Jeff Aronin: A Dedicated Life

Healthcare in the United States and around the world is massive with millions of companies and millions of people employed. It takes the passions of industry leaders like Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences, to keep the industry in balance.


Billions are spent each day on healthcare for the masses. What happens to the unfortunate people that have run out of options? Their diseases are rare and treatments do not exist.


Paragon Biosciences seeks out the most talented individuals to tackle the incurable diseases. The challenges are daunting. Paragon and Jeff Aronin see the process of new drug discovery, in three steps.


1.Identify: The company searches for need. No track record means an investigative process for the disease. Current conditions of the patient are put through a complete analysis.

2.Build: Companies are created, leadership is brought into the fold and long-term strategies are developed. Aronin is looking for ambitious companies with big-thinkers. Infrastructure is committed to the process.

3.Develop: Paragon uses considerable influence and experience to send the technologies through the FDA process. The company can count 13 medication approvals.


Companies under the Paragon umbrella have the same sense of responsibilities as their parent. CastleCreek develops specialty drugs for debilitating dermatological conditions. The company is looking for life-changing impact. Leadership believes their products will start hitting the market within two years.


Harmony Biosciences, another company in the paragon portfolio is creating an impact on patients with central nervous system disorders. Harmony uses the same analytical approach to identify, build and develop. In May 2018 harmony received Breakthrough Therapy and Fast Track designations from the FDA for Pitolisant.


Twenty years in bioscience and Jeff Aronin continues to push boundaries. Top industry talent is drawn to Paragon. Jeff remains connected to many of the companies he creates, by sitting on the board of directors. Awards and recognition keep coming.


Jeff Aronin supports the causes he has dedicated his life to serving. Anyone who has a disease and no hope, Jeff and Paragon Biosciences will be interested.