A New Luxury Tropical Hideaway on the Caribbean Coast for Those Looking to Get Away from City Life

If you have dreamt of escaping to an island that is completely secluded, you will not find a better place than Calala located on Nicaragua’s Island on the Caribbean Coast. The beautiful island has just four villas and can accommodate only eight people at any given time. It means that you can relax without having other tourists hovering for their attention of the staff of the hotel. If you do not want to be disturbed, you can also choose to book the entire island all for yourself.

The beautiful island offers every bit of luxury that you expect from a five-star hotel, but you will have to do away with TVs and air conditioners. You will be tended to by 25 staff members of the hotel while you relax in your secluded villas overlooking the ocean. You can choose to relax in your villa all day and night, or you can indulge in some water sports that the hotel has to offer. You can try out stand-up paddling, try kayaking or just go on a trek to the nearby place just close to the hotel that is perfect for picnics or sunbathing. You can also go for snorkeling at a nearby reef that has remained untouched.

The hotel also has a great pool with a bar where the bartender can attend to all your requests. The hotel also offers massage sessions by experience masseuse while you relax on the lap of nature. If you have dreamt of some luxury island vacation, this is the place that you should try.