Glen Wakeman Says You Can Be A Business P&L Expert Like Him If You’ve Got A Detailed Plan

Glen Wakeman is one of the best people to ask about starting new companies because he did this for many years as an executive who traveled around the world. He now does business startup consulting as a hobby and he is responsible for the development of Launchpad Holdings which provides instruction on how to build a foundation for your business. Wakeman said he felt the failure rate for new businesses was much higher than it needed to be, but the trend could stop if they were given a way to become well-run entities with real leaders involved. Launchpad uses a SAAS system to guide users through a business setup process. They then can show investors why investing in their company is a wise choice.


Glen Wakeman believes there are five essential areas businesses will need to be strong in in order to succeed long-term. They need a strong plan for financial management, a written plan for governance and policy making, an effective leadership training and utilization, growth strategy and human capital management. He has coached young managers and upcoming executives and has also turned around troubled companies that have needed better management and higher profit margins.


Glen Wakeman studied business and finance at the University of Scranton and then went on to the big business school at the University of Chicago. He began in the banking firm of General Electric and began working in asset management and expanding their business services in P&L. He helped establish GE Capital in Latin America, the UK, east Asia and several other regions. Along with helping various companies restructure their corporate systems, Wakeman also helped start Nova Four, a venture capital wing of GE. After spending over 20 years traveling and reorganizing businesses for GE, Glen Wakeman retired and decided to do business leadership consulting on his own. Along with the program he started at Launchpad, he also became an advisor to an angel investing company known as Dreamfunded and an executive coach for Bitterness. You can also follow Wakeman on social media such as his LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

The Career Life of James Dondero

James Dondero has more than three decades of experience in the equity and credit markets. He currently serves as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. Before founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was working at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer. Here, he led to the growth of the company by helping it to grow from its inception to more than $2 billion from 1989 to 1993. Highland Capital is an alternative asset manager that primarily focuses on fixed income investments that are of high-yield.

The management of James Dondero at Highland Capital Management has seen it provide several award-winning solutions and products for retail investors and institutional investors. The firm has assets of about $13.5 billion under administration, which include affiliates such as NexPoint Capital, Acis Capital Management, NexPoint Residential Trust, and NexPoint Advisors. Highland Capital Management has won several awards under the leadership of James Dondero such as Morningstar’s top-ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund, Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation, and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero started his career as an analyst in 1984 after receiving an acceptance into the Morgan Guaranty training program. James graduated from the University of Virginia’s Mclntire School of Commerce in the same year. He earned dual majors in finance and accounting, graduating with the highest honors. James is a holder of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accounting (CMA). In 1985, James Dondero started working as a corporate bond analysis at American Express. In 1989, before leaving America Express, James became a portfolio manager. He was managing about $1 billion in fixed income funds. He was Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary’s chief investment officer before establishing Highland Capital. The branch was established in 1989, and the leadership of James saw it grow to $ 2 billion. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James is the chairperson of various boards such as NexBank, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexPoint. He is also a board member of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Directors of American Banknote Corporation. Dondero supports several charitable activities such as Education is Freedom, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, George W. Bush, Uplift Education, Perot Museum of Natural Science, and Snowball Express.


The Skills of Adam Milstein and How He Uses Them For Philanthropy

Adam Milstein has built himself a very successful career. He has shown himself to be very skilled at what he is doing and very generous with not only the money and materials, but also his time and talents. He works as a philanthropist that is willing to make a real difference in the lives of people. One thing that can be said about philanthropy is that there is a difference among the types of philanthropists. For one thing, there is the philanthropist who cares. The caring philanthropist is going to take the time to do everything he can to show struggling people what they can do. The philanthropist who doesn’t care often gives his resources for his own glory.

One thing that can be said for Adam Milstein and the other members of the Milstein family is that they are not seeking their own glory. They are not looking to brag about what they have done in the lives of others. Adam Milstein himself advocates and assists his people so that they will be able to support themselves and live much happier lives. He gets involved in philanthropy because he actually cares and is not looking for any pat on his back or rewards, and resume him.

Given that Adam Milstein’s  true philanthropy comes from his heart, Adam Milstein has done a lot of work in order to not only give people help, he has set up a foundation where people can go in order to get what they need so that they can work toward something better than what they are stuck with. Among the things that Adam offers through his philanthropy is a chance for people to get their life on track. Even people who are getting their lives together can use the foundation to bring something even greater into their lives for others to benefit from, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho Helping People One Client at a Time

When a business is having trouble with a deal things might need some interception to get things back on track. In business, that happens more often than most people realize. Any seasoned business person knows how important good legal counsel can be to help smooth things over. When the resolution of the deal makes everyone win, that’s even better. That’s the highest goal for anyone that knows how to make a business resolution come to a successful close.

If you don’t know how to handle a deal that has gone south, or you just need some extra guidance, then you need to have the best legal counsel on your side. Finding that counsel can be difficult sometimes. That’s when you need a good recommendation. In Brazil, that recommendation is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, who has been helping people for a long time now.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a highly specialized lawyer practicing Business Law in Brazil. His craft is in dispute resolution and offers the best litigation of its kind. When you consider that there are over 620,000 lawyers in the country today, it’s a great relief to have a recommendation to help your case resolution. Here is some information about his practice.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho began his career in corporate law and has helped hundreds of Brazilian companies and local government. His strategist genius has even helped as a non-government pro Bono.When it’s time for your business to get ahead, it’s time to hire a solid choice for your resolution and counsel, then it makes good sense to choose Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He can be reached at 55-11-3847-3939 in the Sao Paulo area. He can be reached at: 55-21-3578-1819 in Rio de Janeiro. He can also be reached at in Brasilia at: 55-61-3321-4230.

Sheldon Lavin Focuses on Expanding OSI Group’s Presence in Asia

Sheldon Lavin is the present Chairman and CEO of OSI Group of Companies. The company has its roots entrenched in Illinois, Chicago. Sheldon plays numerous important roles inside this global company. These include ensuring, you the American consumer, get the best quality meat in your McDonald’s burger.Also visit his Facebook profile: Click here.

About OSI Industries

OSI Industries is comprised of smaller partner companies and brands which aid in various capacities the processes undertaken by the group. The affiliate firms include OSI International Foods, OSI Group, OSI LLC, and Industries. Sheldon is reputed to be a rare hands-on approach who strives to motivate her 20K plus staff to be the best they can possibly be. The meat company has recorded one of the lowest staff turnovers in the entire city and state. Workers are treated great and they have little, if any, desire to head elsewhere.

Deals with McDonald

That family culture runs deep in this mega organization founded by German immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. When Sheldon finally called her banking and finance career quits, she was fortunate to get absorbed into this great family business right away. That was in the seventies and her new job saw her construct a fully-functioning meat processing plant in the Midwest. The plant commissioning coincided with the planned expansion of the McDonalds franchise to the same region. McDonald’s chipped in with the development costs and in return, they had a source for the main ingredient in their food products. Guess, that’s what you’d call a perfect win-win scenario.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is today in control of 100% of all share rights of OSI Industries. She gained the 2/3 majority when the founding partners quit and sold out to her. The company is now found operating in all the continents. Sheldon, 81, spends most of her time and effort figuring out how to grow the Asian arm of this meat empire. She holds a dozen or more honorary titles and awards for her outstanding work as a CEO and business innovator.



A Hedge Fund Bets on Yuan’s Decline


One fund, Hayman Capital Management, is making some large bets. And it is run by Kyle Bass, a recognized investment manager who is credited with correctly predicting the financial crisis in 2008. His hedge fund hasn’t been performing that well recently, and now Bass bets on a major decline in China.


Hayman Capital Management has sold part of its holdings in various equities, bonds, and commodities. This money is now going into leveraged bets against Chinese currency as well as Hong Kong dollar. In fact, 85% of fund’s portfolio is invested into these bets. It’s a quite risky play, but if these bets pay off, the gains can be huge.


Bass believes that Chinese yuan can fall as much as 40% over the next few years. According to him, China is currently facing a huge macroeconomic imbalance. A multi-trillion corporate bond market in the Middle Kingdom is freezing, he claims.


So far this year, several issuers have defaulted on their debts, while multiple new debt issues have been suspended or canceled. However, he doesn’t think there will be a massive collapse like that of 2008 in the United States.


Bass believes that Chinese authorities will recapitalize their banks, expand Bank of China’s balance sheet just like the Fed did, and cut reserve requirements as well as drop deposit rates to zero. This should prevent Armageddon, but still is likely to lead to yuan’s depreciation.


Kyle Bass is a controversial figure. In the past, he made headlines with his comments and bets. One of these involved shorting stocks of drug companies and then suing them over patents.

Andy Wirth’s Comeback

Andy Wirth has been a key stakeholder in the business development around Lake Tahoe area over the last few years. He represents the Squaw Valley, a skiing and resort establishment. The area is popular for its winter weather perfect for winter sports.

Several years past, Andy Wirth ventured into skydiving for fun and loved it. However, the party lasted a short while as a routine dive resulted in a life threatening accident.

A Crunchbase article opined that Andy With landed in a vineyard incurring injuries all over his bod and losing his right arm. He hung on for his dear life and bled extensively, a story he narrates so often.

The accident put him out of his daily activities as he underwent multiple surgeries and an extended recovery period. For nearly three months, he struggled to come to terms with the developments in his life. Doctors fought around the clock to repair his arm without much success.

Nevertheless, WSJ reports that Andy Wirth has found a new lease of life. His recovery and rehabilitation efforts have stepped up thanks to his family and friends. Most notably, his association with the Navy Seals Foundation whose members visit the Squaw Valley has contributed immensely to his progress.

Previously, the two parties had raised over $40,000 to assist injured and retired Navy Seals. Now, Andy Wirth (you can get full details here trains with his new friends for an upcoming Ironman event.

Andy feels the competition will serve him well as he rehabilitates his physical and mental persona. HE has also made a graceful return to his office duties as CEO of the Squaw Valley.

The business community, as well as residents of the Lake Tahoe area, must be relieved to have Andy back in good health. He represents the interests of both parties in public policy and decision-making at the municipal level. Andy possesses an enormous online following on Facebook where he shares updates on his life and the Squaw Valley.

The Manse On Marsh For Health And Long Life

Finding the right facility that will tend to your priorities is a matter of trial and error. But when you have no time to experiment or research and when the retirement years are probably staring you in the face right now, it is best to make the recommended decision. The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility that has a great reputation among seniors in San Luis Obispo. This facility offers them the right combination of features and programs for its residents to lead a comfortable and peaceful life after retirement.

There are plenty of nursing homes and medical centers that are designed for seniors. Unfortunately, most of them do not provide adequate services and activities. Either that or they are very expensive. The award winning Manse on Marsh, on the other hand, is very affordable and offer what seniors are looking for in a quality service. From fresh meals and clean beds to transportation and complete medical care, you will find anything and everything at this facility. The team of staff members, nurses, caretakers and physicians will tend to your needs on a regular basis. While other nursing homes have too many features that are not relevant for seniors, this facility has what you are looking for. It is the most obvious way to get the lifestyle you always needed.

A new commercial suggests that when it comes to determining the true value of health, employees at the Manse on Marsh know everything. Some senior citizens can’t afford not to have a good health. Besides they have to run things with real numbers and there is no room for misuse of their hard-earned money. The Manse on Marsh programs are designed and tailored to meet individual needs and budget. They focus on what is important for a particular resident instead of offering a general program. If money is tight or you foresee problems, they will work with your situation as well.

If it wasn’t for the Manse on Marsh, many seniors would have been convinced that their social life after retirement was a distant past. This facility has the kind of features that make seniors to be proud of living here. And the staff at this facility work day and night to make sure that the residents are safe and healthy. That’s what they do daily. Each of them get up in the morning with several things they want to do; meeting with residents to inquire their well-being, issuing tips about his or her performance for the day, going over programs in detail; meeting with groups to discuss their stay and ways to improve it and so on. In essence, for senior citizens in and around San Luis Obispo, the Manse on Marsh offers a comprehensive service.  Check out Manse Blog for further info, and Manse on Marsh is also on Twitter where they post frequent updates about the facility and their offerings.

Sheygan Kheradpir’s Rise to Respect in the Corporate World

As the CEO of Coriant, Shaygan Kheradpir heads an corporation that is committed in building the latest networking solutions for businesses. Though born in London, England, he grew up in the country of Iran. He later moved to the United States, where he attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He later graduated from there with a bachelor’s, a master’s, and a doctorate degree there in electrical engineering.

After his university studies, he worked at GTE Laboratories, working on such areas as network routing and management before eventually becoming chief information officer. He then went to Verizon, where he was able to form small teams that were each able to come up with new product and ideas. Kheradpir also was hired Barclays and Juniper Networks, each being able to innovate new ideas while becoming promoted to higher positions at each stop. He became Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays, and CEO of Juniper Networks.

Kheradpir has served on the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He has also served on the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York, as well as being a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council.

While being CEO at Coriant, Kheradpir is also chairman of the board. He is head to a corporation that is responsible for providing business network computer solutions in a number of areas. These cater to the size and complexity of the business, and are able to adjust to changing needs.

He has been able to rise rapidly in the corporate world due to his quick understanding and adaptability in adjusting to changing needs. This has been due to the overall financial and technical structure of the company involved. Kheradpir has earned a fair amount of respect because of this.

A Way to Help Victims of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

The earthquake that occurred in April 2015 in Nepal left over 9,000 people dead. More than 23,000 individuals will injured. Many homes were destroyed. Help has been given to individuals in the country, but there is still a lot of suffering going on. Fortunately, there are individuals out there who are looking to continue to fund relief efforts in Nepal after the earthquake. One such individual is Majeed Ekbal. He is especially interested in helping Nepalese people find relief from their sickness and lack of food because of the many friends who he has in the country.

Majeed Ekbal has set up a Go Fund Me account in order to raise at least $1 million to help individuals in Nepal. Not only will this money be used to help individuals to purchase food and medicine, but it will be used to help individuals who are still without a home or a comfortable place to live. He appreciates individuals who make donations to this cause, no matter how large or small the donations are. He also realizes that individuals who are experiencing suffering in the country of Nepal will be extremely grateful for the help they receive from individuals in other countries. The money will be used to help with disaster and medical relief efforts. It will be put into a crowdrise campaign.

Majeed Ekbal has already used some of his personal funds to donate toward the cause. He is a well-known real estate investor in Chicago. He is also well known as the owner of Espresso Inc. This is a company that provides a convenient service for individuals who would like to have groceries delivered to their home. This service caters toward individuals who are extremely busy and would prefer to pay a small fee to have groceries delivered to them instead of driving to local stores, spending money on gas, and then using their time purchasing each item. Individuals can order items from large local stores as well as small specialty shops in the area. It is even possible to order these items and have them shipped to other cities across the United States. Majeed Ekbal can be found through social media, such as