition in the marketplace need to be revisited? While many might say no, certain statistics have been revealed that make the question a necessary topic. While many have considered the playing field to be equal in past years, new numbers reveal that this may not be the case.

When the pay of men and women are compared side-by-side, a definite gap is revealed. The numbers show that women on average receive 14% to 33% less in pay than men do, even if they have the same experience and occupation. In other words, for every dollar a man makes in the workplace, a woman on received about $.75.

While it may be assumed that women have more opportunities in the executive ranks of business, numbers show that that isn’t panning out, either. In a study that shows the CEO of all the businesses in America, it has been revealed that only 1% of those businesses are run by women. When it comes to seatings on corporate boards, only 15% of all the companies in America have a woman seated on their executive boards.

While this is a disturbing trend to be sure, women are taking steps to eradicate the situation. Many women have decided to forgo entering and advancing in corporate situations, and have established business interest of their own. This is a trend that is increasing, and more women are seeking independence and business autonomy. Instead of dealing with the pitfalls associated with executive business, women are making their own ways possible for achievement and advancement.

While these new avenues are being explored by women in earnest, there are many who have stuck it out and reached the high pinnacles of achievement in the business world. These female executives have shown their unique talents and skills and have risen to the top of their professions.

Susan McGalla began her career with clothier Joseph Horn Company as a marketing expert. She quickly excelled at her position, and soon left to become the Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle, a well-known clothing line. There she stayed for a number of years, climbing her way up the corporate ranks, until finally she was promoted to CEO of the company. Her experience at American Eagle led her to become the CEO of Wet Seal, a clothing line based out of California specializing in casual wear and beach clothing and accessories.

Bizjournals guru McGalla continued her career working for the National Football League, in the position of Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her current position with HFF Inc., a capital venture and real estate development company, allows her to utilize her years of leadership and merchandising know-how to help HFF realize higher levels of opportunity and growth.

While recognition and pay is a sore subject for many in the workplace, a few individuals have realized their dream to become corporate leaders, even though the business climate negated their path. Susan McGalla has utilized her wealth of knowledge and experience over a vast career working for some of the largest corporations in the world, and has made her mark. She is a inspiration to women everywhere who seek positions at the top of the corporate world.