Neurocore — Don’t Delay Dealing with Depression

During the initial process of neurofeedback, a patient wears a special belt around his or her waist and the therapist monitors your breathing through this belt. Then, the therapist gives the patient a cap to wear which will be used to monitor the frequencies inside the patient’s brain. The cap has special sensors attached to it to communicate with a computer. The frequencies can be correlated with the emotions going through the patient’s mind. Fast and erratic frequencies displayed on the monitor will mean the a patient is anxious or upset while slow and steady waves will usually mean the patient is at ease. A specialist will monitor the frequencies that show and will translate them for the presiding therapist. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore is a leading therapy center focused on the treatment of Add, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. They are leaders in the medical field because of the methods they have been developing for several years. For those living with mental health issues they will be happy to know that Neurocore offers them some very effective services for their ailments. The main method they are known for is what is called neurofeedback. This transformative method may sound complicated but it is very simple in nature. Basically, the therapist works with you to gradually retrain your brain to operate in a more productive manner. How can this retraining be achieved? The therapist uses a combination of technology and behavioral therapy to ingrain a patient’s subconscious mind with a system of rewards for the desired actions. See more information about Neurocore at

Depression has been treated with neurofeedback. It has been very effective in select individuals and shows some promise for wider application. Many mental health clinics are already adopting the technology and technique. In order to train a patient’s brain to better handle depression, a therapist will show the patient a movie meant to induce mild stress. When the patient’s stress levels become obvious on the monitor the therapist will change the movie to a more peaceful scene. Once the data is collected that shows a patient’s baseline, the specialist will begin training a patient to maintain this level of peace.