Shea Butter Is An Effective Treatment for Dry Winter Skin

For people all over, dry winter skin is a big problem. One of the main reasons for dry winter skin is because the heaters and our homes dry our skin out 25% faster than in other seasons. There are things that you can do to combat dry skin such as drinking more water, running an air humidifier in your home, and using effective moisturizers. One of the best moisturizers to use for dry skin is shea butter. Shea butter is extracted from a nut that grows on a tree in Africa. People have been using shea butter for skin issues and to moisturize for thousands of years.

One of the best Shea Butters available in the world is Eugenia shea butter ( The Eugenia shea butter company is a family-owned mother and daughter business venture. The Eugenia shea butter company uses sustainable growing practices and local farmers to supply them with the very best raw and pure shea butter in the world. The growers harvest the nut of the shea butter tree and then they roast and grind the nuts. Then they press the pulp and extract the shea butter. The shea butter is then refined and purified to give the final product. The final product is then packaged and sold to people all over the world. The shea butter that Eugenia sells is the same recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation through the owner’s family for hundreds of years.


The Eugenia company also gives back to their female employees in Africa. A portion of the profits from the product go to scholarships and funds that help the women that work for the company acquire an education.