Perfect Palette’s Blog about Twenty Three Layers CEO, Jessica Boskoff

The wedding planning site, The Perfect Palette recently blogged about designer, Jessica Boskoff who is the founder of Twenty Three Layers. She primarily helps to plan weddings and states that most of her own favorite designers are “color lovers at heart”. Perfect Palette praised Boskoff for having the tendency to go beyond tradition when it comes to color schemes. Boskoff is known for her pastel, sweet and vibrant designs. From what Perfect Palette reported, Boskoff stated that her favorite designs revolve around “blush, mint and aqua”. She states that she favors bright colors and that she always emphasizes on the finishing touch of the details. It’s very noticeable to that Boskoff uses quite a bit of white in her designs as well.

Twenty Three Layers is a New York-based planning and design firm. They cater to every sort of celebration from corporate events to weddings and charity functions to personal celebrations. They work with the nation’s top vendors in order to avoid any pitfalls with clients. Aside from Boskoff’s color scheme designs, they also cover production, photography, lighting, printing, budget management and even event insurance. Whatever the event, they work very hard to ensure that it will be an unforgettable one.

Jessica Boskoff currently serves as the CEO of Twenty Three Layers. The Twenty Three Layers site has received numerous testimonials for Boskoff’s designs being done in a visionary and meticulous way and yet that she and her team are great to work with. Boskoff seems to know how to do her work right and to simultaneously relax and enjoy the experience. One bride and groom’s testimonial even praised Boskoff for being “cool under pressure”. All of the above being said, it appears that Boskoff and Twenty Three Layers have a very bright future ahead and are not going to stop anytime soon.

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