California Tourism Continues to Grow

In California, traveling is big business. The travel industry across California has grown 4.8% in 2018 from the prior year. We are talking big dollars here, as the tourist industry in California generate approximately $132 billion per year.

This figure was released in addition to the growth rate, by a study conducted Buy a state government that was interested in tracking the amount of tax revenue that was generated from travel. This figure came to about $12 billion per year. This additional tax revenue helps to fuel California has extensive social network programs available throughout the state.

No one part of the state experience significantly higher growth in another part. California is a state where traveler spread across the state including in the north to San Francisco or Sacramento, as well as to your Yosemite park, or in the south where San Diego, Los Angeles, and orange county with its amusement parks, are all popular options for tourists.

Napa Valley was one of the areas most significantly benefiting from the additional tax revenue. $44 million of tax revenue is generated in Napa Valley alone, an area that is popular for wine travelers. Napa Valley and other nearby areas were not affected by the fires that spread Across the state last year partly because vineyards tend to be cleared out from Drybrush that is one of the common causes of fires.

Ultimately American citizens and the international ones as well are increasingly seeing California as a great option for traveling and this is been demonstrated in the higher tax revenues for the state.