Major Ferris Wheel In Osaka Re-Opens For Global Tourists

The Japan National Tourism Organization hopes the re-opening of an iconic Ferris wheel will draw more tourists to the Osaka Metropolitan Area. Osaka’s world-famous Dotonbori Ferris Wheel just re-opened to the public on January 19th.

Built in 2005, the Dotonbori Ferris Wheel was only active for about three years before it was closed due to a technical failure. Sometimes called the Ebisu Tower, Dotonbori Ferris Wheel is located alongside the Dotonbori River by the popular convenience store Don Quijote.

This incredible Ferris wheel reaches a max height of 250-feet and has a total of 32 pods guests can enter into. On the 15-minute ride around this Ferris wheel, tourists get a great view of the Osaka skyline. In particular, guests say the Ferris wheel offers a stunning view of the Abeno Harukas skyscraper (aka Abenobashi Terminal Building).

Around 4,000 locals applied to test ride the Ferris wheel last Wednesday. Don Quijote executives say this test run went smoothly and there are zero safety hazards.

Anyone can ride on the Dotonbori Ferris Wheel any day of the week between 11AM and 11PM. Tickets cost only ¥600, or about $5. Sometimes this Ferris wheel is closed due to inclement weather, so check online before booking your tickets.

Employees at Don Quijote hope the opening of this Ferris wheel will drum up business in the area. The renovation efforts to this Ferris wheel cost Don Quijote approximately ¥250 million, which is roughly $2 million.

Osaka is a large port city in the south-central region of Japan. Besides the Dotonbori Ferris Wheel, major tourist draws in this city include Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle, and the Kaiyukan Aquarium.