Check out Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days

Can you imagine how it would be to drink a cafe con leche in the Plaza del Toros in Madrid? Do you think that you’ll ever be walking in Italy in a place where Romans once stood? Do you know what it would be like to be driving through the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France on a bus with perfect strangers?


In all of these scenarios, you’re going to an unknown destination. You’re on your way to adventure in the mysterious land of Europe.


These are the dreams that many people have when they are looking for a place to get away. But we also live fast-paced lives, and how can you see the entirety of Europe when you also have a life to live? How can you experience everything that the continent has to offer on a budget? Well, it just might just work if you use Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days.


Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days


Rick Steves is one of the most famous tour guides in the United States and the world. He got his start by traveling throughout Europe and the rest of the world by himself, and he finally started to lead his own tours as a means of making money.


Steves has a number of planned tours that he can take you on himself or send you on. You can use his books and films to take yourself through Europe with your own guided plan, or you can use his new plan. It’s called Rick Steves’ Best of Europe in 21 Days, and it does just what the title says. To sign up, visit Rick Steves’ website.