PUC Sao Paulo Names New Auditorium After Appellate Judge Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva

Earlier in the year, the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) Sao Paulo honored the state Court of Appeals Judge Marco Antonio Marques de Silva by naming their newest auditorium after him. This recognition of Marco’s role was revealed in a social event within the institution officiated by the University president Dirceu De Mello, who previously served as the president for the Sao Paulo state court of appeals.


In his speech, Mello praised the long-serving magistrate and law professor who doubles up as a lecturer at the university, terming him a dynamic social figure. He was also quick to recognize his role within the institution arguing that the judge is always ready to help and played a significant role in ensuring a smooth construction process for the University’s new Auditorium. The University president also mentioned other integral roles played by the law professor within the institution and conclude by terming the honor a being well deserved.


Echoing sentiments


His sentiments were echoed by several other leaders and public figures in attendance including Lawyer Ricardo Sayeg, who spoke on behalf of the university’s faculty of law. The tenured PUC law professor mentioned that the decision to honor Professor Marco Antonio Marques De Silva wasn’t just informed by his contributions to the university but also due to his role in advancing awareness on the different aspects of the law. He would go on to mention Marco’s scholarly contributions that include the authorship of over 40 articles and 13 books.


Accepting the honor, Marco thanked everyone present at the event in an emotional speech for their support of his course. He particularly expressed his gratitude to his family and friends present at the event adding that he couldn’t have achieved such honor without their support.


More about Marco Antonio Marques De Silva


Born in Itapetininga city, Marco had already set up his mind towards pursuing a career in law and by the age of 15. This desire saw him graduate from PUC with Bachelors in legal studies in 1981. Two years later, Marco joined the judiciary and has since worked in different cities around the country and rising through the ranks to get appointed as a substitute judge in 2002 and a full Courts of appeals judge in 2007.